So little commentary activity on this subject? The most infamous corrupt city infrastructure in US history is hosting a conference of global power and control. Forces will now collide. In standard fashion, the windy city machine will prepare to grind up the defenseless and innocent members of society under the hooves of their riot horses and with the stunning blows of their police clubs. Nothing new there, it's been SOP forever. Anyone daring to voice the truth will be swiftly dealt with by the heavy hand of organized crime and corruption, and the apathetic brutality of the Chicago goon squads. It should be quite the show! But this isn't about the G8 and protests. This about the grease and payoff money owed to The Machine by it's crony in the WH. It's about money. Rest assured that "The Machine" will reap at least ten million dollars for each million they spend to host this event. All compliments of, and favors returned by, their faithful WH lap dog.