I dont judge a movie based on critics prefer make my own judgement. If i do on indian movies i wld go w taran or komal. What amuses me w comms on d2 is srk fans they dont see movie yet they judge. Q y has srk lost so much popularity in india. Jhtj 3 hrs long how come scene was cut when he tried to kiss kat and his nose almost punch her eye out. D2 will do well and even if it doesnt we know that salman rules evy rec in india. Salman cares for his fans thats what counts. D2 is todays genre that movie goers want who best to delv salman he is all his characters role like no one else. Srk curses like a fisherman and his fans in comms do same birds of feather flock together. D2 will be loved and enjoyed by those who want to the rest go watch sthing else