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Since: Jun 07

King Of Prussia, PA

#1 Jun 18, 2007
Fred Naggar vs. Rock & Republic / Michael Ball


1. This action arises from the wrongful and intentional acts of both corporate defendant Rock & Republic Enterprises, Inc.(“Rock & Republic”), a manufacturer of designer denim jeans and apparel, and its CEO, founder and head designer, Michael Ball, a/k/a Michael F. Ball (“Ball”).

2. Despite the overwhelming success and revenue plaintiff Fred Naggar (“Naggar”) brought to and generated for the defendants, turning what was a fledgling jean company into a fashion empire, Rock & Republic and Michael Ball deliberately and without reason, refused to pay Naggar substantial monies owed, effectively ostracized him, and forced him to resign.

3. Defendants then publicly humiliated Naggar by having him escorted from their offices by security, while summarily and illegally evicting him from his own home by having the locks on his door changed and by retaining his personal property. Such acts of humiliation and intimidation were immediately followed by the filing of a frivolous lawsuit against Naggar’s related company, that had also generated millions for Rock & Republic.

4. In furtherance of a pattern and practice of intimidation directed at both Naggar’s person and profession, in May 2007, defendant Michael Ball, without provocation or warning, then violently assaulted Naggar physically and verbally, in a well-known, popular nightclub intending to and causing physical harm and embarrassment before a crowd of onlookers and business associates. Plaintiffs bring this action to recover damages resulting from the aforesaid intentional and wrongful acts and omissions of the defendants.

2.) New information was filed today in the Klinko vs. Rock & Republic case. A Memorandum of Law was filed supporting the case. In addition, documents were filed with the court about Ball's violent and criminal past, arrest and sentencing records and use of false social security numbers. An excerpt follows and the document is attached.

Excerpts from Klinko vs. Rock & Republic / Michael Ball

Introduced to the court 6/15/2007

23. In fact, as plead in the Complaint, prior to Michael Ball’s threats and extortion against me, I was well aware of his violent behavior, criminal history and psychological instability, as revealed to me by Ms. Fernanda Romero. Compl., paras. 23-25. Such a history and predisposition has been corroborated by numerous witnesses, further substantiating my fear and apprehension regarding his threats, as well as his motivation to silence my knowledge of the same. Attached as Exhibit “C” is the Affidavit of Cynthia Pinot (“Pinot Aff.”), which was also submitted in opposition to defendants’ motion to strike. The car chase and brutal assault by Michael Ball against Ms. Fernanda Romero, detailed in the Pinot Affidavit, has been further corroborated by both Alex DeFelipe and Pascal Azoulay, the gentlemen who were also assaulted and chased by Ball through the streets of Los Angeles. Both DeFelipe and Azoulay have also corroborated Ball’s pattern of intimidation against those that would expose such criminal conduct.

24. In addition to the above, our ongoing investigation has also corroborated various allegations made in the Complaint pertaining to defendant Michael Ball’s motive to threaten and extort plaintiffs, such as my knowledge of criminal activities, acts of violence, court ordered psychiatric treatment, Ball’s own use of a false social security number (which he presented to police upon his arrest and sentencing in the matter attached), and evidence that at least three different social security numbers were used by Fernanda Romero, corroborating both Romero’s and Ball’s admission that Ball assisted in obtaining the same. Two examples of the above are attached hereto as Exhibit “D”(arrest and sentencing report; Solis v. Ford, L.A. Superior Court, Case No. BC 228258).

King Of Prussia, PA

#2 Jun 27, 2007
Michael Ball is ruining it for his employees and himself. A shame really. Naggar really brought them to the top of the industry. Hopefully he will overcome the mess Ball has caused him. With Fred Naggar and Klinko on his back, he shouldn't get away so easily. I mean, messing with Naggar was a stupid attempt but at least I can see how Ball thought he might get away with is (excluding the assault at Butter!) but Klinko! Come on now! Markus Klinko is a photographic legend. You can't mess with him. The man's untouchable. He's much too above this amateur, Michael Ball, to allow him to get away with such ridiculous behavior.

