Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 679163 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Secret Harbour, Australia

#515994 Feb 19, 2014
imamo sliku skupa na crvenjake as rubine red rubin 2x T-shirt
as zap;herc=no no no sp;litare=dali pijeteeeeeeeeeee

ja nisam gospa od splitareeeeeeeeeee

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Secret Harbour, Australia

#515995 Feb 19, 2014
prvo nas odbaciliiiiiiii
sad hocete
e boze moj jada jada jada veli;koga sa pro;logaaaaaaaaaaa

ajde u sinj
sinj ima srebra za probit isusu rebra
stavljate ruke u moje rane moje obiteljiiiiiiiii

niste a da kojeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

od zupe i zagvozda do sinja=srebro

neche biti set up kao mito za false documente
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo
serve your evil
sram te biloooooooooooo za setiranje
oshli vashi setirani demoniiiiiiiiiii
kako to da nistite moju obitelj da se vi bogatite
sram vas bilooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo

umukni pogani jeziceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee natrag sotonoooooooo
Dust Storm

Minneapolis, MN

#515996 Feb 19, 2014
Gods R Delusions x Mine wrote:
<quoted text>
No wondering here. It's delusional. A simple statement that needs "explaining" every now and then. The meaning has been minced and diced for 2000 years.
The dicing is being done by you.

The New Testament clearly teaches that salvation is a gift offered by God in various ways to all men. Adam, Abel, and Enoch lived between the first sin and the covenant of Noah. They were bound by original sin. All are considered to be in heaven. Enoch did not even die, but was taken to God before death (Heb. 11:4-5). These men were neither baptized nor circumcised, but nonetheless saved.

When the gentile centurion came to Jesus in Capernaum and asked for the healing of his servant, Our Lord agreed to go to his home, but the centurion said, "Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; but only say the word, and my servant will be healed" (Mt. 8:8). Jesus replied:

"Truly, I say to you, not even in Israel have I found such faith. I tell you, many will come from East and West and sit at table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven, while the sons of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness; there men will weep and gnash their teeth" (Mt. 8:10-13).

"If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not have sin" (Jn 15:22).

"If you were blind, you would have no guilt; but now that you say,‘We see,’ your guilt remains" (Jn 9:41).

Paul does not say the Gentiles are automatically saved nor does he condemn all to hell, but leaves the possibility of salvation and leaves it in the hands of God. Thus, the church teaches and taught the same thing.

When Gentiles who have not the law do by nature what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that what the law requires is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or perhaps excuse them on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus.(Rom 2:14-16)

The gate is Narrow. The church also never taught that being Catholic means automatic salvation.

He who believes and is baptized will be saved.(Mk 16:16)
Unless you repent you will all likewise perish.(Lk 13:3)
He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.(Jn 6:54)

All of these things must be taken in the context of the whole and who is being addressed and for what reason. No Ramen Delusions excluded.

Secret Harbour, Australia

#515998 Feb 19, 2014
see by;kori

no no no sindi;cute


see mackurine riskinjeeeeeeeee

its written
they will come in my name many many many
no no no
its not me

Secret Harbour, Australia

#515999 Feb 19, 2014
I love you all!

I try teach you meaning
u dobru i zlu

as vozd as azdaja

see 25 degree as from saint jure see map
see why i call you on as reaction on reaction


map from saint jure topward down see how looks shape 25 trokut degree

see azdaja as symbol zmaj as vozd

updown word

see cross which is going down

see which going upright
upright cross
see upward way

see god verse / 25 and 25

I love you!

understand to understood

Secret Harbour, Australia

#516000 Feb 19, 2014
dal zap saint jure 25 degree tro;kut as azdaja as vozd

seeeeeeeee my words
upright cross
way upward

see look that two words

see on action reaction
my words
not split

seeeeeeeeeeee why

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#516001 Feb 19, 2014
hojo wrote:
<quoted text>
There is nothing else to discuss but over 2000 years regarding the "Fullness of the Truth and the Fullness of the Faith" that is manifested in and through Jesus Christ and His one True Apostolic Catholic Church. Everything else is "half-truth" at best!!!!
I agree with you that the Catholic church is the only real Christian church, because they were the first to use the word Christian and church and they were the ones to change the Greek word Ihcuc into the word Jesus.

However ... claiming that "what" your church fathers wrote and taught was based on universal truth inspired by Elohim (the one god of the Abrahamic religion, that was previously created by the Jews)... is another matter entirely.

If you think about it hojo ... the theology is totally wacky.

The Jews that created Elohim in their theologies stated that they were Elohim's chosen few.

Then the disgruntled Jews that became Catholics clipped the title Elohim off of the one-god created by the Jews, and in turn claimed that the one they now referred to as "God" sent his son to earth to first become a learned Jewish Rabbi, but to later change his mind to be baptized into Catholicism as the only universal truth.

That would mean that Elohim, that started out serving the Jews as his chosen few, ended up serving "only" the Catholics as having complete ownership of "Elohim's own" truth. And that would mean that Elohim and Jesus have been completely washed clean of Judaism, and are now completely Catholicized.

