chitown Kings n NY Kings
King corrupt

Jiquilpan, Mexico

#1 Nov 20, 2012
I dont know how yall NY kings can honor that nigka blood before Brotha Gino hes the real korona n yall bein under a different lit its a f@ckin shame yall gotta learn the Chicago lit a.s.a.p. N drop all the bloodline shit cus me Im one of the kings who dont like that at all I read some posts from King world n from motherland n they tryna be respectful when they bring they talk bout the bloodline shit but f@ck that ima keep real yall nigkas better drop that shit er Chicago aint never gon honor yall like real King Brotha..... I was lockedk up in the Idoc wit a King from new Jersey n believe me it wasnt nice for him when he tried to talk bout blood n all his bullshit but he learned he found out that the only real lit its chicagos lit n he found out that here in the chi most of us we Mexicans but we all the same Puerto ricans Mexicans Cubans n alot of white brothas n the black brothas from projects n from the island in Cicero n other hoods cus I just found out yall muthafckas dont want Mexicans in urr so called tribes when we in the chi accept anyone who wants to see the light n is willin to live die n kill fo this nation dont ever.forget we lovers n killers get it stra8 Im In a f@cked up situation cus of the nation but I dont regret it cus I love this nation n yall hurtin the nation wit All the King blood shit n it hurts me that yall dont wanna get it n be under the real thing n bout the tribes shit theres supposed to be only ONE tribe the lion tribe thats it. Get it right or fall back thats all I got to say AMOR
AZ shinin

Tucson, AZ

#2 Nov 21, 2012
I believe you might be goin bout it the wrong way, Brotha. Take a extra step if you eva get a NY Du'e in Mexico. Fo whateva reason Brotha Blood did start somethin in NYC, most Bros in IL don't like. Also rememba when Blood stated his thing in New Yo'k thea was no 'Festo. The Original '70s Consti was still in effect. That's why the NY policy book has some items from that original Consti. Yes, the NY area 'been on some anti-Mexican demo befo. A Bro from 27th moved to NJ & Du'es out tha way wasn't Hona'in Buddy cauz he was a Mexican-American. Amo.
King corrupt

Morelia, Mexico

#3 Nov 22, 2012
u see how can that be possible when 75% of Kings in the chi are mexicans? us in chicago we show love to all king brothas regardless of where they from n if yall brothas in NY knowbout the true lit then i dont know wat yall waitin fo to drop the bloodline shit n AZ shinin i feel like u tryna justified NY mistakes but there aint nothin to justified if they already know they wrong but they dont wanna see the light
AZ shinin

Tucson, AZ

#4 Nov 22, 2012
In no way is'm justifyin the bloodline. When I was an Inca, I had a few bloodline Membas come thru. What I did is let em know, respectfully, that we only taught from the 'Festo & thea'd be no bloodline lessons. I also let em know not to promote bloodline w/in the Chapta's jurisdiction. Fo all good reason, it was said & mo impo'tantly done. All em Membas made they way back east & I still keep in contact w/most a em.
How 'you doin in MEX, King?
King corrupt

Morelia, Mexico

#5 Nov 22, 2012
I understand u Brotha n u sound like a righteous Brotha but u gotta undrestand we are never gon be wat we supposed to as long as theres kings fallowing something totally different to the true teachings of kingism...... N bout Mexico King im f@cked up no lie I got release from IDOC few Weeks ago n I landed on a foreing country to me wit nothin by my prison clothes I lived all my life in the Chicago area so gettin used to this country is hard but I got in contact wit few brothas from the chi that I did time wit n live around the same area I stay at n I was talkin to them bout how can be possible that some King brothas in thr east cost be on some anti-Mexican shit cus of ignorance when us down here we had to sacrifice everythin fo the NATION n all the other brothas of Mexican descent are doin time n sometimes life fo the nation thats a slap on the face to all of us Brotha I just tryna get their attention so they be able to undertand that Chicago gon have their back n they will be honored as any of us if they take the Brotha Gino's teachings n lit as the only lit n drop anything that has to do wit that nigka blood its gon be hard but they CANT honor anybody before the true corona Brotha lord gino amor n Mexico sucks no lie King im tryna ho back to chi u know but Ima keep it real the only thing thats stoping me from goin back its the economic side Brotha nigka fucked up down here
AZ shinin

Tucson, AZ

#6 Nov 22, 2012
Well, Brotha, thea's no pleasin ev'rybody. Du'es gona disagree on any & all levels. In a perfect world, all Membas would be connected. Like you'd know who' in yo city o yo state, regardless if it's in MEX. I know the Bros in Cd. Juarez & I'm in contact w/Brothas thruout MEX.
King corrupt

Morelia, Mexico

#7 Nov 22, 2012
But them brothas atleast they should run uner chicagos lit King
King spook

Albuquerque, NM

#8 Sep 17, 2015
No Matter where you from or where you think your bidding by truth in our hearts that's why we were created in HIS Image! Fools Spooky coming to get YOU...Amor De Rey
fck king blood

Mesa, AZ

#9 Sep 18, 2015
Ny kings are gay, they worship king blood and kneel down to somebody who ain't nobody in chicago actin like he's their messiah. chicago kings all the way.
King J

Addison, TX

#10 Jun 14, 2016
fck king blood wrote:
Ny kings are gay, they worship king blood and kneel down to somebody who ain't nobody in chicago actin like he's their messiah. chicago kings all the way.
Vatos It don't matter were you from we all are Latin kings I am a king from. Denton Texas king j
If you run other bloodline is cool if you from this mother land is cool the only kings I don't respect is from Pasadena kings they roll under the 13k they under control of sur ratas I went their and I almost got may askill for ccallingsur 13 killa

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