I have always loved your playing. I used to see you play in Sommerville, Ma. It was always a ball. I remember the first time playing All The Things You Are. The piano player in my trio Eric Gunnison said do you want the Jerry Bergonzi changes. There was no hesitation of cource. I recently bought your album
Simply Put. It's great like all your albums. Not too many tenor players have it over on you. You are into the into the, I got a kick regarding the tune
Casadice. I used to live with my Father's sister who came to this country from Palermo, Sicily. As a kid of 10 years old my favorite was Hopalong Cassidy. I watched him and Gabby everyday. She would come home from a hard days work at Warner Corsets and Bras , she was a seamstress. She could not read or speak very much english. When she came in the house she would say Giovanni are you still watching Hopalong (Casadice). It would break me up
everytime she would say that. My whole family Mother, Father ,Aunts and Uncles came from Palermo, Sicily. That was too much taking that pun and doing the tune Casadice. You can't say we Sicilians do not have a lot in common. By the way I am a drummer, I guess that's why I was out of work living in Boston, Ma. I grew up in Bridgeport Ct. Love you man you are the greatest.
Giovanni Arcotta