If you can't see the scam within the twist of the theology that occurred by the Catholic church fathers ... you don't want to see.

It's as simple as that!

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#516004 Feb 19, 2014
And the horny ex-monk Martin Luther then claimed that Jesus had all the Judaizer's disease AND Catholicized disease washed out of his "system" when he followed Martin into Protestantism.

That supposed savior went from having the title Ihcuc in Greek, to having the title invented by the Catholics as Jesus the Jew ... to then having the title Jesus the Catholic (his picture hanging in Catholic churches, as he worked his magic in the Catholic confessionals)... to then having the honor (or dis-honor) of being dragged into Protesant churches ... his statues hanging here and there on walls ... displaying the notion that Jesus willingly became a Protestant.

The Jesus-image has been the most dis-graced image of all saviors in religious history.

At least other theologians in other ancient religions had the courtesy of creating their own savior-gods ... and did not meddle with other men's savior-images.

Secret Harbour, Australia

#516005 Feb 19, 2014
aljo;joze as aljkare thereeeeeeeee

nema ljekare noooooooooo

haha ha
see pro;nauc;ment words
nauci seeeeeeee

nechuuuuuuuuu nema uco nistaaaaaaaaa
jeli ima ocoooooooo

o oko ko veliko oko
a ko gleda
g;leda netko

ledine i brda
ima svega doli ispod

bog voli svoje stado
i cuva svoje blago

I love you all!

Secret Harbour, Australia

#516006 Feb 19, 2014
as they twisted everything
did you see i try teach them i u dobru i zlu
vidish kako ih vrag podilio

vidish li kako im pishem
objasnjavam gdje grijeshe i kako se trebaju ponashatiiiiiiiii

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#516007 Feb 19, 2014
The Catholics and Protestants were so involved in referring to each other as heretics, they ignored the fact that the Gnostics were also vying for a spot in the "light."

Many of the Gnostics such as the Rosicrucian Order to which my father belonged and where they sucked his hard-earned money out of him with the promise that they owned "secret knowledge" thrived under "cover" of those such as Gerald Gardner ... the future "father of Wicca."

Religion has a long twisted history ... all devotees in all cults giving the impressions of owning universal truth ... yet never agreeing with each other's messages that they all claimed came from the one and only source of TRUTH.

Secret Harbour, Australia

#516008 Feb 19, 2014
see india money
tail repica canada beast
india red eye


I love you all!

I try teach you how they turn everyone against each other.

I love you all.
svi imate
opisnih pridjevaaaaaaaaaa
nesluzite se loshim putevima i loshim karacterima

opisivam vam

I love you!

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#516010 Feb 19, 2014
If I happen to tune in to a channel on television where one or another preacher and his loving devoted wife (sarcasm intended) are blathering on how they have been graced by GOD, the impression I take from their behavior, is ... "If you hear my words, you will be wise, and blessed, and saved. God wants you to send your money to us so that we can spread more lies and live the high-life on your hard-earned money."

I've never sent them any money, and I don't intend to ever be taken in by such theologasters ...*a term used by Martin Luther against other theologians he perceived were liars*... as was my gullible father, whom I adored.

Secret Harbour, Australia

#516012 Feb 19, 2014
koliko ste ja;ki

Secret Harbour, Australia

#516013 Feb 19, 2014
se what they say
plati pa se rugaj

istina bas istina
kako da ne
a bestimate
see best;imateeeeeeee
imate svegaaaaaa
i ;ma;teeeeeee

imate svega

Secret Harbour, Australia

#516014 Feb 19, 2014

Secret Harbour, Australia

#516015 Feb 19, 2014
see methew 20

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#516016 Feb 19, 2014
I will admit that reading the promise of learning supposed knowledge gave my father inspiration in the idea that he would pay debts of karma though reincarnaion if he treated others in a deceptive manner.

However, the threat of being punished because of one's own behavior seemed to me to be a fear-filled reason for treating others well. The idea being that "I will have to suffer more in my next incarnation for causing the suffering of others."

I believe that I don't need any religion to realize that if I treat others well, my conscience will be clear and I won't have to be at war with my self.

And if I treat others in a fair manner and there just happens to be a hereafter ... I suggest that I shouldn't have to worry about punishment ... whatsoever.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#516017 Feb 19, 2014
Michael wrote:
<quoted text>
1)....Someone searching for the real truth.
......catholics mock protestants' protestants mock catholics, and both groups mock anyone not like what is your concern about June?
Concerning the mysteries, I don't expect other than opinions of my own and of others, and that way I am never disappointed. Nor will I allow my self the haughty opinion that a source gives me universal truth.

I simply try to get up each day comprehending that I feel better about me when I am kind to others.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#516018 Feb 19, 2014
I suggest you be careful about those who claim to be psychic.

I watched Sylvia Brown fill Montel Williams with the notion that his cycles of reincarnation are over, as his karmic debts are done.

That woman was dangerous.

She also informed parents that their son was deceased when thereafter he was found very much alive. That information might have stopped the parents from searching for their son who would have been counting on them to keep searching until he was found.

I used to go to "psychics" ... but no more will I trust them to lead me with their thoughts.

It's a dangerous "habit."

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