I am not sure whom is going to receive this email a fan club or you yourself Trisha. I am contacting you to let you and your mother my Aunt Gwen know that,well I'll start like this my name is Melissa Powers my mother Betty Powers was born and raised in Douglas, Georgia we are family we have our family reunions in Willacoochie,Georgia. If you contact me I will give you more info to prove that we are truly cousins. The reason I am contacting you now is because my mother passed away 2/11/07, and my family and I were wishing you would come and sing at my mothers grave site. You were at the family reunion last year and took quite a bit of photos with family members at the church.I don't want to give the name of the church on here because I am uncertain on who will actually get this info. I would like you to contact me at your earliest convience the funeral will be Saturday at 10a.m. if you would like to come and sing for our family and please bring your mom and ask someone to add my mother to the book of those gone yet not forgotten I would greatly appreciate it,again I will give you info that only people in our family know.Thank you Melissa Powers daughter to Vesta(Betty)Powers May she Rest in Peace Obviously you are unable to call me if you can email me as soon as possible Thank YOu