Racist hipocryte Sizzla
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Heywood, UK

#22 Jun 16, 2011
Sad wrote:
I love reggae music, I love the message through it and I really appreciate Sizzla's music...I went to Sizzla's concert in BArcelona in november, great ambient, fabulous music... and yet sad to realize that Mr Kalonji was friendly with black people( normal!) BUT touching with repugnance the (few) white hands that were close to the scenario.
i was looking a bt more the arguments on the internetand ended here.
I do understand why some people are angry against white people (from our large sick arrogant history ), yet I'm sad to see this kind of behaviour.
Will hate toward white (or homosexual, etc) help make the world better? let me doubt it. It will only give some argument to the stupid racists.
As for me, after a concert that I really appreciated, that left me a bitter message in the heart.
One man (george herbert) said that you have to"Be strong to be usefull". Well, from what I can see Sizzla's strong voice in the Music (let alone, religious, politics ...) community will help nurture hate between human beings. Is that being useful?
Blindness only bring fanatism. All the extremes are bad.
And with pathetic apologetic mutters like this no wonder why this racist managed to do a show in your country. When you say the ''sick history of white people'' what on earth are you talking about? I didn't do anything wrong...and my life involves working, creating money and helping less fortunate people sometimes, no matter if they are white black or anything in between...

To give you some clarity...Go to Africa and see how many black governments treat their own people....Give me a break with this sad and almost apologetic comment of yours. This racist should be COMPLETELY BANNED in Europe for his racist attitude.

Stupid idiot was supporting Buju Banton...''Free Buju NOW!!!'' in his lyrics...HA Free Buju why? Because he was setup and entrapped? Its better people like Buju Banton are not allowed to be free...They are the real slave masters trying to profit from selling coke to give to the people.

Heywood, UK

#23 Jun 16, 2011
jsousa wrote:
its funny coz theres nothing primitive or backward about what he said...burn first of all is symbolic...to burn with words...coz when you get burnt from the stove, ya dont touch it again, do ya....so burn people with words is to tell them something that might hurt but is true...
blacks are only in jamaica coz of slavery...and white people dont want to admit that there...and white people have kept all black jamaicans poor...
burn them with words, educate them about THEIR BACKWARDNESS...ENSLAVING THE PEOPLE...Now THAT is primitive.
Shut up you...The truth is all people are slaves to the power brokers of this world. It is not fair to blame the white people...I can assure you without many of the good and great white people in the world today, the world would crumble...There are too many white philanthropists and charity founders who help the less fortunate in the world. People like you just blame and point fingers but I bet you are no oil painting yourself. Just a typical excuse maker for all the problems you face. But hey its your choice...Continue to hate and blame white people for your problems and you will get what you deserve in life.

London, UK

#25 Oct 21, 2011
just glad i downloaded his albums free

London, UK

#27 Oct 21, 2011
extremist rasta , hurts to even say rasta , the rastas i know love peace an harmony . bob marley would disagree


#28 Nov 29, 2011
when i heard this at first,i knew it was a set up
this must stop,we are far away from racism,mental slavery and all other little negative concept that messes the media up..

Berghem, Netherlands

#29 Jan 9, 2012
truth wrote:
when you generalize everybody by their skin colour you are making a clear distinction isolating them from the rest of the people. that comment is racial discrimination to say the least. look, what if someone is 75% white in jamaica and 25% black, should they be punished? what about bob marley? he was half white. would that retard sizzla tell bob marley to his face that he should be punished for what some random slaver did x amount of years ago? how does he even know that their decendents of slavers? what about white people in jamaica that came from ireland or somewhere else whose ancestors were actually more or less slaves to the british? does he want them to be punished too? what about the black people who sold other black people into slavery? go look it up it happened. he should learn from capleton, and instead of saying burn (insert group of people here), say burn corruption, burn wickedness, etc. furthermore, fvck sizzla, i will never play his tunes again. stupid ignorant racist wannabe rasta ballhead is all he is.
You know that Capleton also has some songs about burning and murdering gay people.. right?

Södertälje, Sweden

#30 Mar 29, 2012
who seh white no suffa. Them suffer in them war in Bosnia, getteing raped an killed , Bosnia people dispersed all ova the world. U seh dem nah suffa?

