Vertigo and flying
Dr Matt

Melbourne, Australia

#41 Mar 22, 2011
Hi Julie, I have posted a reply to your question (which is similar to the question above for other readers) on my blog at .

There is no physical reason why you couldn't fly, but it will likely be very uncomfortable and you may be quite sick. Sorry.

Hope that helps.

Dr Matt
julie wrote:
I have just been told that my dizziness may be vertigo. I woke up on Saturday, went to get out of bed and went really dizzy, started to feel really sick, went to bathroom after banging into every wall possible, then was sick. Went to doctors on Monday (still feeling bad ) and she put me on prochlorperazine 5mg tablets, feel fine when taken but go dizzy when they start to wear off, they also take time to kick in. I am due to fly to Spain this Saturday for a week and Turkey in May, I am so worried that I will show myself up on the plane. I have never suffered with anything like this before.

Mattoon, IL

#42 May 12, 2011
Hi there. I am totally freaking out. I have a HUGE fear o flying and just had to fly home for a wedding. I was on two planes for a total of 4 hours and the 2nd flight was extremely rocky and bumpy. The next day I experienced the feeling of being on a trampoline or a boat or even back on the damn plane. I am sssoooo scared and I don't know what to do!!!! Please some one help me. I have severe anxiety also Which makes me feel worse. I am crying and scared. Today is the 3rd day I have had the "feeling" and it seems to go away if I distract myself and isn't as bad as two days ago but it does make me nauseous afterward. Yesterday I also experienced a wet feeling in my ears.... Could this be part of my problem. I just feel like I am dying!!!! Please help me!!!!!


#43 May 21, 2011
LIsa wrote:
For the past 15 years I have been getting dizzy. In recent years the episodes are occurring about once a year and last anywhere from 45 to 60 days. unfortunately, I am still experiencing dizziness going on 70 days with this most recent bout and as usual it is constant day and night!
Over the years I have I have been seeing an Otolaryngologist who thus far has been unable to determine what is the problem. The symptoms seem to be brought on by air travel, elevators & amusement rides. I have had many tests....MRIs, hearing tests, Vemp tests, blood tests - just to name a few.
I am wondering if anyone has had similar symptons and if so, was there any diagnosis? This is very confounding and there doesn't seem to be any answers.
HELLO. In 2007 vertigo, including several nausea, came out of nowhere; I spent about six hours in the hospital ER. The first episode lasted 83 days. I took medication frequently (sometimes several times a day) for approximately three years, and there were many days when I didn't feel up to driving a car. Now I take medication about once every three or four months. My vertigo has almost disappeared, perhaps because of dietary changes. I eliminated all synthetic sweetners, smoked/cured meats, and dairy products. I try to eat some protein at each meal, and I eat five small meals per day; not getting hungry seems to help immensely. Sometimes I would be hungry, but I didn't feel like eating. Ask your physician about Rosner Syndrome vertigo which is caused by an injury to a nerve in the brain or in the brain stem. I hope this helps you. Lynn B.


Kualapuu, HI

#44 Jun 10, 2011
rpjcpa wrote:
I live in SoCal and I've had vertigo since 7/07. Recently I found out I might have to fly to Australia and I am terrified of the thought. I am constantly dizzy and feel as though I am walking on a trampoline. Has anyone ever tried accupuncture to help resolve this awful condition?
Did you ever fly to Australia? How ditto it go? I have had two bouts of vertigo and need to take a five hour flight in two weeks. I am very nervous! I would love some impute! Thank you!

New Rochelle, NY

#45 Jun 30, 2011
Cherub wrote:
I have suffered vertigo on and off for years but never had any treatment (Iam not keen on taking anything). I have avoided planes and lifts/elevators as I still feel the ground moving after I get off.
Recently I had to fly as my husband was travelling interstate for a spinal operation and even thought i had to be brave and grit my teeth I am still suffering. As the plane is going up I feel very heavy and drowsy like I might pass out. And after I get off I feel wobbly and off balance and drowsy for days. This time I have also noticed fluid running down the back of my throat and little hard lumps of stuff appearing on the left side of my throat that come loose and I ahve to spit them out.
Has anyone else experienced problems with motion like this? What did you do about it?
Ok Hello, try avoid doing that again but next time you want to go somewhere ask your doctor if you are in the stable to fly, because you don't want that to happen again. And the lumps of stuff i don't know what it is ask your doctor about cause it might be serious.

