When you die Eddie I hope you burn in HELL!!!!
my friends Butterflake Furball Jr and his wife Nadine also hope you burn there. The same goes for Butterflake Furball Jr's parents up in heaven. The late
Butterflake Furball Sr
May 31, 1930- February 21, 2008 and his wife Katrina March 3, 1932- October 19, 1996 also wish that Eddie S. Van Halen WILL BURN IN HELL!!!!!!
The S in Eddie Van Halen's name stands for SATAN.
While Eddie Van Halen is burning in HELL The Furballs, I and The Good Folks Up In Heaven will be listening to the great music. OLDIES!!!! 50's 60's A little 70's. Like for example I heard this song last night on my DIRECTV Oldies Channel Called CLASSMATE by the Beau-Marks from the year 1961. http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Now That's what I call music. Not Eddie SATAN Van Halen. Remember Oldies 4 Goodies. Rockies 4 Losers.
Enjoy this song. Because I certainly do.