Is Kingism a religion?
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king sinn

United States

#156 Mar 15, 2013
A king has to go threw his primitive stage first in order to fully understand kingism

Hialeah, FL

#157 Apr 22, 2013
Wow.. u youngins still in the young stages.... pretty much are an example of why the kingism is looked down upon. Wishing u wisdom to guide your ways... ADR

Doha, Qatar

#158 May 19, 2013
Can a guy from India follow Kingism?and be a Latin King

Riverbank, CA

#159 May 20, 2013
vikram wrote:
Can a guy from India follow Kingism?and be a Latin King
Yes cause kingism isnt a specific religion its any religion u believe in and that plays out for u to be a better man is kingism is what makes.u a true king. In chicago theres jewish latin kings so that pretty much says that any walk of life can jion the Almighty Latin Kings. which is built around all Latinos and all third world people like Indians from India and Jews. Also little do u know that I know a chapter in the north west suburbs of illiniose that is the prez of that chapter.and is from India straight up. So I think I pretty much answered ur question. King motha fkn Love.

Rochester, NY

#160 Dec 2, 2013
This is really interesting to me but I wanna know is this jus for Latin ppl or is it for anyone who wants to follow??
long live the Latin Kings

United States

#161 Jan 2, 2014
Its a Beautiful doctrine that all Latin Kings and Queens most fallow and obey. You can live and structure your life around this doctrine to enrich your mind and soul. Any one can fallow kingism with out actually being a ALKON Nation Member. Its very similar to Christianity.Power to the people Black and Gold never fold.

Hialeah, FL

#162 Apr 27, 2014
King Sear wrote:
Most Kings practice religiosity & that goes against what we was founded fo. It iswrong. We the ALKQN are a non-denominational sect we are not roman catholic! We have a respect toward all monotheist fo there is but one God. Catholics worship mary & the saints who were humans as you o I. Many muslims seem to worship muhamed. Many jews seem to worship moses. It's all wrong but we chose what we believe.....
If you really was a king u wouldn't be saying that shit. Kingism is all about religion & a real king would know that as soon as he opens up his bible and looks at what it says between the first few pages. Kingism is made up of many ideals like freemasonry , thru different religions that have been molded to one understanding to be attained for only the eyes of a king made up thru the steps of the golden gate from the general ordinance development of the Latin kings nation. Back in the days old Skool kings before they could ever had received a km/c had to recite the words from it without reading them rather being told to them given by the black lion and remember them until he mastered his knowledge by mind heart and soul word for word and then was able to be worthy of having a km/c thru being a diligent and strict follower of Kingism. That sounds a lot like a catholic or a muslim reciting the same words over and over. And that is called being brainwashed. And for you be a soldier and plead for the cause of something you have to believe in what it is your fighting for that you would make theultimatesacrifice of giving up your life . I once was a diligent seeker and follower of Kingism and every second of the day i woke up thinking about the crown I once claimed and all day long I literary was breathing in and out black and gold even my blood i saw as black and gold. It was my essence of being. I was jealous I was obsessed I was passionate about my crown and the best feeling to me was locking crowns witha brother and being able to build and shine as one sun. But the truth is that it is all a lie. And all organizations aare the same. Folk or people its all lies. The truth is that within all that idealism of anti-imperialistic doctrine from both sides of the fence is a lie. U learn that you are actually not winning any war but u are doing the work of the enemy that everyone claims to be against. You learn that you in fact work for the pig system we all have claimed to be against. You are killing your people whether u under 5 or 6 we all oppressed and causing terror to the people we claim to love in our literatures the oppressed or reppressed whatever. we aroisoning are youth with drugs. you are no different than the pig because your works show no different. the pig gives you the drugs and guns and your doing their work for them killing off the minority population theless educated the poor the fatherless scum as they call us , which is exactly what the oppressor wants of us. In 1970s the red coats assassinated many gang leaders and infiltrated the gangs and brought drugs and guns thru the streets from Vietnam and Central America in the 80s.. Don't think it's true don't have to believe so I ain't tellin u too believe me what you want to believe is up to you.

“Dont Play With Me”

Since: Jun 11

Location hidden

#163 Apr 28, 2014
there are no latin kings in ca ca is a beach latin kings are lions lions live in jungles there are no jungles in ca only beaches lions dont live on beaches latin kings are lions lions live in jungles there are no lions on beaches only in jungles
set the lion loose

United States

#164 May 8, 2014
Seek Latin king s that live in your home town or close t to your town.We are not only about banging the nation is about brother hood , love , knowledge and respect. Gang Land showed a side of the nation making it look all negative We have to strand up and defend the nation our crown. Dont cross t?he line and try to knock off our crowns once a king always a king. Yes kings are different it depends where you come from. I am from the RGV it's TCB that dominates Deep South Texas . You can learn more about the TCB on the- History Channnel Trinity Of Blood Episode .. Keep locking crowns black and gold never fold. Armor De Rey !!!
set the lion loose

United States

#165 May 8, 2014
Another thing i need to mention any one can fallow our doctrine Kingism. Do it with respect and a open mind. If it's not what you had in mind leave it alone and move on to another religion or belief. Restran from talking negative about kingism . I hope you find the knowledge you seek in kingism . May or king illuminate your path. Please excuse the typos !!
king world

Brooklyn, NY

#166 Aug 8, 2014
True or False

United States

#168 Aug 22, 2014
Once you join any thing its up to you where you are going to take it. Is it going to be a good or bad ecperiance. For example marriage a man most provide for his family. If you cheat and physically abuse her that marriage will most likely end . Being a latin king is a choice and your life will change . What direction you fallow is up to you. And any one can end up in prison one day not only gang bangers , drug dealers and murders end up getting locked up. People with no criiminal records ene up in prison also. Example you are driving and you accidently run over a child He / She dies. You will most likely get some years depending what state you live in. It"s called involuntary man slaughter. Once you walk those prison halls everything you saw in tv or read about will become a reality. To survive you most join a prison gang .It depends on your race and who dominates the prison. So never say i will never join a gang live that way . No college degree or begging is going to help you in there. Sh! t happens every day our lifes can change in a blink of an eye .Educate your self on gangs do research. You might be in the other side on day.
King Chino Eyez

Guayaquil, Ecuador

#169 Nov 24, 2015
Kingism is more than a religion una forma de vida que expresa lo mejor de uno as a King, as a MAN and as a Human Being !!!...vive tu KingISM Rey Latino !....Amor de Rey o no Amor de Rey ?!...bendiciones desde S.T.A.E. Sagrada Tribu Atahualpa Ecuador !!!....AMOR DE REY en 360!!!

Chicago, IL

#170 Oct 24, 2016
King Royal wrote:
first of all you either a king or not.A true latin king is first of all true to himself he has past from death into life.A king is immortal and lives forever.A true latin king does not gang bang.He has power beyond any gang there is he rises above any nation,he cant be touched by gang law or prison.He listens to one and that is the king maker.You may be saying I wanna bang I wanna be like all the others,Well I must say you dont have the mind of a King.To be a King you got to know what a king really is.A Kings power comes from beyond anyone elses reach.A King does not just have latin blood he has Royal blood.We have very few real Kings,but we have a lot of King imitators.Be a real king and not a pretender.Latin Kings show love for one another and stop killing each other are you becoming stronger or weaker?A true King knows what it is to have true power and leadership.Its time for a change.

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