Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 626777 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Perth, Australia

#504920 Jan 7, 2014
church teach you
what god make together you can't divorce
then don't pray for that
as well you serve another Master
o well how many gods master as well others you have
even many mistress don't you
poor accusers and judges

I am not as you think!

as others accusers try describe as krivokletnici=swear as false
o yee yee ..

I describe eyes of them!

Which eyes they have?

Its very imported from tiny things you can understood who is who?!
Deceivers and possessors look eyes of them.

Since: Sep 09

Vanderhoof, Canada

#504921 Jan 7, 2014
In the runaway # 1 British Bestseller,“Eats, Shoots & Leaves,” the subject of the book is about the importance of correct punctuation in the English language. The author, Lynne Truss, did extensive study into the history of punctuation. Lynne mixes humor with serious assessments of history and some of the following is from her book.

“Of course, if Hebrew or any of the ancient languages had included punctuation (in the case of Hebrew, a few vowels might have been nice as well), two thousand years of scriptural exegesis (my note- exegesis-analysis of texts) need never have occurred, and a lot of clever, dandruffy people could definitely have spent more time in the fresh air. But there was no punctuation in those ancient texts and that’s all there is to it. For a considerable period in Latin transcriptions there were no gaps between words either, if you can credit such madness. Texts from that benighted classical period- just capital letters in big square blocks- look to modern eyes like those word-search puzzles that you stare at for twenty minutes or so, and then (with a delighted cry) suddenly spot the word “PAPERNAPKIN” spelled diagonally and backwards. However, the scriptio continua system (as it was called) had its defenders at the time. One fifth-century recluse called Cassian argued that if a text was slow to offer up its meaning, this encouraged not only meditation but the glorification of God- the heart lifting in praise, obviously, at the moment when the word “PAPERNAPKIN” suddenly floated to the surface, like a synaptic miracle.”

Perth, Australia

#504922 Jan 7, 2014
what they say
they will give you spirit
deceived body

many have deference body or similar on many place
yee trough time too
innovation going forward
others things too..

Since: Sep 09

Vanderhoof, Canada

#504923 Jan 7, 2014
Had Jesus lived, he would have had years to write of his experiences as a Jewish rabbi ... but the Catholics authors just touched on his supposed Judaism. It was Catholicism that the Catholics wanted to place in the lime-light, and so the story became Jesus wanted this and Jesus taught that and Jesus wants you to be a Catholic and blah, blah blah.

Keep in mind that the church fathers claimed the Jews were Jesus' enemies, that Jesus, in turn believed ought to be slayed.

Those Catholic church-fathers were not at all honest, or kind.

Since: Sep 09

Vanderhoof, Canada

#504924 Jan 7, 2014
“Any violence which does not spring from a spiritual base, will be
wavering and uncertain. It lacks the stability which can only rest in
a fanatical outlook.”

[Adolph Hitler,_Mein Kampf_, p. 171]

“ Ah see's lanlubbers Cap'n BT!”

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#504925 Jan 7, 2014
June VanDerMark wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree that a Jewish rabbi might change some of his attitudes and fix what he might believe needed fixing about his religion ... but he wouldn't leave his religion. That makes no sense whatsoever.
The pope wouldn't leave his religion. As we can plainly see, he is trying to FIX his religion.
Martin Luther left his religion because he wanted the fame and glory of being the leader of a new religion, and to boot marry the ex-nun of his dreams.
Some things make sense, and some things don't. And "within the framework of theology," it makes no sense that Jesus would leave Judaism.

Since: Jul 10

Location hidden

#504926 Jan 7, 2014
June VanDerMark wrote:
<quoted text>
Ancient men wrote and wrote and wrote more and more fables. They wrote on stone and they wrote on paper and they wrote in sand.
So WHAT??? It proves nothing! Theologians earned their living by writing.
Physical proof doesn't do it either for you. Tell us all what kind of proof will be sufficient for you.


Since: Aug 08

He Gave His SON,JESUS Christ

#504927 Jan 7, 2014
Black Thunder 42 wrote:
<quoted text>
It's even more complicated than you might realize RoS. Let's take s look.
Hillel(his grandfather) came from Babylon{gasp}.He studied(learned) for 40 years in Israel(sound familiar?) was the founder of the greatest schools of learning (sages), heavily involved in the writings of the religion's sacred books, lived to 120 years(10CE), and the most profound and respected religious leader in Israel right up until Jesus was found talking to the most highly respected in the temple(who was that?) Do you see the correlation of the lives of Moses and he? Or even Abrum? And he is attributed the "Golden Rule" which Jesus is famous for promoting.
Before we leave this ...there were 3 royal magi/magoi who visited Jesus birth with the most meaningful gifts known to man at the time. They were objects given only in the highest of worship. Where do you suppose they may have come from and why? I will leave that to you. There is much more involved, but that is the jist of it.
Now to Gamaliel, and I will make this very brief. He followed in his grandfathers footsteps as far as prominence and was a member of the highest tribunal of the Jews. I believe he was, along with his grandfather(and possibly his father and others), secretly and covertly promoting the cause of Jesus and the which may very well have been instituted by Hillel himself. This is just my opinion, but the evidence abounds in it's favor. The above is just a small part of a much larger story.
I knew,Hilel was a,famous teacher ..knew,scripture well..nut at His,time/ no one ! oh k skins about Jesus and the Apostles

But Simeon was an older man when he,saw,the baby ..was,he Gamaliel dad ..possibly .

