Did you see the lady that is going state to state talking about Garth. She is also with people from his fan club trying to raise money for Sandy and Garth girls for college. Becuase Garth doesn't support his daughters. Sandy does the supporting them so they have a trust fund for the girls. Did you read about Sandy being kidnap. If Garth cared about Sandy and the girls then he would have took that lady's advice a couple of years ago about protecting his old family. All he cares about is Trisha who he has been have sex with for the last 13yr. That is why Sandy and Garth got a divorce. Garth wasn't home for two of his daughters birth or with his mother the last month of her life to busy sleeping with Trisha. That is why she was his opening act for all those years. So if you see this lady and about four other people stop listen to her and see all the papers she has to proff Sandy is a wonderful mother. And a great person. Garth was sleeping with Trisha on tour then sleeping with Sandy when home but Sandy didn't want a cheating husband that is why she asked for a divorce