King Of Prussia, PA

#3 Jun 27, 2007
You all should have gotten rid of your Rock and Republic Denim long ago. It's so over! That fad has left the spotlight. Whoever walks around advertising this jerk should be put in check.
markus is untouchable

King Of Prussia, PA

#4 Jun 27, 2007
Nobody can mess with Klinko, most especially Michael Ball. Who does he think he is?! Rock and Republic holds close to zero clout in the industry. Klinko on the other hand is a photographic genius and should be respected as so in all business relationships. Michael Ball doesn't know how to conduct business. He plays games. Too bad for Ball, Naggar and Klinko play harder!
Markus is Amazing

Miami, FL

#5 Jul 18, 2007
Totally agree...Michael Ball is such a lunatic to create this whole mess of threatening Markus Klinko! Markus is such a sweetheart that doesn't deserve this soap-opera. He's helping Fernanda Romero get half of Rock & Republic, c'mon that's an amazing man!!!
Anton Ter

New Hyde Park, NY

#6 Jul 20, 2007
I talked to someone close to Markus Klinko and Indrani in the last few days.
He is such a fair gentleman. He had been pointing out all along
that Fernanda Romero should be getting a large part of Rock & Republic as she helped Michael Ball building the brand it in the first few years. He is saying that she should be the 50% owner of Rock & Republic. Michael Ball not only beat Fernanda up brutally many times, but he totally cheated her out of millions. Ball is a scumbag and a criminal. Romero should be a rich girl by now.

New Hyde Park, NY

#7 Jul 21, 2007

2. I write this affidavit to explain what I believe are clear motivations of defendant Michael Ball leading up to the claims made in this lawsuit.

Based upon my personal knowledge of Fernanda and Michael Ball, I am convinced that Michael Ball’s improper motivations caused the situation that Markus Klinko and his company are facing now. I firmly believe that the entire soap opera that was and is the relationship between Michael Ball and Fernanda directly lead to, contributed to and was the motivation behind the threats allegedly made by Mr. Ball against Markus Klinko and his company.

5. First and foremost, the sexually explicit photos that are in question in this lawsuit, were indeed shown to Michael Ball by Fernanda. I specifically recall Fernanda telling me that she showed them to Michael Ball, and that she was the one that let him see them.

Fernanda’s marriage to Kent Ross is common knowledge among all of our friends and associates. What is also common knowledge is that their marriage was arranged by Michael Ball for the sole purpose of gaining U.S. citizenship for Fernanda. No one doubts this as Fernanda made that very clear. In fact, Fernanda has never really lived with her “husband”. Fernanda told me about Michael Ball’s help and his introduction to Kent Ross. Fernanda also explained to me how Kent Ross was even paid to marry her.

This information is likely something that Michael Ball would not want disclosed to anyone - let alone to plaintiff Markus Klinko, who was living with Fernanda and was in a very close, intimate relationship with her for all of 2006. I know that Fernanda would eventually tell Markus Klinko everything about her relationship with Michael Ball. Fernanda also had a violent and turbulent relationship with Michael Ball, leading to a police involvement that I personally witnessed (described below); something that Mr. Ball would likely not want to be disclosed either.

10. I have also become aware that Michael Ball did not know of Fernanda’s close relationship with Markus Klinko until after the Rock & Republic photo shoot with Mr. Klinko. With my knowledge of Mr. Ball, it is very likely that such a disclosure evoked a powerful motivation to keep both his violent history with Fernanda and complicity in her immigration status a secret.

11. I have witnessed Michael Ball’s frightening, violent and jealous behavior firsthand, along with Fernanda and two other friends. In this particular incident in June 2003, not only did Michael Ball physically assault two of my male friends and follow us in a horrific car chase through Santa Monica, Hollywood and Los Angeles, but when he caught up to us, he pulled Fernanda by the hair from our car and kicked her in a jealous rage. In this incident, police were called two times before they arrested him and lead him away in handcuffs.

22. I remained friends with Fernanda after that horrible night, right up until recently. Despite my total fear and repulsion for Michael Ball, she continued her “relationship” with him, however strange. At a certain point, especially after the incidents leading up to this lawsuit, I could handle it no more.

23. I firmly believe, and respectfully submit, that such a horrific past clearly is a motivation for Michael Ball to attempt to silence Markus Klinko - and anyone who gets in his way.

Miami, FL

#8 Jul 21, 2007
Who blames Fernanda Romero being so screwed up in the head with Michael Ball beating her so much! Poor girl helped him build his Rock & Republic and she deserves a huge chunk of it! AND Markus Klinko is helping her get HALF of it. This is obvious of who’s the bad and good guys. The poor girl got beat and threatened since she know of all his illegal activities. Pretty F’ed up that Michael Ball himself arranged for her green card marriage with Kent Ross. Markus Klinko is really the savior of this SOAP OPERA. BALLS to the FLOOR!

New Hyde Park, NY

#9 Jul 22, 2007
What does Kent Ross and his sunset band have to say about Michael Ball and Rock & Republic and all this fake green card
marriage stuff between him and Ball's ex Fernanda Romero? Michael Ball set the fraud marriage up to gain leverage over Romero and stop her from suing him for her well deserved half of Rock & Republic.

