Is Kingism a religion?

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#134 Dec 10, 2010
Btw, I meant to comment on the second last comment 4rm Big E.

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#135 Dec 10, 2010
UNT wrote:
Wow, I am amazed at the explicit illusion of masculinity conveyed by a bunch of thugs. Do you "gangbangers" really think you were born to "GANGBANG." "CUS DATS WAT I WAS BORN TO DO." Let me enlighten you on something, you were not born to do anything, a couple hundred thousand years ago you evolved from other forms of humanoids, and through natural selection,(which involved imperialism and colonialism) many of you were forced into what you call "the hood." do you really think you are invincible? Well your not, you are a human being like everyone else with a heart, lungs, and brain. If any of those vital organs are shot ... guess what? YOu die like everyone else. You have a constructed false sense of pride which brings the you illusion of self worth. But ill tell you what, im sure your going to give me an earfull of "shit talk" and "fighting words." But one day youll agree with me, maybe one day you will wake up and realize that you are full of shit and nobody really cares about you, or maybe you will remember that you are only a human being as you take your last few breaths from the gun shot wounds that are sucking the life out of you due to the assumption you made of "aint nobdy ever gonna kill me." Either way, you will realized your ignorance, and that you are not special, you are one of many ignorant thugs that think they own the world.
. U know sum truth, but u have no belief in who u r...Yea we may be a product of the hood but that doesn't mean that we aren't the same, so what if our races have been tampered with in the past, there is only one who brings death and life and that is something out of the control of men. Men don't know everything for if that is truth show me a man that is perfect and makes no mistakes. U see the problem lies with each and every one of us. Man has separated us from truth and created this so called great nation and has lied to all us 3rd world people. But guess what they fear us, for they know we have the capacity to think as they do, so they poison our food and give us all these process foods to dumb us down and kill us all faster to keep us in the mental state of being unaware of what's really happening. But unfortunately we us humans r to selfish and comfortable with how we live life and rather not give in to what needs to be done cuz they to bizzy gettin there's which is what america has taught us all. And until we don't decide to give in into the traditions of man, we will continue to fall short of our existence. See we are more than they are, but becuz only we let them be on top is the reason why we live in such a messed up world. Ppl the truth is inside you, for everything around us means nothing for it is an illusion, stop falling for material things that don't exist that where created by a man, stop giving man the power over u. U r here one minute and the next second u r ask yurselves then where do u find truth. He who has an ear, let him hear. He who has an eye let him see. Realize my ppl that the more we feed into there greed, the less r the chances of our children and their children's future of ever being set free don't let a foolish man tell u what to do, he doesn't run yur lyf so stop being a toy and WAKE UP!! And start to value yourselves as ONE!! Damned is the man who believes in another man, another foolish human being who isn't any different. Do u all realize that money doesn't even have value and for every dollar u have u owe another... Isn't that what the irs is for...Stop bringing oppression on to ourselves and realize how deep man has been in their sleep. I pray for u all in Yahashuah's Mighty name. Amen! Wake up my brethren. Time is now!

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#136 Dec 10, 2010
Stop being the follower of men and be a leader of your own. Isn't every man and woman to lead there children? Why r we letting other men who want to see u and me dead doing the same thing to our children and their children and their childrens children. They scare us with terror on the news, when it is them who decieve us. There is no better killer, then the word deciet itself. The devil is a liar, becuz that's all he knows how to do, but y do u believe in his lies when a lie is untruth. Believe nothing u hear, and half of what u see, use yur intelligence and search for the truth have the truth in yur heart. If your heart is pure and free from prejudice it will lead u the right way, but let yur mind guide yur heart for it has logic while the heart is emotion, let your heart guide your passion, and let your passion guide your any battle u may face in the walks of life. Expect the unexpected always, give yourselves the benefit of a doubt for foolish is he who is prideful, for he really knows nothing. The key is in humility, being humble is to be wise...they can break our bones, they can break our flesh but they can't break our spirit that gives us the image of who we r in the inside, for what once existed on the earth has remembrance which shows that the spirit is eternal. But most of all my ppl be brave, have the heart of a lion, for a coward can never stand up to moral bravery.

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#137 Dec 10, 2010
U have the choice to take my word and if u do may God bless u and if u don't that's ok, for in the long run I am a man and I aint perfect but believe what u want. Its not what a man doesn't know that hurts him, but what he doesn't know that he doesn't know that suggestion...don't be the fool!
King Sear

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#138 Dec 14, 2010
Most Kings practice religiosity & that goes against what we was founded fo. It iswrong. We the ALKQN are a non-denominational sect we are not roman catholic! We have a respect toward all monotheist fo there is but one God. Catholics worship mary & the saints who were humans as you o I. Many muslims seem to worship muhamed. Many jews seem to worship moses. It's all wrong but we chose what we believe.....

