PushTraffic_Scam and John Ragoza Scam

San Leandro, CA

#42 Sep 10, 2009
There is a very easy way to know if John Raygoza and Push Traffic is legitimate or a scam. Just
look at the rating the Better Business Bureau gives Push Traffic and the other John Raygoza company, which is INC FORTUNE. The rating for both John Raygoza companies is F. I repeat the rating for John Raygoza by the Better Business Bureau is F. You cannot have more disgraceful rating.

Kailua, HI

#43 Sep 14, 2009
I received an unsolicited phone call from Push Traffic on July 16th 2009, they represented themselves as Jay Debolt, it was not Jay, they had what appeared to be a good program as I have worked with others. I was to receive Advanced Training, Blogging mentorship, PPC mentorship, Sales copy mentorship, DVD training Videos, Instant turnkey website, and 10 one on one coaching calls over 6 months. After signing up to see if I qualified, allowing them to check, they automatically took $2000. out of my personal account. they never gave me anything in return. Nothing! I got scammed. I received a call the following monday to tell me how hard it would be to get my money back, I was told to write David Sipes and he would refund my money right away, well it is two months later and I started legal proceedings. The State of Hawaii Attorney Generals office has been notified and has gotten back to me quicker than anyone from push traffic. John Paul Raygoza's Push Traffic Scam and those working for him should be ashamed of what they are doing. I'll pray for them, cause at this rate they are all going strait to hell. Who knew AIR cost so much, cause that is all I got..except for a phone call 3 weeks ago asking me to invest more money to upgrade my program...WHAT???? Are you kidding me? From what? Air to bottled Air? Well at least I'd have the bottle. Maybe. BEWARE!!!!

Newport, Australia

#44 Sep 15, 2009
That's also what we all received from Push Traffic....absolutely nothing. When is the law going to put a stop to John Raygoza's highway robbery.
Adrian Fitz- patrick

Houston, TX

#45 Sep 16, 2009
I would advise anyone who is going to invest in some kind of educational program, internet coaching, web site based business plan and websites, traffic generation etc. make sure that all terms are accurately put into written form, and thtat there are specific remedies for you should the seller fail to deliver the specified results within the time period specified. In addition I would refuse to sign any contract when the seller states that you can take their word, and the document is 'just legalese' and therefore unimportant.

Remember the scammers are good at raising your hopes, wishes and dreams for fast easy income with promises of fast returns, little risk, and their 'trade secrets'.

Ask yourself: "If this is so darned good, why do they need me? Why is it they are so eager and pushy to get my business?"

Demand and insist that any verbal terms are included in the agreement, and signed by them. Make sure that there is a specific contract section that states you have a right to 100% ful refund in the first 30 days, or 45 days, and for any reason or no reason. If its a good deal and they are truly committed to get you the results they say they can, there is no genuine reason for them to object to this being in writing.
Do you think that were you to have results they promise that you would quit and get a refund? Of course not. You would be happy and stick with them.
The reality is they are selling snake oil and promising all the cures for your financial ailments and yearnings, with no proof offered that their elixir medicine really works for anyone.

Bitely, MI

#46 Sep 30, 2009
My experience with Push Traffic is very close to Lorraine's (post Sept 14). I also received an unsolicited call from PT. The person I talked with was supposedly John Denton. I had signed up a week or so earlier with Denton's program but quickly asked for my money back. This person from PT said his name was John Denton and wondered why I was cancelling. I told him I didn't feel there was enough help with that program and I didn't feel like I would make any money. He said that if I signed up with Push Traffic I would get his (Denton's website) and Push Traffic would send traffic to that site. I agreed and paid $1500. About 2 weeks later I finally get in touch with a mentor. The mentor started me out from scratch talking about building websites and whether I had a product to sell. I told him about John Denton and I asked him if he had heard of John Denton. My mentor said he had never heard of him or his program. Right then red flags started flying so I contacted the BBB in California. After a go around PT finally agreed to give a refund. After about a month of not receiving my $1500 I called PT and they told me to contact David Sipes. He never returned any calls or emails. I have now filed a complaint with the California Attorney General's office. About 2 days ago someone from PT finally called me and told me it didn't matter if the salesperson said he was John Denton and made all of the promises. He said that was one of the ways the salesmen do business. He said what was important is that I signed a contract (which I did) but I was lead to believe I was getting something different than what they were planning to deliver. I am still hoping the Attorney General's office will look into it. I feel like there was fraud involved in my case.
Bottom line - stay clear of Push traffic and their lies. They will lie to you to get your business. I am first hand proof of this.

