I believe the prank call to this hospital was juvenile, poorly though-out, disrespectful, and just plain stupid. Eventhough the dejays could not have predicted the full cost of their actions, they should have thought far enough ahead to realize that their actions were a nuisance, an envasion of privacy, and that certain members of the hospital staff could certainly be held accountable, and potentially ridiculed over falling for such a tasteless prank. Yes, the station and the dejays need to be held accountable. I'd say through job losses and fines.

What happened is very unfortunate indeed. I'd even say that "unfortunate" is not a strong enough word for this situation. I enjoy banter and comedy on radio; however, people need to stop and think about their actions. It wouldn't have taken much to see the possible problems such a prank would have caused. It was just thoughtless, and wreckless behavior.