Tom Cruise Breeding

Perth, Australia

#87 May 13, 2006
Lexi , no idea , what do you think ?

Fair Oaks, CA

#88 May 13, 2006
Thanks Boomer. It was nice meeting you too. I'll have to visit this site in the future with interesting tidbits I find.:)

Taipei, Taiwan

#89 May 14, 2006
Tom Cruise Kicks Off Gay Pride Month with a New Girlfriend
June 6, 2005
Woo hoo! I love this woman! I love this magnificent woman!
Tom Cruise is on fire. He's got a burnin' in his loins that knows no calm.
By now if you've heard anything, you've heard Tom screaming from every rooftop how much he's "in love with" former Dawson's Creek waif, Katie Holmes. It's true. Tom hasn't stopped publicly professing his ardor for the "amazing" 26-year-old since they started "dating" a mere two months ago. I'm catching the fever...aren't you?
With the extensive amount of media coverage already blanketing the universe, perhaps I'm beating a dead horse by broaching this subject. Yet, being a slave to pop culture, I really can't help it. It's been worrying away at my insides like a burrowing badger. Not really, but haven't we been subjected to enough Tom Cruise torture?
Some suspect that the "relationship" is a publicity stunt to promote each star's summer blockbuster movie: War of the Worlds for the gentleman and Batman Begins for the lady. Other rumors state that Tom had a list of starlets with whom he wanted to comingle. Miss Holmes is said to have been numero cinco...not very high standings if you ask me.(Jessica Alba was supposedly his first choice...a little bit problematic given that she's engaged to another. But hey -- he's Tom-Fucking-Cruise. It's always worth a shot).
Then there's the meat that the mainstream dogs won't touch. Holmes (as well as de Morney, Rogers, Kidman, Cruz and others before her) is the most recent rising star to win the (coveted?) role of leading lady opposite Cruise in his continuously unfolding personal drama. Miss Holmes is the latest device to shroud the gay parade. I see Lifetime Original Movie written all over this.
How can this be? Tom has been twice married and has been linked to a number of Hollywood women. If you believe the tabloids, he's on the verge of making a marriage hat trick. So why am I making these preposterous homoshexshul claims? Let's take a look at the evidence.
The Early Years
Born July 3, 1962 as Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, Tom hails from Syracuse, NY. He has three sisters, one of whom, Lee Anne De Vette, functions as his publicist. He moved around a lot as kid, attending twelve different schools by the age of twelve. Then he hit puberty. Most fourteen year old boys are interested in three things: masturbating, girls and masturbating. Not Tom. Nope, he wanted to join the priesthood. He enrolled at St. Francis Seminary in Cincinnati, with aspirations to be one of the great, the pure, a man of God.(Insert priest molestation remark here.) Tom only lasted a year at the seminary. Tsk. He entered Glen Ridge High School in New Jersey, where he pursued wrestling (and presumably wrestlers).
Poor Tom. The rigors of wrestling proved to be too much for his fragile knee. Forced to hang up his jock, he got involved with the school's production of Guys and Dolls. He dropped out of high school and the rest is history. Well, except for that photo spread in Parlee, a gay porn rag distributed throughout New York and New Jersey. Cruise's people denied that he had done any such posing, but confirmed once they were informed that issues with pictures do still exist. How frustrating that they couldn't refute the irrefutable. I think I can see his balls.
Tom Cruise Dated Cher in 1985
Every drag queen's dream. A Tom Cruise reality.

Taipei, Taiwan

#90 May 14, 2006
The Lawsuits
Tom is a big action star. Being gay doesn't go over well if you want to make movies that middle Americans will take their wives and mistresses to see. "As MSNBC columnist Jeannette Walls described in an entire chapter of her 2000 book,"Dish" , publicists have had to make sure that magazine writers and other journalists do not ask Tom Cruise about the gay rumors surrounding him -- often by threatening the magazines' editors from having access to other stars. For Hollywood's titans, having a discussion of the Cruise gay rumors -- even if they are not true -- would raise the issue of why Hollywood is so afraid of having openly gay leading men, and that's a discussion they do not want to broach."
The last thing you want to do is accuse Tom of being gay. He will sue your ass off. He'll pound into you -- over and over (and over) again -- until you're left panting and bleeding on the floor. Only then will he remove the ball gag.

Finchville, KY

#91 May 15, 2006
Boomer i think its not his kid and i think its someone else kid so why do everyone have to worry about the kid. its like everyone else kids anyway so whats the difference.