Dee Why, Australia

#47 Sep 30, 2009
Steve, you must report this to the ICCC (Internet Crime Complaint Center) www.ic3.gov
Please also contact me at urlybird@gmail.com
If you search on YouTube for PushTraffic scam you will find my video about this.

Newton, IA

#48 Oct 6, 2009
Noni wrote:
I urge you and ANYONE else who has been scammed by PushTraffic and/or its representatives to contact Diane (email provided in her Feb post - see above). I have spoken with Diane, and her experiences are similar to mine.
(They canceled a seminar in Australia without notice. They owe me over $US10,000.)
We now have 3 people who will (together) be taking our complaints to the authorities. The more people we can assemble, the more power we'll have. If you want your money back, then please email Diane. I will be meeting with her personally in Australia to get this action started. Please join us.(You won't get any refunds from PushTraffic. I have been trying for over 12 months.)
<quoted text>
Yes same thing spent $10,000 and nothing but problems. I was willing to put the time and the work into the business. I was told I would be getting back my investment in 6 months,plus. all I got was an expensive vacation for 2 nights. The meals was great. the so-called training was nothing. Push traffic and jumplaunch should not be allowed to continue on. Even the people that we'er their was tired of it. none of them made a dime. The best I see happening is John spending at least what he ripped people off for in legal fees. Do not get involved with them. WARNING!
Scammed Elder

Hawthorn, Australia

#51 Oct 14, 2009
I have been scammed by IncFortune. Someone rang me and said that they were from John Denton's office. Then a few minutes later someone claiming to be John Denton spoke to me and made great promises. They have lied, deceived and cheated me.

Schofields, Australia

#52 Nov 30, 2009
I came so close to being rorted out of $6000.00 by these pricks, there so smooth you dont even realise its happening. I have posted my experiences with them on my blog and Im driving as much traffic as possible there to warn others.

Revelstoke, Canada

#53 Feb 2, 2010
The more research I do on John Raygoza and his criminal associates the sicker I get. They have scammed from me 15,000.00 and I want it back. I was able to attend a seminar in LA in Dec.and not one of my seminar classmates was happy with Mr Raygoza's program. All of us had money scammed from us, endless promises that were not met,visa cards were being charged huge sums of money with out permission...the list goes on. I could write a book. The person who up-sold me for an additional 5000.00 disappeared after he got my money. I was told that with this additional money I was now a "inner circle client" I received NOTHING for that 5000.00 My efforts to get answers have been ignored. These people are criminals, they go by many different names and they promise anything you want to hear in order to get their sale. Just a few names to watch out for are: John Raygoza, David Sipes, Joel Harnel, Rob Martino or Rob Artino, Chris Cobb. These people are the ones I dealt with, there are many many others. Be careful!!I am pissed and I will not stop until I get my money back or I see them behind bars. Actually, seeing them behind bars sounds really good.

Vancouver, WA

#54 Feb 6, 2010
I just gave an amount and not sure whether to cancel. There is good and bad in this Forum. I am 76 years old and don't have money to lose.
What should I do.


#55 Feb 6, 2010
You have to make your own decision, but you only have 3 working days (including Saturday) to put it in writing if you decide against it.

Read the contract VERY carefully. Get someone else's opinion on it. Think about what they told you in the sales pitch.

Do you have experience online already? If not, this is not a program for newbies. People with experience have had little or no success with it.

Do your due diligence and search further on the internet under the names PushTraffic, IncFortune, John Raygoza, Successrate, Dotintel. Then make up your mind from there.

Go by your gut feelings. Remember, only 3 days (postmarked) to change your mind!

Caulfield South, Australia

#56 Feb 6, 2010
Arlene wrote:
I just gave an amount and not sure whether to cancel. There is good and bad in this Forum. I am 76 years old and don't have money to lose.
What should I do.
There are many victims of this company....you can try to cancel, but that will do you no good. They won't give you your money back. Your best hope is to contact your credit card company.

