maybe he is gay.....

Burbank, CA

#406 Apr 3, 2011
I remember that thread on IMDB too, Jane. It did disappear in a puff of smoke! lol

I agree that we shouldn't take google search suggestions too seriously. I don't think google is reliable enough to indicate very much. Last night I did some searches for a string of words (unrelated to RA) which, last time I checked a few months ago,*always* brought up the same suggested terms. I typed in those same words last night and nothing! No matter how hard I tried or how many letters I typed in, I couldn't get Google to give me the terms I was looking for.

There's no reason that I can think of that would cause people to stop searching for the same combination of terms that they did a few months ago. No one would have petitioned Google to have the search suggestions removed. But they simply are not there anymore. My first thought is that maybe during Google's latest algorithm update (about a month ago), things got reset or changed. I don't know if that's the case, of course. But if it's the cause, maybe the same thing happened with the gay search too.(That, along with the frequency of the search term lessening, due to people searching other terms more.)

Whatever the reason, I don't think we can count on Google to tell us that much and don't think we can conclude that someone must have tampered with the search suggestions, simply because they aren't showing up in the same way that they used to.

Jane wrote : "This actually proves that everything, even the absence of something suspicious, can be interpreted as pointing in the directing of gay."

Agree completely with this! No matter what happens, it can be interpreted as a reason to suspect he is gay! lol

Preston, UK

#407 Apr 3, 2011
I tried earlier to post a comment on this thread it seems like it may be lost. This is a test post.

Thank you

Greenville, NC

#408 Apr 5, 2011
No matter what his sexual orientation, he isn't going to sleep with you, so why do you care?

P.S. Those Google search numbers are for how much poeple searched for those terms, not how much those terms are applicable. Ie. It is how many people have *looked up* "Richard Armitage Girlfriend" or "Richard Armitage Gay." Not proof that he is one or the other.

Düsseldorf, Germany

#409 Apr 5, 2011
I tried to type Richard Armitage Annabel Capper and don't get a suggestion either and I'm pretty sure I did some time ago. I think simply something about how those suggestions work has changed or not so many people google it any more because lately there haven't been any personal news but tons of Hobbit related news and probably tons of people that have searched for Hobbit news.

Cork, Ireland

#410 Apr 5, 2011
Anonymous wrote:
No matter what his sexual orientation, he isn't going to sleep with you, so why do you care?
P.S. Those Google search numbers are for how much poeple searched for those terms, not how much those terms are applicable. Ie. It is how many people have *looked up* "Richard Armitage Girlfriend" or "Richard Armitage Gay." Not proof that he is one or the other.
Really? No kidding and there was me thinking if only he were straight he would definitely sleep with me!

For pity's sake I don't really care but I freely admit to being nosey enough to be interested in finding out if my hunch is true. No more. No less.

Believe it or not I also know how google works. If I thought it worked the way you imply I do wouldn't it be great. We would know everything there is to know about everything! I know it is based on search popularity so I just find it a bit curious that all of a sudden nobody is using the search term "gay" in relation to Richard Armitage anymore when quite recently it was way up the list. It doesn't even appear in the list of things related to RA beginning with G. My suspicious mind just thought it's sudden dissapearence might not be entirely random. But who knows, maybe everyone just decided they weren't interested or that there were loads more interesting things about RA beginning with G they wanted to search for.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#412 Apr 5, 2011
people may have lost interest in googling to find out if RA is gay is because maybe there is no truth in the rumours. He has been fairly well known for a while now and has quite a bit of press interest in him. Imho if he was then something more substantial would have come to light.

Sevilla, Spain

#413 Apr 6, 2011
I don´t know if RA is gay or not and I don´t care as he´s charming and a wonderful actor. But I have to say that I don´t think he has made "disappear" the term "gay" in relation to his name. What is the use of doing that? I think it´s useless. As the previous poster has said, he´s going to be very well known due to The Hobbit and there will be even more people interested in his sexual orientation. I´m afraid that the search "Richard Armitage gay" is going to increase. So if he was gay, it will be a matter of time to find out. People will know. Sooner or later. The more famous you are, the less of a private person you are, so less opportunities to stay in the closet.
There´s an article about Richard Chamberlain, quite interesting. He advises other gay actors to remain closeted. He says among other things: " it's just silly for a working actor to say,'Oh, I don't care if anybody knows I'm gay'-- especially if you're a leading man. Personally, I wouldn't advise a gay leading man—type actor to come out."

Düsseldorf, Germany

#414 Apr 6, 2011
Well, his Hobbit co-star Ian MacKellen is certainly pro "coming-out"! We will see if all our questions will be resolved once The Hobbit is released and he he decides to open up one way or the other or if paparazzi finally become interested enough to find out. Or if he manages to continue as he as always done. But until then it is not likely that we will get any answers.