suffaring nuh depend on no skin color

Lanark, UK

#31 May 7, 2012
M Dubbs wrote:
Ay, it's p**syclaat pagans who nuh overstand dem message through the shadows of izm schism. You haffi realize, that it is very different to grow up as an African descendant of slaves, violently raped and robbed from your culture. When u gwan fi deh pon de garrison of violence and post-colonization, on an island with more fundamentalist churches per capita than any nation in the world, Tings fi gwan a likkle different than F**Ckn Switzlerand. I am a white Jew, I have lived in Africa, & seen Sizzla inna the flesh, in JA & USA. The bredda merely releases his soul through the best ways he knows how: Unadulterated, unapologetic, 1 chance in life, positive expression of aggression- Honesty. It's easy 2 criticize when your an educated privileged swiss b#tch, living in an ideal fairytale land. I have worked with children inna the ghetto from Africa to D.C., life is not easy. Fiya Bun Most white people who no fi have a clue bout the real deal of hustlin & strugglin. Big Up the Whol of Dem Gyal & Bwoi who know the Truth. Big Up Sizzla Kalonji!!!
I am greek, we were slaved and occupied suffering war crimes for 400 years have had no reparation, there are ghetto's in all of the world, in russia until 150 years ago you could openly kill a slave in public, it was legal. you are a jew, your people commit genocide in palestine and you are on a high hourse? you are pathetic and a wigger, dont blame the western world for the state of africa, there was slavery in africa before the white man came, if you stopped blaming the white man for the problems of the african people and looked at the problems they have as a continent and individual countries they would be in a much better place.
fire bun white ppl

Scarborough, Canada

#32 Jan 7, 2013
enslave a race (body mind soul,of ppl and continent from 15centery up to present(mental economical)and would still persecute for verbal out cry of injustice? more fire for white ppl ignorant of their bloodthirsty parasite history. that's just blacks ask the native Indian, Aborigines,Japanese,Chinese,ea st-Indians,and Irish,Ashkenazim jews if they burn white ppl. all cases of genocide and\or colonization and subhuman bondage. free speech more fire!!!

Tauranga, New Zealand

#33 Jul 16, 2013
fatman wrote:
whydoes a rasta need guns, when u go to "bobotown...u cant enter even with knife!...so say emanuel,,,what de fuck goin on...with deese "rasta"..???...wolf inna sheep clothin.....hypocrites....p-ho les.... and i am a rastafarian !...what a let down....bwoy...buju and sizzla...coke and guns....just what day "preach against.........do they smoke crack and shoot people ?...and all de while "chant" about the babylonian shitstem.....how dem guns get there ?...under a fowl coop....vegatarians? raisin fowl ?.......
ras were soldiers. successful defenders of thafari's (selassie's ancestor) ethiopia, against islamic invaders. original rastafari were warriors who defended the ancient bloodline of thafari, that can be traced right back to the tribes of jerusalem.
guns are just a modern part of the modern rastafari. if rasta still used their hands there wouldn't be any rasta left.
if you are also asking how jamaica got guns, Jim Brown, a jamaican drug trafficker and gun smuggler, smuggled guns, drugs, and high powered guns into jamaica.
it's not a freak incident. jim brown was given a pass by the powers that be.
he was an enforcer for the leader labour party of jamaica (which america and britain supported). once he was trusted by the labour leader, he flew to america and back, making political contacts that he would eventually bribe to enable smuggling.
so really, guns got to jamaica the same way they get to mexico, corrupt politicians (the u.s. has the most in the world) let the drugs and guns flow.
let rasta shoot all the evil that keep us slaves. blot blot.

now to add my point on these gay rights weenies. go to jail and have fun. we don't care about your views.

personally, I love and support sizzla over gays. I don't hate gays, but I like them less and less when they ruin the fun for everyone like they did with denying sizzla a visa.

gays just stay away from me. and i am very violent towards them when they push the line that i draw with warning.

Surry Hills, Australia

#34 Jul 24, 2013
In Bobo culture 'white' is used in the opposite as in western , english speaking culture. Like 'Black magic' in most cultures means 'Evil' magic and 'white magic' means "good' magic. In Bobo culture its the other way round. It makes sense to burn Elizabeth. To burn in Bobo and Rastafari culture means to get rid of or purify or even to put things in their right place.
Many white people get on their high horse about stuff like this as though they 'ARE BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST..', bla, bla, bla....truth is that many white people dont have a clue what real, serious racism is like to be experienced or the systemic factors that a white supremist history has created.....ie. POVERTY, SELF HATRED (of blackness), to mention just a few.
Black culture, because of white supremacy systems has developed itself and so maybe when you see Sizzla relate to black people more than white people it isnt exactly correct to assume that there is some repugnance toward white people.
There have been nuff tunes that say gunshot and murder and no-one gets murdered. A good tune can get the call 'murder' from the audience.'Gunshot Fi Dem'= get rid of them, demote them, dont deal with them.
I dont know how solid Sizzla trods Bobo way or Rastafari way but i quite sure that there are many people who misinterpret things because they dont take the time or effort to research other peoples cultures and meanings. Which could be interpreted as a 'white people thing'. BLACK= riteousness WHITE= unrighteousness.
Real Ras

Toronto, Canada

#35 Jan 4, 2014
Sizzla lost his powers 12 years ago. I call im rizzla.

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