John Raygoza is NOT a scam

John Raygoza is NOT a scam

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Fredrick Townsend

Los Angeles, CA

#1 Mar 9, 2008
I had to post this because I read in here that John Raygoza is a scam.

After researching online I found out that a "Beth Stackhouse" wrote the same blog on a dozen different forums claiming to be someone else.

Apparently she was pissed at PushTraffic because she did not make any money.

My name is Fredrick. I'm disabled and I live in rural Mississippi. I can't get a job because I'm disabled. But that didn't stop John Raygoza, Louie Obando, and Jen from working with me and helping me make $6,000 per month online.

I make so much money online that I can finally earn a descent income. AMAZING!

Anyhow, if you read any post from about John Raygoza being a scam - remember that it came from a disgruntled customer.


Okatie, SC

#2 May 12, 2008
The reason customers are disgruntled is because they got scr**ed out of their heard earned money.

Ashburn, VA

#3 Jun 5, 2008
obviously fredrick works or is john raygoza him self.

i bought his piece of shit product wasn't pissed i didn't make money or anything, was pissed that the product it self is shit that anyone could write in 5 mins or less.

30 day guarantee? hell no. i had to do a chargeback to get my money back.

Crystal Bay, NV

#4 Jun 12, 2008
It's not John who's the scam it's Ted Molina, Ted will sell his own mother to make a penny, Mr. Raygoza needs to fire Ted Molina and Frank Nelson asap, they are the one's giving him a bad rep.

Boise, ID

#5 Oct 31, 2008
I think it is an employee of Mr. Raygoza if not him posting as Fredrick. He says he lives in rural Missouri but his post comes from Los Angeles??? Last time I checked the office states to be based in LA.

Las Vegas, NV

#6 Oct 31, 2008
John ripped me off too. The product that I bought was not as claimed in the ads. Also, the 30 day money back guarantee is a joke. My emails were returned as refused after my first complaint. My money was never returned and I couldn't do a chargeback because it was a debit card. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Make sure that you will not miss the money if you order something from John Paul Raygoza. You probably won't like it!!!!! Just don't.

Pompano Beach, FL

#7 Dec 4, 2008
It's funny how many of these scam artists there are out there! I've been looking for a legit work at home job now for over a year, and have come across nothing but useless eBooks that have a lot of "testimonials" but don't actually tell you HOW they make the $$ until you buy it, and then realize that you have to turn around and scam someone else in order to make your "millions"- it's all BS. They prey upon innocent people, they should all be shut down!
Common Sense

York, NE

#9 Jan 2, 2009
Live and learn I like the way ripped off put it if you can't afford to lose it don't spend it. I'v looked at literally thousands of these programs but have not bought into any of them, For one simple reason I trust my instincts and do alot of research finding sites like this one where people give reviews and usually decide it's not worth it. Acouple old sayings nothings free and if it looks too good well you know the rest trust you'r gut it won't make ya rich but you'll still have enough to buy supper or pay rent.

Eden Prairie, MN

#10 Jan 17, 2009
John Raygoza is a scam artist!!...I ordered the "Truth" DVD back in December of 2008 Using the three payment option....I was really excited to get the package..I feel sorry for the people that attended the real seminar and paid $10,000!..After reviewing the info, John's DVD was of outdated material...There wasn't anything on the DVD..oh I mean six worthless pieces of pure garbage, that you couldn't find doing a search on Google! I immediately sent the package back with the original DHL Mailer.. I made sure that the package got delivered which it did, and it was more than enough time so I would not be billed for a second time..I even had my bank notarized the letter I sent verifying contents....Low and Behold, I got charged another $189!! I tried to contact PUSH TRAFFIC..and of course the usual no answer. I even left very stern messages on voice mail..still awaiting call back!

I am currently going through a rough time with my bank right now to reverse the charges..what a mess! JOHN RAYGOZA is a scam and I hope he gets what he deserves....So I plead with everyone out there..DON'T BUY JOHN RAYGOZA!


#11 Mar 9, 2009
John Raygoza contacted me on my cell phone. He wanted me to give him my credit card # so he could charge me 5K to set up a website and drive traffic to it. He was rude, pushy, and condescending. I told him I bought his "Truth" series DVD's and was reviewing them. He told me that I might make some money in 3 years or so after listening to them. What a crock!

This guy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I wouldn't trust this guy with my dog. All talk, all hype, all B.S. All he wants is your money, and he will stop at nothing to get it.