Kent Ross and Electric Uh-Oh mates could not have stated it in sweeter words. On YouTube they say:


Beautiful, do you want to talk about your sugar daddy...?

All I will say is ....

Bright young men they are indeed.

Miami, FL

#10 Jul 23, 2007
This soap opera keeps getting more interesting!!! Fernanda Romero is spilling the truth to investigators on her FRAUD MARRIAGE to Kent Ross!! I can’t believe Michael Ball arranged that and Kent Ross’s girlfriend Gladys Otero must be pissed! Famous people aren’t innocent from what it seems…haha

Since: Jul 07


#11 Jul 24, 2007
Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, and Fernanda Romero should really STAND up/Speak up on this investigation so that CASE IS CLOSE and they all get their millions out of Michael Gay Ball. Cheers to Rock & Republic crumbling!!!
Couture Denim

King Of Prussia, PA

#12 Jul 25, 2007
Victoria Beckham is supposedly planning on suing the LA based premium denim fashion label Rock & Republic. She says that the company owes her more money than they have already paid her for promoting the label which she was associated with in the past.

Up to $100 million dollars is being sought by her and it looks like it’s going to be a real long legal battle. The ex - Spice girl has recently started her own line of clothing called DVB Style and is in talks to expand further into denim, the product which she promoted R&R so successfully with.

New Hyde Park, NY

#13 Jul 29, 2007
Interesting how Beckham is taking the public humilations from Rock & Republic. It seems she is so embarrassed of her former association
with this criminal Michael Ball that she takes his insults in the media quietly, rather then responding and getting more into the spotlight of the Rock & Republic scandal. I mean, now that the shit is hitting the fan and Ball's illegal activities are investigated, it is a good question how much Victoria knew all along. Now she just wants eveyone to forget it seems. Hypocrite!!!

Since: Jul 07


#14 Jul 29, 2007
Crazy that Victoria Beckham is taking the public humiliations from Michael Ball. It seems she is so embarrassed of her former partnership with this criminal arrangements that she takes his insults, rather then responding and making him pay her for what he owes!!. Now that Michael Ball is going down and his illegal activities are investigated, I wonder how much Victoria Beckham knew of all this all along...or maybe apart of?? Shouldn't Victoria know how to kick Balls by now?? HAHA


#15 Aug 6, 2007
I've worked in the LA denim bizz for 15 years and I remember when Michael Ball was bouncing checks on folks with his lil' tshirt company in North Hollywood called Motor. He as a struggling actor turned "designer" slash tough guy. It was obvious then that he was a nutcase who had been fondled into madness as a child. Years later he was bangin anyone and everyone who would walk through the door at R&R. I can't tell you how many sewing contractors and assorted vendors have been screwed by Michael Ball-beard. Thats right, he wears a beard of human balls on his chin. Hopefully justice will prevail and maybe he will turn over a new leaf because crooked or not, he does have some talent for a dirtbag ball-bearded schmutz!!!!!

Brooklyn, NY

#16 Aug 6, 2007
Victoria Beckham seems to be extremely ashamed of her former partnership
with Michael Ball's Rock & Republic. Her people probably tell her not
to rock the boat because the question is how much about Ball's criminal past was known to her before she got screwed over herself.
Did she know he cheated his ex fiancee Fernanda Romero out of
millions and beat her brutally? And that he uses other people identity
during arrests? And that he gives drugs to young models for sex? Time for Beckham to speak up. I mean, who would walk away from 50 million pounds that she claimed he owes her?
There is a lot more and she is in the public eye, she has to come clean about her association with Ball. She has to stop hiding if she wants to keep any sort of respect.
I On You

New York, NY

#17 Aug 6, 2007
Hey DenimDetective what else can you tell us about the psychology of this twisted dude MB? must be great to work with - just inducted into some kind of hall of designer fame - what's that all about?

Brooklyn, NY

#18 Aug 7, 2007
LOL does that mean that Michael Ball was banging Victoria Beckham? Is that why she is keeping her mouth shut now? Or what else is it it that makes her so freaked out and sit on her mouth? Why is she so scared of him? Surely she would not have been involved in taking advantage
of little Mexican sewing contractors or is it??

Seems that DenimDetective knows the answers. Spill it out!

Since: Jul 07


#19 Aug 7, 2007
HMMM getting VERY interesting!! spill the info!!!!!!:-D


#20 Aug 15, 2007
The answer to the Posh/Ballbeard connection probably lies in the bed of the president of Rock&Repugnant, Andrea Bernholz. She(andrea) and
Michael were lovers a few years back and Andrea's new husband from England was the man who put the money into R&R to help them get to the next level. I hope Posh didn't get busy with Michael Ballbeard.
That would be like bathing, gargling,and douching in the Hudson river.

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