Taipei, Taiwan

#92 May 20, 2006 'The Hollywood VIPs who criticized the Federal Republic of Germany's stance position against Scientology in an "open letter" would be better off expressing their outrage at the inhumane practices taking place in Scientology's own penal colonies..Former members of Scientology report that the camps, known as the Rehabilitation Project Force, are for leading Scientologists who do not perform as the organization wishes. One Vietnam veteran [i.e., Andre Tabayoyon] stated that the brainwashing and punitive methods used in these camps were reminiscent of those practiced by the Vietcong and the Chinese during the Vietnam war (Beckstein quoted in the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, 1997). Like the Cruise poll don't forget to see how many comments are registered from the same computer. They have 'millions' of members too, ha ha

Perth, Australia

#93 May 22, 2006
KATIE Holmes is reportedly exhausted and "constantly in tears" since giving birth to daughter Suri, sparking speculation she could have the baby blues. According to Britain's The Sun, friends say the actress breaks down and cries and seems "emotional and very tired" since she and fiance Tom Cruise welcomed their baby girl last month. She has also been spotted looking red-eyed at the plush Beverly Hills mansion she shares with the Mission: Impossible III star, who last year slammed Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants for post-natal depression. "Katie told pals it's natural for new mums to experience strong emotions," a friend said to The Sun.- From BANG Showbiz

Paris, France

#94 May 23, 2006
Boomer say:
"[email protected]@@wits." etc.

You should be banned, you are an absolute jerk, insulting idiot!
I am a mom of 26. My husband is 35, is he a...pedophile????????

You freak! katie is older than me!
are you so old to be lost, yet Chaplin married a woman 35 years younger, or such young to be a ignorant virgin?

Shut your trap you are ridiculous, you seems so lonely! And having quoting Closer magazine(!!!) you need an intervention, right now. You need help.
Let the handsome and successful Tom and his family alone.

Taipei, Taiwan

#95 May 23, 2006
This Martina , should be banned what a rude person , though I see that she is from france so we should not expect too much from her, is your husband a pedophile ? I think he must be crazy to put up with a creature like you !!!!
Red Sun

Kamakura, Japan

#96 May 23, 2006
I agree I read her other posts she is crazy Tom fan , this woman husbans so ugly she close eyes and pretend it Tom ha ha .Chaplin widely recognised as pedophile he charged with offense and forced to marry one of his victim.This Martina just dumb

Perth, Australia

#97 May 24, 2006
Oh dear, another crazy cruise fan, dont you just love them ;)

Factoring in higher ticket prices, the debut for Mission: Impossible III looks worse. About 7.3 million people saw the new movie, compared with 10.7 million over the opening weekend for Mission: Impossible II and 10.3 million for Mission: Impossible, which opened with $45.4 million over Memorial Day weekend in 1996.

Finchville, KY

#98 May 25, 2006
ok i love all actors but this is stupid of talking about them.

Perth, Australia

#99 May 26, 2006
Katie Holmes has reportedly taken her baby and gone to stay with her parents after and alleged bust-up with fiancÚ Tom Cruise.

The 'Batman Begins' actress is said to be exasperated with the actor's refusals to visit her parents in Ohio, and finally introduce their 5-week-old daughter, Suri, to them.

According to reports, the 27-year-old brunette has now gone to Ohio by herself and taken the couple's baby with her.

It has been alleged that 43-year-old Tom has a strained relationship with Katie's parents after her father Martin organised the couple's pre-nuptial agreement.

Martin, a devout Catholic, has also previously spoken out to condemn his future son-in-law's Scientology beliefs.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "He told Katie he wasn't going, considering the bad relationship between him and her family. Katie was happy he said that because she'd been afraid to admit she didn't want him to go."