Quezon, Philippines

#12 Mar 9, 2009
There's another way to find out. Check them on search engines like Scam Search.


#15 Jun 17, 2009
I am a victim of PUshtraffic, and to all those who try to deny Raygoza's game is no scam, I can add some real authority.
At present, RAygoza holds hostage $8000 of my funds.
If you think Pushtraffic is a successful firm, I am just warning you that appearances are deceptive.
If I start going into my experience, my words will get censored, so please read further.
I won't go into the details, but I can say that the customer service at Pushtraffic is the worst I ever experienced, and could not occur in an organization that was not somehow protecting itself from the law. Something very fishy is going on there, but I cannot tell which staff are in on it.
Michael Fitzpatrick is the guy who identified himself as their lawyer, but who knows if that is a real name or a real lawyer?
Bottom line: nothing can be relied on at Raygozqa's place.
I am at present asking my credit card bank to recoup my funds, while at this very moment I am demanding a full refund. Indeed, I sent them a letter 2 weeks back, which has not even been acknowledged, but that is typical of this bunch.

So I am inviting support from anyone who would like to join me in legal actions.

Anyone who would like to join me in approaching the Federal Trade Commission to aid a fraud investigation of Pushtraffic is welcome to message me in confidence at

Avoca Beach, Australia

#16 Jun 25, 2009
Pushtraffic is known to have scammed many people. Raygoza owns the company, so he has to take responsibility.

I have discussed a 'class action' with the FTC and
have a gsubstantial list of victims to represent.

If you want your money back, please contact me with your story at


#17 Jun 25, 2009
I 'd describe Pushtraffic as scamateurs. They do not deliver.I speak form knowledge. A bunch of incompetents and badly managed charlatans who pretend they can deliver more than they know how to.
Their promises are irresponsible, all right. and downright fraudulent.
They make guarantees then forget about them.
One of their sales reptiles, Alex Sainz, promised sales pages with conversion rates of over 5%!
No such page has materialized, and the sales staff do not return phone calls. The overloaded compliance officer feigns ignorance of such things.
Disturbingly it is hard to get anyone to return phone calls, or emails.
Mentors are supposed to help, but cut you off after the allocated time and dump you.
The attitude to customer service is despicable, as is the attitude of Raygoza to his customers. They say a fish stinks from the head down, and JP Raygoza is the head of this LA outfit. A good reason to keep away from LA.

Pushtraffic offers nothing special except phony promises and uncooperative staff.



#18 Jul 16, 2009
If Ted will sell his own mother to make a penny, Raygoza would rather strangle his wife rather than refund money to a dissatisfied customer. If Raygoza ever starts refunding money, it will be an avalanche. His fraud org would disappear in a month. A week, maybe.

Springfield, MO

#19 Jul 17, 2009
frederick wrote:
obviously fredrick works or is john raygoza him self.
i bought his piece of shit product wasn't pissed i didn't make money or anything, was pissed that the product it self is shit that anyone could write in 5 mins or less.
30 day guarantee? hell no. i had to do a chargeback to get my money back.
What is a chargeback to get your money back?

Springfield, MO

#20 Jul 17, 2009
We were talking to John Denton who got us in touch with "push traffic" and the "free" look at this cost us charges of $13,000.00 plus $118.00 a month??????
We can't afford this and we have not received anything. John Denton just needed our 2 credit card numbers to verify we had credit available???
Then "Push Traffic" started charging our credit cards and John Denton had my husband go to our email while he was on the phone and when a fraud alert appeard from our bank he said "don't worry it is just our checking that caused that....don't even open it" Yeah, right, just Push Traffic taking moeny we did not authorize. This is a scam between John Denton from " " or just Push Traffic is a scam???? HELP


#21 Jul 17, 2009
Sorry to hear about your bad ex with JDenton.
I was using Denton as a kind of reference to see if Pushtraffic was legit, but I never got a straight reply. I now believe JD and JPR stand on the same fraud platform.

Something can be done.

for help, get in touch with me:

in confidence

{I don't live in Wedderburn, but I don't know how to change that identifier)

Ebenezer, Australia

#22 Jul 17, 2009
I am still working on the case and my list of victims is growing.

If you believe you have been scammed by PushTraffic please contact

Ebenezer, Australia

#23 Jul 17, 2009
mhglag wrote:
<quoted text>
What is a chargeback to get your money back?
To Frederic;
A "charge-back" is when you call your bank and ask them to reverse the transaction because you were scammed. They do their best but in my case, it was too late and I lost $15,000 to PushTraffic. So DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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