Minneapolis, MN

#139 Dec 19, 2010
Alright lets stop this, kings and surenos should get along. i used to be a king and i have plenty of friends in latin gangs. who we should be combating is the government. they really want us fighting amoungst eachother so they can run all over us. we should unite. 13,18,folks and people. we all had a common enemy in the begining. What happened? the goverment turned us against one another. think of who your real enemy is. ADR 360 complete, THIRD CROWN NATION.
Carlos Gonzalez

Pinellas Park, FL

#140 Dec 26, 2010
King Royal wrote:
first of all you either a king or not.A true latin king is first of all true to himself he has past from death into life.A king is immortal and lives forever.A true latin king does not gang bang.He has power beyond any gang there is he rises above any nation,he cant be touched by gang law or prison.He listens to one and that is the king maker.You may be saying I wanna bang I wanna be like all the others,Well I must say you dont have the mind of a King.To be a King you got to know what a king really is.A Kings power comes from beyond anyone elses reach.A King does not just have latin blood he has Royal blood.We have very few real Kings,but we have a lot of King imitators.Be a real king and not a pretender.Latin Kings show love for one another and stop killing each other are you becoming stronger or weaker?A true King knows what it is to have true power and leadership.Its time for a change.
"how can I become a king and practice kingism I am in Tampa fl"
king gino

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#141 Jan 10, 2011
The Primitive Stage: wherein the neophyte member is expected to be immature and to be involved in such activities as gang-banging and being a street warrior without the full consciousness of Kingism.

The Conservative or Mummy Stage: which is where a member tires of the street gang life but is still accepting of life as it has been taught to him by the existing system that exploits all people of color, dehumanizes them, and maintains them under the conditions and social yoke of slavery.

The New King Stage: where the member "learns that his ills lie at the roots of a system completely alien to his train of thought and his natural development, due to the components of dehumanization that exist therein".
green eyes

Wethersfield, CT

#142 Jan 18, 2011
young king wrote:
yo any kings or queens in the connecticut area cause i need some latin king love cause i got nobody im in shitville playa pease out amor de rey 1
my brother we are all over ct

Since: Jan 11

Sioux Falls, SD

#143 Jan 18, 2011
oh wow for real??? amor de rey bitch

Hanford, CA

#144 Apr 1, 2011
im lookin for a king brother to talk to im in fresno cali lookin for knowledge

Hanford, CA

#145 Apr 1, 2011
amor de rey

Jamaica, NY

#147 Apr 29, 2011
Honestly, kingism is Bs the concept along with the human body dies at teh grave which makes it null. If christians are sheep and kingism claims to ta ke a royal stand by foloowing christ words in this manner why did christ do nothing in front of Pilate when he threatened to crucify him>?

Plainfield, NJ

#148 Sep 9, 2011
51 Ada LK wrote:
"Ideal mission" refers to idealism of the Nation: to be a vanguard and Guiding Light to the oppressed peoples. "Real mission" refers to realism of gang rivalries: to defend ourselves against those who seek to harm us. And like they say, the best defense is offense.
Once again, as much as we would like to fullfill our higher purpose,...our young warriors are confronted by a different king of enemy on a daily basis--our own people, who represent other organizations, that have different intentions... one of which is to destroy us.
hey would like to know you read that I had the page but lost it my e mail [email protected]

Portland, OR

#149 Sep 9, 2011
51 Ada LK wrote:
<quoted text>
I appreciate that. Despite the conflict, we have to have some dignity about ourselves. The only differences between us is that we grew up in different communities or cities, had different friends, and in different gang territories. You grew up around Surs and I grew up around Reyes. Why we choose to kill eachother is for reasons outside of our control. And with all the hate and blood lust there is no telling if this will ever end. All I can say is make the right decisions for yourself and your family. Because when the smoke clears, they are the only ones that are gonna be there for you. And that's real.
Dont get me wrong, I love my King brothers and we choose our own destiny. But it is best that we understand the limitations of love and loyalty that exist in this era of gangbanging. Everyone seems to be in it for themself, or for thier little clicks. So do not be fooled by those illusions; else you will be very disappointed in the future. If you notice, we even got surs arguing with surs and Kings arguing with other King brothers in these forums. I feel bad for this generation.
Agreed... This generation has been corrupted by the greed of money and power... and as they say. "Those with power will seek to use it"...
I wish everything was back to the way it was... about unity and familia instead of drugs and war... Sadly this is yet a broken wish that falls upon deaf ears...
king op

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#150 Sep 29, 2011
kingkilla wrote:
<quoted text>let me know what time bitch,,ill be there,and what bout just u and me,,,,cause the only way u have balls is when u r with ur lil bitch ass kkings by ur side mothafuc@, last year me and this sureno where crusin on rural and hill , and we saw 2 flakkes , we turn back and 1 of em run , leaving this flakke by himself, and the rest u know,,tha lil punk ass flakke is on a wheel chair ever since,i didnt want my carnal to shoot him cause thats just 2 easy,and on his chest he got my barrio "PURO A-TOWN SUR X3",, SO COME THRU IF U WANNA GET UR PLACASO ON UR CHEST OR UR EMPTY CABESA.
i wish 1 of you surs came down here do like we do the restRIP BITCHES ADR TILL WORLD BLOWS
king op

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#151 Sep 29, 2011
these brothers are right been 1 for 24 years not about fam no more about i i this i that we need to follow are manifesto and get back to were we were ADR TILL THE WORLD BLOWS....
bone krusher 2W3

Manhattan, KS

#152 Feb 17, 2012

Knoxville, TN

#153 Aug 17, 2012
damn man,im only 15 but i practice kingism,i wish i could join tha nation but there aint no kingz up where i live...i live in damn tennessee..yo 51 Ada LK hit me up on gmail,my name [email protected]
king true

Washington, DC

#154 Jan 6, 2013
The light will guide the your mind trust in the truth and the truth will set you free.the darkness blinds even the ones who have sight.what you need is the sight of the mind...the path to righteousness lies in the heart...the body must be free of the shackles of the poisen that keeps a brother the cate the mind and purify the heart then and only then will you shine true kingismis in the obidience we should show........once the students are ready the teacher and the truth will appear!!!king true adr.

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