Stephen King: 'Twilight' Author 'Not ...

Stephen King: 'Twilight' Author 'Not Very Good,' But 'Safe' - K...

There are 65 comments on the story from Feb 5, 2009, titled Stephen King: 'Twilight' Author 'Not Very Good,' But 'Safe' - K.... In it, reports that:

Horror master Stephen King is neither on Team Edward nor Team Jacob. The prolific author of "Pet Sematary," "It," "The Tommyknockers," "Cujo" and other frighteningly imaginative novels slammed "Twilight" author ...

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Decatur, IL

#1 Feb 5, 2009
Being slammed by Stephen King (even if what he says is somewhat true) is kind of like a kitten being smacked upside the head by an elephant. Besides which, even if kids are reading nothing but dreck these days, at least they're reading.

Besides which, part 2, back in the 80s most of what Stephen King wrote was considered "not very good" by English teachers and other folks bemoaning the reading habits of kids in those days.
Josh Man

United States

#2 Feb 5, 2009
Thorny has a bit of a point in saying that many (including myself) don't consider that Stephen King is a very good (technical) writer. Although his stories are very good. As for Stephanie Meyer, while I wouldn't call the Twilight series very well written, her adult book The Host is fantastically well written.

Calgary, Canada

#3 Feb 5, 2009
Strange... Kind of like Keanu Reeves calling someone out for poor acting, no?

Anyways, although I like the Harry Potter books MUCH better than the Twilight series, I actually think Meyer is a better writer. Her books certainly flow alot better. Rowling's sentence structure is weak at best, and she never met an adverb she didn't love.

West Covina, CA

#4 Feb 5, 2009
Finally, someone in the public eye who isn't gaga over the crapfest that is Twilight. Thanks, Mr. King.
Christopher Cook

Cumming, GA

#5 Feb 5, 2009
The "Twilight" series also encourages girls to write badly written and poorly spelled Mary Sue stories (Mary Sue being a glorified personification of the author in the story) using the series context. Harry Potter fan stories are bad about Mary Sues as well, but Twilight was a Mary Sue in the making.
frank m

Indianapolis, IN

#6 Feb 5, 2009
what an ego! Steven King dissing Stephenie Meyer sounds an awful lot like Paulie Shore saying Carrot Top is not a very good actor

New Baltimore, MI

#7 Feb 5, 2009
You know what? I'm kind of offended by Stephen King's comments.

I'm not a teen or a young adult and I loved the entire Twilight series. I also loved the entire Harry Potter series - so did my mother. I love books by Dean Koontz,(the original) V.C. Andrews, Anne Rice and yes, Stephen King too.

Don't disrespect the reader by giving an opinion of another author who does not write on the same level or write about the same content as you do.

All are great authors that get the juices flowing in different parts of my brain.

Decatur, IL

#8 Feb 5, 2009
The simple fact is that most popular authors are not Dickens, or Tolstoy, or Joyce, or Harper Lee. The reason authors like King, Meyers, Rowling and Koontz (one of my favorite authors, also) are so popular is because they are accessible, which is not always true of authors of so-called "classics" of literature. For King to disparage Stephanie Meyer is a little bit snarky, given the fact that most of what he writes is scary short stories as told by a long-winded revival preacher. Sure, King will likely be read for decades after he dies, which may not be true of Meyer. Still, he is an author of horror novels, and while his are truer to their more-explict roots (read a medieval version of Sleeping Beauty or Hansel and Gretl--they'll curl your hair) than Meyer (who has tamed her vampire books down to the point that Pat Robertson likely wouldn't get offended), they're still very large books about things that go bump in the night, not great literature.

In short, Stephen King is not Charles Dickens. For him to think otherwise means that he needs to re-read his own books.

