Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 661981 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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He Gave His SON,JESUS Christ

#508798 Jan 25, 2014

Perth, Australia

#508799 Jan 25, 2014
I told you we have many things on this planet what we don't need because of destruction toward each others..then we become enemy much more worse then we think as existance as is as it is ..many childreens mothers people will be go trough destruction if concessnewss of leaders on front for 50 years not working.
Why have to be wrong if i say to you there there not allright then you act as remove many unwanted things do in peace as talk as understanding..

What others can't see on front 50 years don't liked know..
smooth silky skin
they liked died but can't..light
who do that but prepare for now as everyone need to be except what innovation is as long innovation in future will be more innovation as well destruction too.
Everything can be change but everything can be re-directive smooth silky skin have big problem not aloud others to see or to know..
I am sorry it is as it is liked me or not..
i see that.

then you can go there to be born with new skin, you choose that not me..then you know what I see.

Perth, Australia

#508800 Jan 25, 2014
yes in church they praise Jesus..
please tell m e
Why you think every person have to be some?
Humans is not robotic or computers set up and thats all.
No all tribe and nation as well church have deference caracters of people even as leaders.
Many leaders within church they confess themself as well have advise together.
Atheist leaders have some advisers and so on..
please tell me if you see atheist people as good caracter as do good things as benificary help each other and sustain goodness for each other why you think that God stay far away from them.
I think not God as Creator know everything you can't hide nothing at all..i know you before you born=psalm 139.

People within church keep most holy things..there is dispute for what
Are you pro-life
Purity as spirit or soul must be clean..body..yee body is parts of this materialist world which will be past away..yee but where you going after!

Where you going afterlife?

catholic church is institution as well others christian and other religion churches are institution..

To be great leader its hardship !
Population as have to be sustain trough life have real foundation what is already real Creator prepare for all of us.

Then asked yourself who and where is that foundation.

Our Lord is aware of everything.

Perth, Australia

#508801 Jan 25, 2014
How you can be against oldest?
How you can be against children and woman's and widows?

-only 25% stay in middle who can and who sustain and lead in future
young generation you need for future
oldest as wisdom
mothers and lady's as production as womb for new tomorrow

What God planted as it is others can't destroy ..many try..history show as past life as wars..but generations up to generation is sustain.

Even before civilization been destroy others think complete all, stronger and better then today, who is that who sustain and recreated again?!

Our Lord know!
As well indicate that.
In our religion they speak for apparition its that spiritual indication..yee index is exist as word too.

Perth, Australia

#508802 Jan 26, 2014
-trough mother womb they sustain future generation up to generation

25% in Middle sustain as strongest way in future

youngest=future spear

mothers=womb=secure future
don't be affraid
Angel of Lord say to Mary as mother as bless
bless womb of Jesus
God liked come to us trough woman or mother.

catholic always pray
in all hardship we always look as your example
We always look in Jesus character and his mother in all teaching as church teach us everything what church teach us for mother too.
In great hardship in our life I never lose as many not lose faith as mother Mary been without sin.In her heart is been peace and hope and Mercy.
Who can better love us then mother?

Who can give better then our Lord?

Creator and his creation is upon all of us..not because that we deserve
because for his great Mercy and Love for us!

Perth, Australia

#508803 Jan 26, 2014
Its on human way how to obtain toward us his great promise.
Depend how we understood to understand..our saints as holy Francis is there as great experience to pray on that way as our Lord left for us as in within catholic church.

Perth, Australia

#508804 Jan 26, 2014
who stay on cross alone, think always who pay price for all of you..
what is in god plain,its not in human mind..

Our Lord know that.

Perth, Australia

#508805 Jan 26, 2014
not educated
see my answer
-what so ever you have everything you can lose
- as fukashima

-ima napritek pameti bez ulickanih lica i njihovih ustirkanih odjela i
lijepih diploma

Where they are?
Jesus Christ describe them on first line!
They liked everything what is expensive and the best.
Many face on many place!..o you this o you that..

Jesus Christ and his mother been rejected.

Which way you liked?
Way where animals and humans going some way..look every symbol where so nice and rich hide themselves.

by my lovely friends

Perth, Australia

#508806 Jan 26, 2014
My answer to you.
Which way?
Look symbols under which rich and educated stay!!!

Animals and humans on some way!

Jesus cry on cross INRI!

