Juvio is proud to announce our stunning Peach Collection

Born of a relationship between Juvio, and generations of masters of an ancient craft, the Peach Collection culminates centuries of tradition in artistic jewelry. Juvio has discovered and recognized the brilliance of their tradition, and now brings this excellence to the world.

Hundreds of years ago the evolution of our master artisans began, father to son, master to apprentice. The mines of their region were incredibly rich in purest precious metals. As their work refined constantly, the fine jewelry they created transcended into an art-form. Though lifelong dedication, their skills have been handed down over the ages.

The beauty of their imagination, combined with their elaborate working of precious metal, have inspired Juvio to offer the utmost in classic designs.

The astonishing beauty of the Peach Collection will capture the imagination, indeed, as richly as it distinguishes the wearer. Each masterful piece is beyond decorative, each as collectible as it is enchanting when worn.

Let the Juvio Peach Collection create your very own personal statement of beauty and wealth. Wear it proudly as your hallmark of impeccable good taste.

Sterling Silver, its high purity defined by law, is so flawless in character that it is hypoallergenic. Other metals may harm the skin or cause reactions, but not Sterling.

A classic alloy of fine silver, hardened with a trace of copper for durability, Sterling is the precious metal often preferred even over gold, for the clarity of its brilliant white color.

Its gleaming surface polishes with wearing, and its deep beauty is easily brought to moon-bright luster with a soft cloth. Worn by notables from ancient kings to current celebrities, Sterling is timeless, and never out of fashion. Let our Sterling enhance your appearance from any angle. Peach Collection Sterling Silver will always meet the utmost standards of Sterling quality.

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