Auckland, New Zealand

#57 Feb 26, 2010
I am an extremely dissatisfied customer of John Raygoza, David Sipes & their company IncFortune. Be aware they also operate these other companies, Pushtraffic, Jumplaunch, Dotintel & Successrate.
Since my association with these guys & company from back in December 09 I cannot believe any of the ‘pro comments’ about John Ragoza on his Blog. You ‘pro people’ obviously are very new in your associations with these guys or you are being coerced into saying good things. You do not have one iota of an idea about the type of people you are trying to defend here. There is absolutely no good to come from your associations with these guys or this company. This includes Push traffic & Jump Launch. They appear nice people on the surface but are nothing but scum underneath
The fact of the matter is Raygoza, Sipes & his cronies have found a ‘niche’ market. It is to exploit people who are generally considered ‘baby boomers’, people that are retired, heading for retirement or those who would just like some sort of online business to do as a secondary income. In a lot of cases people with no, or very little money. They proceed to attack these people’s credit cards for as much as they can leaving them in huge debt with huge promises by their salespeople of returns within a month to pay the card bill when it arrives & a highly embellished income there after. The problem is that they have no intention of delivering on anything the salespeople promise. They are running a large scale scam. They are attacking the Grand Dads & Grand Mums of this world & in some cases the Mums & Dads.
John & David are a disease in our society that needs to be eradicated & are made of the same scum that the terrorist that are attacking our world are made of. They in fact, would even make Osama bin Laden blush. They don’t destroy people by bombs but they do destroy their hopes/dreams & break them financially in some cases.
The world will be a much better place once they are behind bars.

Prospect, Australia

#58 Mar 6, 2010
Jason is that you. If so return email with your favorite no refund song to harvs1037@hotmail.com it could be harvs1037@hotmail.com.au so send it to both ha ha ha ha ha hah hahahahaha a
Jason Baker wrote:
what is all the negativity for. I have nothing but praise for John and his company. They called me everyweek to advised me on what I need to do next. If I had a problem I would email them and they would advise me on what needed to be done next. All I gave them was $700 and I have now turned that into $2100 within 2 months. You can not expect them to do the all the work for you. You have to do it yourself as well. Thats the part that I loved because now I know how to set up other campaings. I have now 7 campaings running and with sales going the way they are it wont be long until I hit $5000 per month. They showed me how to do this and what to do. Now I just duplicate it. So for all the hatter you need to wake and understand that you have to still work for your money. A couple of hours a day. Not just think that you can hand over your money and think that is it.

Christchurch, New Zealand

#59 Mar 8, 2010
My dispute with PushTraffic has now been completely and satisfactorily resolved. I retract all previous statements regarding the company and its officers, including John Paul Raygoza.”

Lethbridge, Canada

#60 Mar 15, 2010
John has withdrawn his statements about Push Traffic and John P. Raygoza, and I'm pleased if he really has recouped his losses, that is - actually received his money back.

You can bet the retraction is a condition of the agreement with Raygoza - we've seen it before. For the rest of us, Please keep in mind John is just one of the huge number of people Raygoza has taken, and the rest of us have no reason to post retractions of what we've said.

I guess what we can all hope for is to see our own names above retraction posts in here - personally, I'm not holding my breath.

For more information, and links to other places to advertise our problems with Push Traffic and the other companies Raygoza owns who've ripped people off:


Sydney, Australia

#61 Mar 16, 2010
My dispute with John Paul Raygoza and all his companies and officers has been completely resolved to our mutual satisfaction. I hereby void and retract all related statements made on this site and any/all other sites.

Lethbridge, Canada

#63 Jul 13, 2010
This is a caution notice to anyone searching for information about John Paul Raygoza, Ted Molina, David Sipes and or any of Raygoza's companies, that a civil suit on behalf of 37+ plaintiffs was filed in United States District Court, Northern District of California on July 2, 2010. The suit is for damages on 6 separate complaints, including fraud, false advertising and RICO.
Chris of Sydney


#64 Aug 21, 2010
Arlene wrote:
I just gave an amount and not sure whether to cancel. There is good and bad in this Forum. I am 76 years old and don't have money to lose.
What should I do.
Arlene,I have not read all the posts, yet, but i trust you have lodged complaints about Raygoza's racket. Above all, do something. Start with the ICCC, who are already onto the racketeers, and who will forward your complaint to the authorities. The FTC must have a filing cabinet full of complaints about the Raygoza Gang. Raygoza makes no business for his internet customers, but he sure gives plenty of work to lawyers! If every business in the USA was like JP Raygoza's America would run out of lawyers.

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