-wide way


#508807 Jan 26, 2014
Dust Storm wrote:
<quoted text>
But Anthony they have cake! Pop, Candy and Ice cream were in the Garden of Eden. The bible told LTM so. lol While people in the Early church did meet in homes in secret because of the persecution they all had a Bishop. Clearly when the Apostles sent a letter on the decision on circumcision it wasn't post marked to individual homes. Hebrews says to obey those who are over you and do not give them grief. Paul clearly tells Timothy not to ordain just anyone. That is a far cry from the Protestant who picks up a bible or goes online and gets a certification that he is now a minister able to divide the Word Correctly. There can be no false teachers with that model of anarchy.
If it were all that simple then Jesus would have given them a completed book and told them to pass it out and they could all individually decipher the true meaning on their own and there really isnt any need for any preacher at all. There are no false teachers its whatever Jesus tells them individually. Some have ,made Jn 3:16 all that is necessary. Each person incorporates their own values into that which they choose to believe. It is not unlike the Atheist who becomes a moralist in an immoral world. Al Capone or other Mob bosses would argue that they provide a good and a service and it is perfectly justifiable to murder someone if they cheat those who are cheating everyone else. Collateral damage is par for the course.
The bible doesn;t say alot of things. There were always judges and a source of authority. Whenever 2 or more are gathered is an old Jewish saying or iditom and inferred 2 or more people with reconginzed authority who call upon the Lord for a decision. As an example you could use the casting of lots to determine who to chose to replace Judas. It wasnt just 2 neophytes or false teachers with no basis authority other than a self proclamation. I have used Charles Manson and Jim Jones lets throw in Peter Popov another Charlaton. Ok here are 3 people for real that proclaim they are ministers. Which of these is the real deal? Again the book of Hebrews does not say obey what you are inclined to believe the book says. There was always an authority. Judas gives us the first example of betrayal and and first hand account that there will be more. The Old Testament is rife with rebellion and hypocrisy. Those in charge will not always practice what they preach. The church and leaders sometimes need rebuke, but the answer is not to just run down the street and start your own, because there will always be rebellion, wrong acts committed and betrayal. Correction is what is needed. The Church is not divided along ethnic lines. The council at Jersusalem nor those that followed did not ask for the approval of the lay community. The Apostles AND Priests met and conversed and made a decision. It is not the place for each individual to become an authority. There is no possible way to ever have unity with that model. How long do you think a business would function if everyone was the ceo with equal authority? Its insanity!
The Church is the ground and Pillar of the truth. He who hears you hears me. He who does not hear you does not hear me. If you cannot come to peace with someone who has committed a wrong then you go to the church and it will decide. Will there be those like King David who abused his authority? WIll be there be those who need rebuke as Peter himself did and Popes have been by Saints? Yes Did Moses get rebuked? Yes Did that mean they no longer had any authority? Peter calls himself a fellow presybyter or priest. So from that we are to infer an Apostle had no more weight than some layman? Really? Bishops are Piests,
If the church is the pillar of truth, why are so many catholic bishops todau under scrutiny by our justice system?

Want a list I will provide one.

HIPOCRICY. at the highest level

You are part of the problem. Very troubling!


#508808 Jan 26, 2014
Dust Storm wrote:
<quoted text>
I do not wish to pray like the hypocrites or with the hypocrites nor do I believe you have any truth. It wouild be against every fiber of my being to associate myself with false teachers.
He sent them to preach the gospel. It wasnt just some stay at home Mom running the church. One Faith, One Baptism One Lord. He who eats my flesh and drinkis my blood will have eternal life. He who believes and is Baptized will be saved. Repent. Its not a one time Protestant jiggy.. One has to wonder why the Apostles would even bother writing letters of correction. Jesus didnt pass out books where people just stay home because the leader of their group couldnt bake cakes anymore. Im sure they all had KJV bibles though. ;0
Sorry, but I already answered the 2 or more fallacy. You have twisted that and since many of the protestants in here have condemned one another to hell or told them they are not Christians or Frauds with the exception of Catholics who are all evil I suggest you rethink what the church really is but dont include me or any Catholic for that matter in your make believe church on a topix forum. Good Grief!
"If you were blind, you would have no guilt; but now that you say,‘We see,’ your guilt remains" Jn 9:41
When Gentiles who have not the law do by nature what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that what the law requires is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or perhaps excuse them on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus.(Rom 2:14-16)
All these quotes while he was a practicing devout Jew.


#508809 Jan 26, 2014
hojo wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes!! Jesus Christ established, intitiated and built "One True Church" and in was (Universal and it was Catholic. "EVERY ONE" of the Churches beginning with the 1st Church at Antioch (then Corinth,Galatia,Ephesis,Philli pi,Colossus, Thessalonica (were appointed by Jesus Christ himself) led, guided, built and directed by the Apostles of Jesus as His Bishops, Priests, Elders and Deacons (Acts 2) and ALL that followed throughout 2000 years of True, authenticated and proven Church History ----and---they were (ALL) One---Universal ---Catholic Church --"visible, heirarchical and authoritative" again Acts 2 and referred to over 30 times in the New Testament! Paul confirms, validates, verifies and assertains (this to be true) in I Timothy 3:15, when he call The Church (not the bible) as the pillar, pinnacle and foundation of the TRUTH.....and (only one Truth)--not 42,100 contradicting, inconsistent and conflicting bible only Protestant (man-made) truths! And that TRUTH has, is and will (always) be grounded, established and solidified in Jesus Christ Himself, in and through His One (and only one) True Apostolic Catholic Church.
Most Christians can name the 10 commandments. I am sure you can ring them off . If I asked you what is the 5th commandment you can tell me without looking it up. If I asked you the 1st commandment you can tell me immediately.

