The first of all I have one correction: the Cult'll play in Croatia but not in Zagreb then in Koprivnica on "Drava Rock fest". The date is correct.
Only what's important they'll com to Croatia!
I can't tell how much I'm happy because of that and in the same time I can't believe that's the truth.
I'm following events on the rock scene, but the Cult heve really special music and I must point out that the Cult's music "literally" save my life.
Also, I must say that nobody from rock world can't compare with Ian Astbury,nobody!
He always had special and very good taist for dressing, his vocal is unique...
I love when he sing high tons.
Usually I don't like famous people,"stars", because I judge people from diferent aspects, I have diferent point of view on life, but Ian is only exception.
I don't go on concerts and festivals. This will be my first time and only reason is The Cult!
I have all the Cult's albums, DVD's and I buy Cult's music only.
I hope the new album will be better then last two, because I believe they can much, much better then that.
I did not forgot Ian's birthday.For good wishes is never late. I wish happy birthday my dear "brother"!