This is a perfect example of what's REALLY fueling the destruction of the "Black Community" - DENIAL.

Until the black community accepts responsibility for its failings, it will never get off the Liberal Plantation.

I remember a public "letter" Queen Latifah wrote after she was car-jacked in Harlem, and her boyfriend was shot in the back as he ran away.

In the letter, she said she didn't understand why her "brother", speaking of the car jacker, shot and killed her boyfriend.

I wanted to scream "He's not your brother, Latifah, he is a predator! He's a killer who just happens to be the same race as you, which makes him even less a brother!"

Until Black people take off their blinders and realize its not the color of the skin, its the content of their character that makes up a brotherhood, things will never change.

Martin Luther King died for that dream, and all most black folks do is pay him lip service. They still don't get it.

To quote Coolio, "I'll see you when you get there, of you ever get there."