The catholic church has thousands of canon laws and I am sure if I asked you what is canon law 1339 you wouldn't have a clue. If I asked you what 5342 from the catechism describes you don't know.

You know very little outside the 10 commandments but have all these laws in your church and you and catholics haven't got a clue what they are unless you look them up. UBELIEVABLE!

Perth, Australia

#508810 Jan 26, 2014
'problem is part of solution'

Thanks..I still waiting on your answer.

-its exist very low organization
-its exist very high organization
Please tell me impact over victims which they oppress!
Which ruin many person and many family life!!!
Your commandments is who can and who can't!

Please I waiting over your honest answer not set up as others try set up as well cover up.

Perth, Australia

#508811 Jan 26, 2014
Speak with your commandments who can and who can't as demonic deceived then posses.
Don't you.
Very easy accuse don't you then used law..must be very fun funny as well deadly game.

Perth, Australia

#508812 Jan 26, 2014
O its nothing in that case for simple person or simple family.
Please tell me..organization..koliko treba natkati many have very special cloth as well under which symbols stay as parallel authority within church as well within many organization.

Please believe me very hard find as well very hard win over them.

Our Lord know!
It is written!
They liked settle case with minimum or nothing justice for any rights.
When you start speak with someone like that then you can recognize just on first who stay front of you.

I waiting for you please tell me!

Why bird watching always from small toward wide way?

Jesus Christ cry on Cross watching people how they going on wide way.

Perth, Australia

#508813 Jan 26, 2014
zasto vas zele otpustiti u more vjecnog izgubljenja=part of dark evil game

Saint Paul, MN

#508814 Jan 26, 2014
RoSesz wrote:
<quoted text>
He,sent them to different towns,to spread HIS, stay in a,home, worship together ...
When two or three,or more gather in HIS,NAME,He is,present ..
Even here in this,board,...if we,could,stop arguing for five minutes ..And,pray together ...
"Wherever two or three are gathered...."

You can look at the evidence from this forum and know that this line is taken out of context. Pick any 3 non Catholics on here and its obvious Christ is not present like you all would hope. Take the 3 self proclaimed pastors/deacons on here. Is God present? Well, in a way, but no different than any other 3 human beings. Is Jesus present and guiding them to Biblical truths? No!!! You can't be outside the authority of the Church and expect God to reveal these new Biblical revelations to ya.
Can't you pull off the blind fold for two seconds? You're a part of a chaotic anarchy Christianity. I know God reaches some of you to an extent, because God is Love. But come on man, you've unraveld almost everything the Apostles taught. There is no excuse. Jesus said, "this is my body". All of Christianity understood the Eucharist. Now here you are in 2014, clearly following a teaching about the Eucharist that is 400 yrs old? How do you sleep at night. You can't reverse what Jesus Christ Himself installed. There is allot of arrogance in protestantland. The more truths they realize, the more bitter they become.

Perth, Australia

#508815 Jan 26, 2014
Ja sam tvoja prica!
Pricala je nebi
da moja ljubav nije u meni.
Radost je
kad zivis radost u sebi.

Ljubav i radost u srcu
jesu dvije strane
koja okrecu samo jednu zalosnu.

Saint Paul, MN

#508816 Jan 26, 2014
Michael wrote:
<quoted text>
Most Christians can name the 10 commandments. I am sure you can ring them off . If I asked you what is the 5th commandment you can tell me without looking it up. If I asked you the 1st commandment you can tell me immediately.
The catholic church has thousands of canon laws and I am sure if I asked you what is canon law 1339 you wouldn't have a clue. If I asked you what 5342 from the catechism describes you don't know.
You know very little outside the 10 commandments but have all these laws in your church and you and catholics haven't got a clue what they are unless you look them up. UBELIEVABLE!
We don't need to memorize the catechism and Bible to be Catholic. Jesus didn't make it that complicated. You can see the visible pillar and foundation of truth and you go to Confession and receive the Eucharist. voila.
Real faith in Jesus is realizing that He protects His Church from error when teaching on faith and morals. Even the worst scoundrels in Church history couldn't damage the protected teachings of the Church. Nothing can bring it down.

Original Protestants agreed that the Catholic Church was the one started by the Lord, but it fell wayward. Modern Protestant/fundamental born againers disregard any notion that the CC could have been right at anytime in human history. Therefore, their whole theology is set against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Period!

Original Protestants lacked faith. Modern Protestants lack faith and brains. They force themselves to become incredibly ignorant.

Perth, Australia

#508817 Jan 26, 2014
Greater who is within you!

Find out!

Please explain how many you have within you!
Who gathering with you or within you as demonic possession?


My love and happiness is within 2x side which turn over one as sorrow.
Greater who is within you.

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