Amman, Jordan

#416 Apr 11, 2011
On the Gaydom issue, I think Richo will have the last laugh! He'll keep us guessing till a time of his choosing. Good on him for keeping everything under wraps. Clever man.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#417 May 4, 2011
i think that not true please dont say that because is wrong


#418 May 10, 2011
Gay or straight, what put me off him was that Daily Mail article.The one where he admitted saying too much."I find it hard to be faithful".He`s undoubtedly well aware of his attractiveness, and if we believe what he says, he`s been in a position to capitalise on it with different people.He didn`t sound as though he would do without company for long.

Düsseldorf, Germany

#419 May 13, 2011
You may notice that he didn't say that. The journalist interpreted his words that way. IMO he only admitted what every man feels if he's honest. But if it is a put off for you that is perfectly fine. Maybe it stops you from coming to this board trolling?


#420 May 15, 2011
He didn`t say what?He didn`t claim that he was misquoted in this article, as he did when he was accused of ridiculing his more ardent fans.I see nothing wrong with criticising material which invites reproach because it's unsound.Public forums are to share opinions, good and bad.We were asked for our opinions.Appreciation boards are for those who don't want to read criticism of people or shows they don't like.Many people are interested in TV, and find it just as interesting to discuss why something doesn't work as why it does.

Düsseldorf, Germany

#421 May 17, 2011
Marion wrote:
I see nothing wrong with criticising material which invites reproach because it's unsound.Public forums are to share opinions, good and bad.We were asked for our opinions.
If someone says that and at the same time puts the most negative slant possible on everything it is most likely a troll. Trolls always insist on their right to free speech and to state their opinion. It is quite obvious that your only reason to frequent this forum is to badmouth the guy.

Greenville, NC

#422 May 17, 2011
He never said he did stray, only that he was tempted.

~It's his utter niceness, though, that makes the biggest impression.'I have a very strict moral code,' he says.'I do believe - whether or not it's God - that there's somebody watching me and hoping I can be the best person I can, and that when I stray he's displeased.'

Richard worries a lot about straying. Lust is part of his makeup, he says.

It's a constant battle to stay faithful.'I think nature is messing with blokes,' he muses.'It's unfair because you have instincts like an animal to put it about, yet the aspiration is monogamy.

'I'm always tempted but I've got used to that. I don't think it will ever go away. It's a very male instinct and no matter how much you think you're with somebody, that instinct seems to be there. I'm a firm believer that the chase is much more exciting than the actual event. It's all about the build-up.'~

Gee whiz, he's a guy. Shocker.

(And this was five years ago.)

Düsseldorf, Germany

#423 May 17, 2011
He also never said that he's aware of his attractiveness (quite the contrary, he repeatedly said that he doesn't see himself as sexy and is bemused by others thinking he is) and has never boasted with his conquests, unlike more than on other actor.


#424 May 18, 2011
This discussion is nonsense. You make judgements about the man's private life and whether or not he is a person you could respect based on what? A few remarks in an interview? Since his private life has never taken place in public we know absolutely nothing. If he would frequently get photographed like other celebs and is seen with different women or always the same woman or never with a woman one might draw some conclusions from that (that could still be wrong).

Greenville, NC

#425 May 18, 2011
Indeed. God forbid we judge an actor based his acting. He must be judged on something we know absolutely nothing about.

I suspect such comments, and in fact the entire discussion of his being gay, is fueled by having a crush on someone the fan can't have. Sour grapes and all that.

Amman, Jordan

#426 May 18, 2011
Again, good on Richo for keeping his private life, just that private. In this day and age it's a feat
just wondering

Surry Hills, Australia

#427 Aug 1, 2011
Barbara wrote:
I was just looking at the Richard Armitage online site and there are a few photos of him at the BAFTA's . Now I'm an American so I don't know all of the Brit actors, but he was sitting next to some blonde guy and then as he was entering the after party at the museum, the blonde guy is right behind him. Was that who he went to the show with?
Did my "gaydar" just go off?
I'm pondering this question lately too - a few things have made me think.
1. Capt America prem in LA, if you watch the video footage of Richard dabbing his forehead, I know it was hot but it just looked a bit odd to me (perhaps odd isn't the correct term)
2. Hobbit vid when Jonathon Rhys Davies pays a visit, JRD mentions something about ladies chasing them, Richard looks down and almost embarrassed by his comment.
3. A fan meet 3 extras all guys from CA prem in Liverpool and they said that they went to dinner with Richard and showed her a photo on his phone.

I know I should not be even thinking of such things, but I just want to know!! I dont care if he is Gay, just come out and say it!! Still think he is a brilliant actor.

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