Rihanna is a better singer than Alici...

Rihanna is a better singer than Alicia Keys.

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Youknowmebutidon tknowyou

Edgware, UK

#1 Jul 4, 2008
I'm not going to tell you my real name- all i'll say is that i'm a writer who has written songs a lot of you would have heard and i'm going to tell you today that a pop artist like Rihanna is a much better singer than an artist like Alicia Keys.
Go to any school talent show- in fact go to ten and you'll find the majority of the perfomances are slow ballads, often song by Alicia Keys or Mariah Carey- why is that? Because it is a common beleif that slower songs are harder to sing- WRONG! Slower songs give an artist more time to breathe and perfect their notes when they sing them live, that is why Alicia Keys never sings upbeat songs- because she can't.

Rihanna on the other hand has not got a very impressive voice- but i want you to try and sing Shut up and drive perfectly without stopping and see how out of breath you become, more out of breath than if you sang Noone or Fallin'. When you sing upbeat songs, you have less time to breathe and more words to fir into a very precise rhythm. Which is why Beyonce' has a very unique sound, Beyonce's voice was made for ballads, but because of her good stamina and high vocal range as well as her ability to create pop music, she sings upbeat songs and always performs them live.
Try and sing Deja Vu perfectly without pausing- whilst dancing - whilst smiling- can you do it? i doubt it- then sit down and sing Teenage Love affair and you'll find how easy it is to do.
Alicia has a good voice, but she is not a good singer- Rihanna has an alright voice but she is a very good singer, Beyonce' has a good voice and is a very good singer.
Girls like Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia and Mary. J.Blige have a much easier job because they can walk up and down singing slow rhythmed and loud songs, Beyonce' has to perform choreography whilst singing upbeat loud songs live as well as adding variations to the vocals at the same time.

Angier, NC

#2 Jul 4, 2008
no rihanna cant sing better honey u most be def to say that.alicia has waayyy more power and success and awards
11 grammys
1 oscar
5 bet awards
and much more
Youknowmebutidon tknowyou

Edgware, UK

#3 Jul 7, 2008
did you even read the post- i explained why rihanna is a better singer, alicia has a better voice.

Clayton, NC

#4 Jul 7, 2008
yeah sure but with one grammy compared to 11 and better selling albums what are u stupid!!??

Fernandina Beach, FL

#5 Jul 7, 2008
I like Rihanna, but I think Alicia is better. Alicia has a more soulful, developed voice and sometimes Rihanna's singing voice is just nazely and annoying to me. But we all have our opinions.

Clayton, NC

#6 Jul 7, 2008
yeah rihanna is good but alicia is just damn im out of words

Fernandina Beach, FL

#7 Jul 10, 2008
yeah rihanna is good but alicia is just damn im out of words
I know right.

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#8 Jul 10, 2008
rihanna is the best.

Uppsala, Sweden

#9 Sep 4, 2008
Very true! Alicia keys is not a great singer at ALL! I think she just stands out in a crowd of people who are doing very similar things! Mariah is a great singer and celine and stuff and whitney and Gladys knight... but I am sorry... alicia keys does NOT have a GREAT voice. I did not say she cannot sing though, she just does not have a great voice!

Exmorra, Netherlands

#10 Sep 5, 2008
Alicia Keys is mutch better dan Rihanna!!

Manchester, UK

#11 Sep 8, 2008
alicia keys has not got the best voice neither has mary.j blige- but they can sing (slow songs)
i love Beyonce' because she has a big voice but does not sit behind a piano or just bend her knees and squat like she's about to shit herself- she actually dances.
she performs choreoagraphy whilst singing live and this is why her tours are always so succesful. 4 world tours in 5 years- who else can do that?

New York, NY

#12 Sep 25, 2008
There are many components to singing: 1) How your voice *sounds*, the tone, its pleasantness, uniqueness and versatility. 2) How well you can *vocalize* technically, breathing, staying on key, 3) Your ability to *sing* which is defined as how well you phrase, interpret, enunciate, stylize and improvise. More precisely how you use your voice as a real instrument. I think what he is saying above is Rihanna has 1+2 solid, Alicia has 3 down but perhaps lacks 1+2. Mary J has 1+3 down but lacks 2.

New York, NY

#13 Sep 25, 2008
i dont know how they allowed "No One" to be released how it is, alicia is singing 'flat' on half of the song and i can barely sit through it without cringing on those notes. her live is perfectly on key. are they that lazy in the studio these days?

Levittown, NY

#14 Sep 28, 2008
you are delusional.

Redmond, WA

#15 Oct 27, 2008
I think rihanna and alicia keys r both good n there own way the sing different types of music rihanna is young of course she wants more fast songs and alicia keys has more of an old sould so u can't really compare them the both have different sounds coming out and they r both good

Pompano Beach, FL

#16 Oct 31, 2008
I am the type of person just to tell the truth, its not about hating at all. I happen to sing very very well with strong singers throughout my family. I have to be honest, Alica keys does not sing very well, she is often off key and she struggles and tries to hit notes that she cannot. Her music has always sounded like she tries really hard. Where as Rhianna's voice is kind of cute and young, she does not try to sing like a pro, she's just smooth, not the greatest voice but her music is still hot. As far as comparing someone by the awards that you win,(well) Awards dont mean anything, it goes by who sells the most records. Just because you sell more records does not mean that you are the best singer. It means that people like your songs. There are many artist out there who dont get enough recognition. I think that blu cantrell hit em up style, She had a very strong voice she can really blow but her albums did not sell much and she did not win awards. You have ashanti who's image was marketed so well by murder inc, she was instant success and won awards, but that does not gauruntee she can sing! There are things that are meant to happen sometimes to individuals. The talent is really in all the marketing people behind these artist. there truly is not too many real singers out there nowadays and the ones who are real, coincidently dont sell that many records. Maybe today, we like hearing all this garbage.

London, UK

#17 Nov 1, 2008
wonder- you are very true, it is not about having the best voice but having the voice that fits well on commercial songs that will chart well, alicia keys has a good voice but in terms of versality she gets 0, Which is why in my opinion Beyonce' is THE best artist of the last ten years, yes Britney is hot too but when it comes too all round talent, singing, dancing,writing, producing,acting, modeling- Beyonce's got that on lock.

rihanna has not got a good voice but she has perfect rhythm, which is why her songs are so catchy, she's a singles artist and she does a great job at releasing good singles with expensive videos.

in the music industry- its not about the voice, here's the list of things you must have to be a succesful artist in order of preference:

1. Beauty.
2. Commercial appeal.
3. Great pop songs.
4. Vocal talent.
5. Eloquence.
6. Sex appeal.
7. Endorsements.

London, UK

#18 Nov 1, 2008
oh and i forgot great marketing, they would have come first on the list.

Aberdeen, UK

#19 Nov 15, 2008
out of all the people who can sing, nobody can beat jennifer rush, nuff said
thenightmareprin ce

Southampton, UK

#20 Nov 24, 2008
Firstly, I will state right now that I like neither Alicia Keys nor Rihanna but I did like the former at one point in time. I stopped liking Alicia because all of her songs started to sound the same and then stopped making sense at all. I think she is a great songwriter but has very very limited vocal ability, her voice is not pleasing, she is out of tune too often and her backup singers probably sound better than she does. Rihanna's problem is that she doesn't get songs, since she is a manufactured artist and as such has very little creative input into her work. The number of grammys both of them have one means diddly squat because who is to say that the awarding bodies know what they are talking about. I would honestly say that I find both of their voices rather grating but at least Rihanna "sings" in tune.

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