Trondheim, Norway

#46 Aug 3, 2011
Hello everybody! Since 2004, flying became a very scary experience for me. Almost every time I'm flying, I'm getting very strange feelings like spinning of the airplane when reaches high altitude, loosing balance, panic attack, sweating (people around me told I'm getting very pale, white). Usually it lasts for few minutes (10-15 min.) and after that is getting slightly better but anyway for the rest of the travel I'm already traumatized and scared... I'm usually flying with medium flights (max 150-170 seats). I'm also traveling quite often offshore to platforms and rigs, but so far I haven't experienced any problems during boat travels and during chopper flights. The same problem with vertigo (spinning and loosing balance) I experienced some times when violently I was blowing my nose (it lasts less than 3-4 min.). Unfortunately I still have to travel by airplane quite often. Is there any therapy which could help? Is there anybody else who experienced the same problems and knows any solutions?

Oklahoma City, OK

#47 Sep 2, 2011
The last time I flew was in 1997 to Miami where I embarked on a 9 day Mediterranean Cruise and flew back to CA. My vertigo lasted over a year with some residual effects to this day.(2011) The vertigo occurred the last three times I flew lasting 2 weeks, 6 weeks and over a year the third time. My vertigo kicked in a couple days after the first flight. After going to several specialists concerning this issue I was advised not to fly again and told that next time it might not go away. I still can't stay in high hotels or even take short elevator rides or car trips without vertigo. I have not flown since 1997. The thought of it never going away just made flying not worth it for me.
karen smith

London, UK

#48 Sep 11, 2011
hi ive been suffering with these symptoms for the last 5 years. I get the dizzy feeling around 30 mins after a flight,and it lasts for some time, ive been home 2wks from my holiday and im still suffering now I will seek some advice from my gp regarding vertigo,and see what he advises me> im glad ive found out that im not the only one who suffers from this, as i dread going on my holidays because i know what im going to feel like when i land..

Bronx, NY

#49 Sep 11, 2011
I never post, but this time I must. Look for a homeopathic doctor who knows how to use LM doeses, uses wet remmedies and has read 5th and 6th books by Hanneman.
They can help.

Allendale, IL

#50 Sep 13, 2011
charlie wrote:
<quoted text>
I have the same problem , this is the third time I have vertigo attack after flying > I normaly also get a ""being on a boat feeling"" after leaving an elevator. After visiting 2 ottorinos in a week < one specialized in vertigo , yerterday I visited my dermatologist for another reason and she asked me if I had reflux or hiatal hernia, which I do. She told me that that was the cause of my vertigo . Treat the reflux and your vertigo will go away> She also prescribed singulair ( she said others dont work) HEr husband who is a medical doctor too had frequent vertigo attacks and they both dedicated themselves to studying vertigo causes . Today I found dozens of studies that related vertigo and acid reflux . It seems that 80 % of patiens with vertigo have reflux. What is amazing is that otorrinos dont know it.
I had an episode yesterday for the first time ever... I was scared. The ER said Vertigo, ct scan was ok and also inner ears showed no symptoms. I had flew about 2 weeks ago and had lots of pain in ears, but went away no biggie. I didn't think flying would cause it from that long ago. But, I did have acid reflux or heartburn really really bad night before!!! I just want to know how long this Vertigo lasts, because ER doc took me off work for 3 days. This is day 2 and still really dizzy and tired!

Sterling, VA

#51 Sep 14, 2011
LIsa wrote:
For the past 15 years I have been getting dizzy. In recent years the episodes are occurring about once a year and last anywhere from 45 to 60 days. unfortunately, I am still experiencing dizziness going on 70 days with this most recent bout and as usual it is constant day and night!
Over the years I have I have been seeing an Otolaryngologist who thus far has been unable to determine what is the problem. The symptoms seem to be brought on by air travel, elevators & amusement rides. I have had many tests....MRIs, hearing tests, Vemp tests, blood tests - just to name a few.
I am wondering if anyone has had similar symptons and if so, was there any diagnosis? This is very confounding and there doesn't seem to be any answers.
Hi Lisa - I seem to have the same symptoms and for years saw an Otolaryngologist and had all the same tests as you. No answers. My symptoms initially lasted 30 days at a stretch, then 45, 60 days - with the last bout lasting 5 months. I went through physical therapy...bouncing on a bed,rocking,and jumping up and down. Eventually the symptoms subsided, but honestly I don't know if the exercises were the reason I got better or if it just ran it's course. I have avoided elevators, airplanes and amusement rides for the past 3 years. Unfortunately, I was on a floating boat dock this past July and within a 2 days the feeling of being on a boat returned. I resumed my physical therapy exercises, however, it has been almost 30 days since the onset with no relief so far. UGH! Well, I figured since I already have the symptoms I might as well as hop on a plane and take a trip to Las Vegas! I hope it doesn't make matters worse but I am tired of limiting my travel activities. Wish me Luck!


