I have written every senator and representative in Indian and even called the Illinois assembly when they were going to pass there ban. I have cancelled my credit cars from Bass Pro Shop which is issued by Bank Of America because the bank is holding payment on small gun businesses and were told by the bank, you shouldn't be selling guns. I openly voice my rights and concerned of this anti-American government that is holding all of us hostage. Ironically the reactions I get from people around me is that I am crazy, you don't need those weapons, your government does not want to harm you. The other ironic thing is that these very individuals cannot even tell you what your real rights are, they do not even understand what the first, second or tenth amendment stand for.

What else can I do when all of this comes crashing down ? I will tell you. I will devote what ever time I have on this earth to track down each and every government official that sold us into slavery and push to have them tried as traitors and put to death. I will meet any person that comes to my door looking to hold me liable for crimes that I did not commit with equal force as a terrorist attacking me and my family. I will claim war on the federal government and hold them all accountable not only to me but every American that they plan to harm and imprison because they are Americans.

The real question is what will all of you reading this post do ? Will you say oh well I have a nice car and home so I am not going to make any waves, maybe they won't notice me. Or will you reflect on the millions of those that came before you and died giving you the rights that are being taken away at this very moment. Make no mistake the moment is at hand and the decisions you make you and all those that come after you will have to live with.

The constitution is a legal document that provides all of us, no matter who you are the right to freedom not slavery, prosperity not poverty and a government that works for you who does not control you. Stand up now for what you know is right or forever hold your peace, and peace will never be in your life again.