Winnipeg, Canada

#9 Feb 5, 2009
Note that Stephen King never said he was an amazing author. He said JK Rowling was, but not him. He also pointed out that "Twilight" is crap, so kudos to him!:P

Decatur, IL

#10 Feb 6, 2009
Point granted, metal2000. All the same, authors as successful as he is don't need to be handing out any beat-downs. I think Stephanie Meyer would be terrified to be in the same room as he is to begin with, and he wouldn't even need to say boo. :P
Juke of Url

United States

#11 Feb 6, 2009
What would King know about good writing? he's hacked out the same story for the last 20 --or is it 200?--books.
1. Locked in room( s ) w/evil
2. evil clown (+ sharp teeth )
3. evil is in us all
Yawn. Steve -- stfu & grow your beard back. You're scaring the pets---yeah even the ones in the ' sematary.'
Oh no look a clown....
Juke of Url

United States

#12 Feb 6, 2009
BTW huge props to frank m--- working Paulie Shore $ Carrot Top into this is brilliant. Thanks for the LOL
Juke of Url

United States

#13 Feb 6, 2009
woof hoist on my own ritard. . . last time I'll get a vamp's back

Decatur, IL

#14 Feb 6, 2009
Not sure what you were trying to say on your last post Juke of Url, but the phrase is "hoist by your own petard," or "blown up by your own grenade." Either way, I agree with your first two posts, particularly frank m's comment about Paulie Shore/Carrot Top...that was good.:P

Circle Pines, MN

#15 Feb 6, 2009
I personally am unable to read Stephen King's books. I find them too frightening and vivid. He apparently feels able to critique Twilight since he views it as falling within the same genre of "horror" as his materials. I disagree - Twilight is a romance, which just happens to involve vampires. Stephanie Meyer writes romance well and should be evaluated based upon a true understanding of her genre.

Circle Pines, MN

#16 Feb 6, 2009
Christopher Cook wrote:
The "Twilight" series also encourages girls to write badly written and poorly spelled Mary Sue stories (Mary Sue being a glorified personification of the author in the story)
And, something that encourages young girls to WRITE is somehow bad because....?

Decatur, IL

#17 Feb 6, 2009
Well, I suppose it depends on what they're writing. The next great series for young girls (a la The Saddle Club), wonderful. A two-thousand word short story with half of the words being "very"...not so much.:P

And I do agree that Stephanie Meyer really does need to be classified mainly as a romance writer, rather than horror. Her vampire books, as well as The Host, are so tame in terms of horror that I'd read them to a first grade classroom and not feel guilty. I think the reason so many vampire fans greet Meyer with such disdain is that she does not include gratuitous sex, violence or foul language in her books. For authors like King, Laurell K. Hamilton and others, Meyers books are like cotton candy, rather than chocolate-covered jalapenos.

Decatur, IL

#18 Feb 6, 2009
That should be "Meyer's books." Every one of my high school English teachers just dropped dead.:P

Kitchener, Canada

#19 Feb 7, 2009
Well it is apparent that King has not actually read the Twilight series. Perhaps you should know what you are talking about before you say anything.

Chapel Hill, NC

#20 Feb 7, 2009
I love Stephen King even more now.

Twilight sucks really bad I don't see how it got so popular, the only thing I can say is that SMeyer probably didn't want to get a job so she decided to write a totally air-headed book that will attract teen-age girls and their lonely mothers.

It bothers me now becaue every time I start talking about a book with an older person they assume that I like twilight.

And it's now just not twilight that sucks but SMeyers book "Host"
It shouldn't even be in the adult section.
I tried to read it hoping it would be better then SMeyres past mistakes (twilight books)

But it wasn't I couldn't get past the second chapter it was just way to stupid.
My friends who did read the book told me that the book didn't get exciting un-til about the 300 page, and the book is only about 450 pages long.

But the whole plot thing coming in after about 300 pages of nothingness was highly expected by many people, SMeyer is known very well for doing that.

So I have two things to say to SMeyer.

ONE: Take writing classes, so next time you write a book my generation of the human race wont have anymore of their brain cells die!

TWO: Go On I diet or get shirts that actually fit.

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