#52 Dec 16, 2011
Is coming to the conclusion I suffer from vertigo. First time was traveling to oz and thought it was a symptom of jet lag but recently after flying more for work it's got worse. Can someone give me some advise to control this?

Bentonville, AR

#53 Feb 19, 2012
I have had vertigo so bad I sleep in a chair for 3 months. Went to the dr. and no help. Finally was put in hospital and they did some type of a munver and I had to hold my head still for 24 hours. Now I want to fly but very scared and don't know what to do. Any help will help. Thanks

Wichita, KS

#54 Mar 7, 2012
Hello my name is jack I've had vertigo for ever since I was little I'm 19 at the moment I really don't need to explain what vertigo is since most people already know but let me tell you I'll never fly again when I take off it feels like I'm pulling 10gs it throws my body down and makes the blood rush to my head then I have to deal with trying to keep myself calm during the flight and I always feel like there a lot of pressure being pushed on my head. But I know this is a bit off topic but I hate vertigo I have never found a cure and I've been dealing with this for 19 years it honestly is ruineing my life my gf doesn't understand I can't do anything with out feeling Dizzy I get scared and panic sometimes I just wish my life would end because I would not suffer anymore...
Murty Devarakonda

Vizianagaram, India

#55 May 21, 2012
Hi, I am a pharma professional. The best way to treat vertigo is possible through "Pranic Healing".

Thanks to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

God's blessings be to every one

Liskeard, UK

#56 Jun 17, 2012
Hi, I'm someone who suffers vertigo but only whilst on the plane, i have disorientation feel as if i'm falling out of the plane ! it starts as soon as the plane is air borne. not such a problem once the plane has levelled out, but awful on climbing up and decending. Have tried acupunture on last hol, it did seem to help, but on flight home after two weeks, symptoms were worse,also took anti sickness pill from GP, so that could also of been effective. I'm going on hol again in Oct,(won't let it stop me) i've read that sitting over the wings can help eliminate symptons, so will definitely be trying that. Good luck all.

Neston, UK

#57 Jul 14, 2012
Hi Angie I have pretty much the same symptoms, which turn into vomiting, the works. Unable to stand up for about 5 hours after landing. I have found that copious chewing - fruit pastiles, wine gums, dried fruit,anything, seems to help. I get a bit fed up with the taste etc, but it's worth it if it helps. Chew constantly until you've landed. Try it and enjoy your holiday!

United States

#58 Jul 15, 2012
Hi Everyone!

Sorry to hear one is having health issues. So here is my story. I am a healthy 25 old, active, workout a lot etc. well I travel for business and I was on 10 flights in 5 days ( which I'm used to flying so not a big deal) but I noticed when i got to my first stop I was a little dizzy like the floor was moving under me. Didn't think much of it and then as the trip went on I got worse and worse not knowing anything. I was happy to get home and went to the doctor the next day and he told me I had a sinuous infection and that is how I got vertigo... So he put me on antibiotics. Well I did not get better from that and went back to him and gave me some positions to do which helped a little. Well I keep working and that was not a good idea. Cuz two weeks later I'm in bed and mess. I had a CT of sinius and it came back good and now the doc wants me to do an MRI of my brain and blood texting ... Going to get blood testing tomorrow. But not only am I dizzy( that feeling that you are moving all the time) I has pounding in the back of head, as well as this weird inner body pounding thing and shaking like muscle weakness ad yesterday i threw Up a lot. It's scary and I hope this doctors can figure it out soon. The doctor also wanted me to take steriods to take down imfamation in ear and I haven't taken that yet... Has anyone done the steroid thing? Does it help? And does anyone have this inner body shaking/pounding thing? Thank you for anyone's time in advance!:)

Chilliwack, Canada

#59 Aug 3, 2012
Gail wrote:
<quoted text>
Have you been to a doctor about this? I am Canadian and use a product called 'Serc'. It doesn't control the whooshes and spinning all the time but it is better than nothing.
Hi i live in Canada aa well im serc yes its better them nothing im.flying next thurs will i be ok hope so read otheres fly are fine gravel before i go on

Kalispell, MT

#60 Sep 16, 2012
I was involved in a car accident and hit my head front and back and got whiplash. I have struggled with it for months now. Went to P/T and it would go away for a couple of days and then come right back again. I have to fly for training to MN and I am fearful of having an episode in a place that I am not familar with not to mention being alone. I have a wonderful person in my life that helps me through them and comes to get me at work when I can't drive. I have also noticed that the flouresent lighting at work triggers my episodes. I need to find a solution to be able to wear sunglasses and my cheaters so I can see writing and things close up. Any ideas???

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