My experience with James Brown's music had a huge influence on my life too. Some people must have thought i was a bit crazy. But the fact his, his music simply grabbed my heart and found my soul like no other. Though I have little or no musical ability, I do "know" music...and make no mistake about it, James Brown's music went far beyond. Since 1965, I was fortunate to have attended about 13 or 14 of his shows...the last being Sept 15th just three months before he died. Oddly enough, I could tell that night that he was tired...something wasn't quite right. I did personally meet him twice (and believe it or not, still have the autographed plaster statue of him I did in high school forty years ago!). He really was an American musical genius. It's just sad that the ravishes of time, hard work, and occasional drug abuse took such a toll on him over his life, or more people would have understood his greatness as a human being.