Has anybody ever found a cure for the...

Ft Mitchell, KY

#77 Jun 24, 2009
I'm 19 and I've noticed I last twice as long if i have sex right after I lift weights at the gym.

Multan, Pakistan

#78 Jun 24, 2009
Listen everyone who is cured or is looking for cure the best thing is to consult with your doctor.It has a great reason behind my this advice it,s this ,
Every person has his own body different from the other one may be one's solution can kill someone else.Everyones problem is not same all people may get same disease by different things and the solution is to consult the doctor don't use only written methods may be your body lose much more then it gains.
Go to a doctor explain him your problem and how do you get it then he will be able to help you.And chose someone who is a specialist not any doctor.
Trying To Help You

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#79 Jul 9, 2009
If you believe your PE is due to performance anxiety/ is a psychological problem then this might be of help. I have been having sexual encounters for a few months. At first I had no problems with PE. But at one point i would get so excited that i just couldn't hold it in for very long at all after my girlfriend started even just touching my penis. I freaked out and looked all over the internet for causes and cures. Now, while it is important to do you research, the more you stress about the problem the worse it becomes. If all you think about is how you can't help ejaculating, you will. So i learned to stop thinking about it, to relax, and eventually i overcame my problem. Try to not think about PE during the day and when you are with your lover, think about how you love her or how you can please her. Just not anything to do with ejaculating! Convince yourself that you control when you orgasm. It was as simple at that, but still much easier said than done. If you can just believe in yourself and get to the root of the problem you can do it. Sometimes it really is all in the head, and once you realize that you can fix it. I know PE is hard to deal with, and i had a miserable time with it, BUT IT CAN BE FIXED. This is not the cause or cure for everyone's PE, but if your situation is similar to mine, this might help you. Good luck and don't give up.
5incher suff

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#81 Jul 11, 2009
just need some cream the numbs my tip that u can buy from a local morrisons or tesco some one must bow one [email protected] for anyone who knows one and wants to tell me in an email
me email

Debenham, UK

#82 Jul 11, 2009
@live.co.uk if u know any product from tescos i can numb the tip of me cock with for p e

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#84 Aug 8, 2009
I read something interesting recently about pe.
If you found a girl that could climax quicker would you have a problem anymore ?

You could try the site below

It might help.


best of luck

I hope it works

Marieville, Canada

#85 Aug 10, 2009
obviously, everybody has his own solution to cure PE. But there is no miracle solution to solve it, otherwise we would know.
But the good news is that you can do something about it, if you really want to. You will need a few advices and a bit of practice, but that might probably help you to have a sexual life more "normal" than ever. You can go to http://stopprematureejaculation.iquebec.com to see what i am talking about.

Christchurch, New Zealand

#86 Aug 26, 2009
Prozac (Fluoxetine) or any other serotonin uptake inhibitor will stop it and put you back in control.
At least it did for me, I took Prozac for a month and had the best sex of my life. My new found sexual confidence lasted about 3 weeks after I stopped taking it. Definitely not a cure but as a last resort it will give you your sex life back - temporarily.
Paul Baldwin

Istanbul, Turkey

#87 Sep 1, 2009
I don't know if it works but it seems promising.

Check this one out. It's a new blog.

no name

Columbus, OH

#93 Oct 20, 2009
I really sympathize with you. I am a christian man in my 30's that has been married for 11 years. My PE was getting much worse over the past few years and things were getting difficult with my wife and intimacy due to it. I was getting so anxious that i wouldnt make it more than a few seconds before we would need to pause.
I finally broke down and saw a urologist about my PE and he prescribed me with a drug called Clomipromine, 25mg a day. its actually a treatment for OCD but this is a small dose. i dont have OCD. Somehow this drug works like a miracle! i just started my second bottle and the 5 times we have had sex have been incredible. I have not had the urge to ejaculate prematurely even once! i have lasted as long as she needed and my confidence is so sky high right now! my wife is so thankful to me for getting help and this is so unexpected. i have been able to basically decide exactly when i want to have an orgasm! i am not telling any lies or trying to sell something. this is an over the counter drug so you need a prescription. but please, if you and your marriage suffer from this condition, this really works for me and i hope it will for you guys too! I thank God for it!
side affects: I was really sleepy for the first week and if i miss a day i get sleepy again after starting again. I had a slight nausea feeling in my throat for about a week too but it was worth it and went away. i notice nothing now other than a little tiredness and love making is phenomenal and I just feel like myself again.
hope this helps you guys. God bless.

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#94 Oct 24, 2009
John Melton wrote:
I ,like alot of men have PE.Has anybody found a real working cure for it?
The general consensus is that there is no cure. However if you manage, through exercises and such, to add 15 minutes to your love making sessions then that could be considered being cured. There's a course at www.shyguyscandate.com that's free and helps getting your mind and other head ready for extending the time you spend in bed with your partner.


#97 Oct 27, 2009

They changed site address - http://www.mission8inches.com/premature

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#99 Oct 30, 2009
Fluoxetin can help but once U withdraw it, the problem comes back in severe form. Then U need to increase the dose for previous action.

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#100 Nov 3, 2009
I had been suffering from premature ejaculation for more than one and a half year, I had wasted lots of my time and money on many methods in the past with no results. Fortunately, as I kept searching for solution, I was able to find a method that really managed to help me cure my premature ejaculation problem once and for all.

You can go to my website to check out the method I used.

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#101 Nov 8, 2009
John Melton wrote:
I ,like alot of men have PE.Has anybody found a real working cure for it?
i pe and find that if i masterbate 3 times in the hours before sex i can satisfy my wife very easily sometimes i dont even come myself

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#105 Nov 27, 2009
sfitipz wrote:
Pe is a mental problem, and as Dr Christian Gudnason says that it can be completely controlled in 30 days by doing some highly effective mental exercises.
I disagree. Although a big element to PE is mental control, it cannot be cured just with that. This also varies from individual. It is most likely a mixture of mental control AND muscle control. More emphasis on muscle control though. The start and stop techniques can help tremendously

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#106 Nov 27, 2009
yes there are CURES to pe. It all depends on your perspective. PE is coming too fast. for some guys its 30 seconds or less. For other such as myself its in the 3-5 minute range. But it depends. some say lasting over 5 minutes is not pe. and others thing even 10 or 15 minutes is coming too fast. it varies from men to men. You can do muscle exercises such as the start and stop method and the squeeze method and some thought and breathing exercises too. and with these experiences you will gradually increase time. So if you are a guy who comes in 20 seconds in intercourse and your goal is to last 5 or 10 minutes then once with practice you reach this time then you have cured your pe. it all depends on what you consider as pe. timewise

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#107 Nov 28, 2009
i love sexual intercourse in my showing roddin my eye candy
john ferry

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#108 Nov 29, 2009
hi there

I have found some thing that make a real difference to the amount of time i last for

I wrote a review about it on my site


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#111 Dec 9, 2009
i have the same problem..since i was 14..now im 33..i am still doing my search about it..read here and there and take notes.
my case..its a primary pe...i cum faster then a rabbit :).i dont get inside and im out of order..joking a bit..but the thing is a very serious problem..i can not control it at all and to be honest i do not know what would work....
could somebody help me with an advice?

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