Finchville, KY

#100 May 26, 2006
ok then

United States

#101 Jun 21, 2006
Angelina wrote:
Tom Cruise co-founded the World Trade Center charity to help rehabilitate the firefighters and rescue workers who needed medical attention.
All Cruise did was SELL NYFD into doing the scientology purif program of narconon (a scientology org) which has been proven to be worthless and the NYFD found this out the hard way at $40,000 per fireman put through their useless program.
When the church of scientology sends out their volunteer ministers as they did in katrina, the sunami and other disasters it is for only two reasons:
1) To be in front of the cameras passing along supplies others brought (like Red Cross, they never bring anything but themselves) and they are gone as soon as the cameras are usually.
2) To apply their "Touch Assist" as suppossed medicene which all it does it get in the way of others applying real treatment that the people need.
Scientology never does anything real for charity, only a show for the cameras and public.
check out:
if you want to know more (just a few of the sites out there other than the propaganda the church of scientology puts up)

Perth, Australia

#102 Aug 11, 2006
A 'look but don't touch' invitation has reportedly been extended to the couple's friends David and Victoria Beckham (aka Posh and Becks). But apparently, there's a bizarre list of requirements.

The Mission Impossible star, 44, has said that the couple, who are longing for a baby girl themselves, must not pick the baby up, take her picture or coo over her, reports The Daily Star.

A source told the paper: "David and Victoria are honoured that Tom and Katie have asked them along.

"However, they were a little shocked at the list of rules they'll have to follow.

"It will be very difficult for Victoria, because she just loves babies and is trying for a daughter with David at the moment."

The Top Gun star is a devout follower of Scientology which does not allow cooing over babies as they believe it may effect their development.

Tom and Katie befriended the Beckhams at a football match last year.

Former Spice Girl Victoria - who has three sons with soccer star David - reportedly gave Katie advice while she was pregnant.

The movie idol and his actress fiancee Katie, 27, have kept little Suri completely hidden since her birth was announced in April.

Scientology's founder Ron Hubbard warned against exposing young children to noise and alleged that a child could become mentally unstable if exposed to too much attention.

David and Victoria are reportedly planning to take a mini Real Madrid strip for the baby.

Meanwhile, friends of Cruise to claim they have seen his four-month-old daughter include actresses Jada Pinkett Smith, Leah Remini and Cruise's ex, Penelope Cruz.

Clarkston, MI

#103 Sep 26, 2006
We should stop short of offending Tom Cruise. We should rise above all this unpleasantness. That can be a tall order, though, considering the high opinion we have of ourselves. Can you imagine the heights we can all reach if we were just nice to tom cruise? Stop all the pot shots and low blows to Tom Cruise. There is no bigger man than he.

Rutherford, Australia

#104 Dec 14, 2006
There is no bigger man than he.

Isnt6 he 5'6" ??

Seattle, WA

#105 Dec 18, 2006
Boomer wrote:
Wow I am surprised that Tommy can reproduce, I was sure he is Gay , maybe he slipped up in the dark with Katie, geez I feel sorry for her, I mean she is so much younger the guy is almost a pedophile, hmm gay and a pedophile???
I wonder if he hangs out with Michael Jackson?
Any how the guy should not be allowed to reproduce , hell how whacko will the kid be being raised a scientologist by a whacko dad .
Oh well the world is going to hell anyway so I guess this is just another sign of the times.....
Wow,I thought I've read alot of garbage in my time,but this takes the cake.Boomer,you must have a very sad and lonely life.Maybe you're homophobic whose really gay.I don't know.Maybe other people feel
that way about you too.Wouldn't it be sad if alot people who didn't know you started writing alot of crap about you.I can't imagine you would feel good about it.What?You've read some jackass' negative comment about guy that neither of you met or a religion that you obviously know nothing about;and decide to jump on the ban wagon to appear cool.You talked crap about a man who has gone out of his way to help people and don't publicize it.That's called
charater.You should try getting some.There is no honor in printing your ignorance or stupidity.As far being a father.Everyone who has ever come in contact with Cruise and his kids,has ALWAYS commented on what
a loving,caring,attentive dad he is.Shame on you Boomer for buying into the smear compain the media has devise for gullible sheep like you to follow.

Los Angeles, CA

#106 Dec 18, 2006
Sue wrote:

I think Tom Cruise is a very good, dedicated, and focused actor. I sincerely believe that he puts his heart and soul into each part he plays. I resent all of the hatred columns and comments about him being gay and a terrible actor. Also, I wish just one time someone would tell me EXACTLY how they KNOW that he is gay. You know, if you just can't help yourself and you are boiling over with some vicous hatred syndrome, then hate terrorism, hate the war, hate the economy, but why hate a man you don't know and will NEVER meet?! My gosh, I swear some of you are being eaten up alive by it. What Cruise does with his life has NO effect on you whatsoever. Utterly and completely senseless

I totally agree with you and more and more people are coming out with what you said. He is very talented and a wonderful actor and person.

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