Postal closures concern election offi...

Postal closures concern election officials, voters

There are 3 comments on the The Wichita Eagle story from Mar 1, 2012, titled Postal closures concern election officials, voters. In it, The Wichita Eagle reports that:

Elections officials in several states are concerned that the closing of mail-processing centers and post offices could disrupt vote-by-mail balloting this year, a potential problem that has led some members of Congress to call for a delay until after the November elections.

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Clyde, TX

#1 Mar 1, 2012
Closing post offices does not affect election documents. But changing a persons address does and telling a person what their address is does. The mail gets delivered to an address because of the way 911 officials and the USPS have decided to handle addressing. The mail is no longer concerned with the citizens. The USPS does not deliver your mail anymore, it delivers mail to an address. One day these public officials will come to realize that the people are more important than an addressing system because it is the peoples money that pays for everything, and not some guy in an office that looks at a piece of paper and falls in love with his system that he created. Some things look good on paper and are a catastrophe in reality. 911 addressing in Texas is a bad thing because it was not done right. They ignored the laws of this country and all these problems that are arising are a direct result of their ignorance of thew laws of this country. The United States Government should retake control of the USPS in order to safeguard the service from outside influences. So! Closing a few more postal facillities will not make that much difference to the average citizen. The Election Officials have already allowed an agency to interfere with elections in a fashion to disenfranchise groups of voters from being allowed to even register let alone allow them to vote. The USPS allowed themselves to be pulled into these 911 officials web and their return to sender results should give them enough data to prove that they made a mistake. For every letter that the post office stamped return to sender they paid twice the amount of money to process these letters and their customers to reduce their sending of letters. A coke machine will sometimes fail to give you a coke for your money, and that coke machine stops producing income because the client begins to see he is being ripped off. Well! Believe it or not the USPS has gotten the reputation of being ineffective in delivering a persons mail, and it is because the 911 authorities have failed to allow people to tell them what their address is for deliveries. When you change names of roads without permission you tend to get this result. If you call someone Jack and their real name is John then you can not be disappointed when you receive no response to your query. The 911 officials were supposed to make communicating easier but in East Texas they had the exact opposite result with this Cr, Co Rd, and pvt style of addressing. It takes ten times the effort to find a place with the same name as it does when a place has a unique name and this is their failure to comply with the Texas 911 addressing statute.

Kittanning, PA

#2 Mar 21, 2012
The state of Texas allowed 911 authorities to ignore the law under this 911 addressing mandate. The trouble with a mandate is that most people think that they have the right to ignore the law, the trouble with this reasoning is that it would not be a mandate if this was to occur. It would be an edict which everyone in America knows would be illegal here. So! Why is the state ignoring what 911 authorities did. It is quite simple, the reason is that anyone trying to complain is swatted like a bug by the local officials. They do not realize that their actions are being recorded for the record and that their actions are not only violating peoples civil rights but are actually costing the county more money and the safety of the citizens of this state. These flags and balloons are still being used by everyone to get around in the rural areas of this state because these officials decided to not comply with the statute as it is written. Basically the state of Texas has quite a few counties that are not in compliance with the state statutes. I do not think that local officials in these rural areas know just how much trouble they have created by ignoring the law as it is written and I sometimes wonder if they even read the laws. The county does not have the authority to break a legally binding contract even under a state mandate because federal law upholds all contracts. Then there is the problem of the constitution stating that no government agency can break a legally binding contract entered into with a citizen and that they can not use the judicial system to break any such contract. I do not understand why the local officials did not consult the local landowners before renaming a road when they had to know that enforcing this address would violate the law without an agreement from all the property owners. The state wants to run itself like a business they say so why do you think that they would alienate their customers. The States Ethics commission does not seem to be working and the states AG is most definitly asleep at the wheel. The state legislature is trying to solve a deficeit and yet allows these local officials to implement this addressing system that is costing everyone more money than the system should have been implemented under the law. The government has only itself to blame for the USPS problem and the recession that we are currently going through because of this little illegal road naming system that the local officials implemented. How would you like it if someone told you what to do with your money and you lost money from the deal and you could only do one thing legally and that is to fire them. You would fire them of course, but there is a problem there. You have to use the system that they now control and they have the complete authority to ignore you even if you use their address. Voter ID was just another atempt to bolster the use of 911 addressing and maintain control over the citizens. Well it is illegal to buy a vote, so how come the state has allowed you to sell your rights away in order to vote through 911 addressing. This is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. I would like to see one public official in state office here in Texas to stand up to these 911 addressing bullies that they created. The post office and every other office that has to deal with the illegal cr,co rd, pvt, county road, and private road addresses on a daily basis may not realize that a lot more of their time and our Tax dollars goes to pay their salaries to take more time to sort these look-a-like addresses, and number sequencing does not count. The statute called for a name to be set on these roads and not the same damn name of cr.

Kittanning, PA

#3 Jun 25, 2012
If the politicians are so concerned why don't they fix it. The USPS is losing money because people have lost faith in the USPS'S ability to delivery the mail. The reason for the USPS's problems can be summed up as to being caused by 911 addressing authorities interfering with the delivery of the mail. You have 911 addressing officials on one page and the general public on the other. 911 addressing officials feel that they are empowered to run over the citizens. They also seem to think that they can break the law under this addressing mandate. The state officials have lost control of everything because like the rest of us they can not reach the people. The people in charge of 911 addressing are responsible for all of the economic problems in the U.S.A. and most foreign countries. The politicians are seemingly unaware of the effect that these addressing problems are having on our society. But I am of an older generation and I have already seen what something so simply can do to a society. It's because you are trying to drastically change ones identity that you are having a problem. It simply amazes me that people who even print the materials that explain why you can not do what the 911 addressing officials are doing do not get it. Try attacking someone with a knife and ask yourself why they are not standing still for it. The USPS is supposed to be delivering peoples mail, but because of their allowing the 911 officials to play with the country's most used communications network they are failing to do their job. County Officials think that they have the power to regulate thought and speech and to commit fraud even to put their name on a road that already had a known name. They have absolutely lost their ever loving minds. And then there is the legal issues. How can someone think that they can bully everyone into doing every thing their way or the highway. The state government needs to start arresting these 911 officials on the county level and put someone in offices who is willing to listen to the people in order to make the system work. The biggest problem that they have is that they are not following the law. You can not change a historically named road and not cause problems. You are even an idiot for trying. And your absolutely a moron when you decide to change every roads name. Even DETCOG is now putting a disclaimer on their papers. And this really upsets me. If you are changing my address then why would you put a disclaimer as to the acuracy. The reason that you would do that is you know that the people that you are working for may be doing something a little illegal. They aught to close all the post offices and let these local officials see what they have done. I am glad that I live in America and not in this society that these morons are trying to create. The politicians need to get a grip on these law breaking 911 authorities before they destroy our country. There is no mandate to change the names of roads. I want you to understand the 911 officials are using the same method that I would use to my enemies, but the only problem is that they are destroying themselves. I no longer have a phone or mail, so why do I need 911 addressing. I am an American and I love my country, and I wouldn't let a foreign country do what these people are allowing to be done in the name of safety. These people are just home grown Terrorist or a group of people who have control issues and are not suited to be in charge of anything in a democracy.

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