Jesus,was 12 or 13 a t the temple ...I posit GAMALIEL was,most certainly there among the leading a,student or as a,/ budding teAcher ??? which is why he was NOT AGAINST JESUS,
H ow,Paul was s o strident as h I s student idea, he chAnged dramatically aft e r D a Damascus,.....SO WHO KNOWS what influenced his teachings he preached after seeing Jesus,..

I've read over and over ..everything in the bible means,something ..

Since: Sep 09

Vanderhoof, Canada

#504928 Jan 7, 2014
Working for the Lord wrote:
<quoted text> Physical proof doesn't do it either for you. Tell us all what kind of proof will be sufficient for you.
There is no physical proof concerning the existence of gods or saviors, and that is what we are discussing.

For years there have been rumors of Noah's ark being spotted, and then when that rumor dies down, another one about some biblical jargon being proved pops up and blah, blah, blah.

I don't believe any of those rumors ... such as Jesus' empty tomb. It's empty because there was never a body in it in the first place.

Nonsensical drivel.

Perth, Australia

#504929 Jan 7, 2014
I give before, not nice always say some things.
-its exist very low organization
-its exist very high organization
which can ruin any person
or any family

Rest is not worthy to much talk who how as well why!!!
Please don't pretend you did not know!

I am myself if I suffer i know why?!

rest i am not to much care no..
I stop care for myself when you put your hand over me

I hope as I describe its exist way for great destruction what others did not know but not will be turn back no.
When time come its going be late save anything.

Now I am not care to much.
In this city nothing exist at all in future.

Since: Jun 10

Location hidden

#504930 Jan 7, 2014
Working for the Lord wrote:
How to become a member of the Church of Christ.
&#9726;Hear the Gospel.“How shall they call on him whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe him whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?”(Romans 10:14).
&#9726;Believe.“And without faith it is impossible to be well pleasing unto him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that seek after him”(Hebrews 11:6).
ssession, that ye may show forth the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light”(1 Peter 2:9).
Edited for space

Hogwash......Ro 10:14 Has nothing to do with your bogus "church"...

Verse 14. How then shall they call on him]
As the apostle had laid so much stress on believing in order to salvation, and as this doctrine, without farther explanation, might be misunderstood, it was necessary to show how this faith was produced; and therefore he lays the whole doctrine down in a beautifully graduated order.

1. There can be no salvation without the Gospel: a dispensation of mercy and grace from God alone, here called, Ro 10:15, the Gospel of peace; glad tidings of good things.

2. This must be preached, proclaimed in the world for the obedience of faith.

3. None can effectually preach this unless he have a Divine mission; for how shall they preach except they be SENT, Ro 10:15. The matter must come from God; and the person mho proclaims it must have both authority and unction from on high.

4. This Divinely-commissioned person must be heard: it is the duty of all, to whom this message of salvation is sent, to hear it with the deepest reverence and attention.

5. What is heard must be credited; for they who do not believe the Gospel as the record which God has given of his Son cannot be saved, Ro 10:14.

6. Those who believe must invoke God by Christ, which they cannot do unless they believe in him; and in this way alone they are to expect salvation. Professing to believe in Christ, without earnest, importunate prayer for salvation, can save no man. All these things the apostle lays down as essentially necessary; and they all follow from his grand proposition, Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. But, says the apostle, How shall they CALL upon him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they BELIEVE in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they HEAR without a preacher? And how shall they PREACH except they be sent? And with what message which can bring salvation can they be sent, but with the GOSPEL OF PEACE, the GLAD TIDINGS OF GOOD THINGS. When, therefore, there is: 1st, a proper MESSAGE; 2dly, a proper MESSENGER; 3dly, the message PREACHED, proclaimed, or properly delivered by him; 4thly, the proclamation properly HEARD and attentively considered by the people; 5thly, the message which they have heard, conscientiously BELIEVED; 6thly, the name of the Lord Jesus, by whom alone this salvation is provided, most fervently INVOKED; then, 7thly, salvation, or redemption from sin and misery, and the enjoyment of peace and happiness, will be the result of such calling, believing, hearing, preaching, sending, and message sent:-and thus the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith is guarded from abuse.

Perth, Australia

#504931 Jan 7, 2014
I told you how my good poor mother pray.
How start its will be end.
She mist say forgive us as we forgive..many mothers is not educated as according let down law every woman.
Why I have to tell many times some things?

Creation is that you do with your hand and mind what can you do.

If is true God is very powerful you coming as creation on some spot
choose to be as peace or war ..destruction determination or recreation.
kako bilo tako pocelo
svako nacelo=every act=on action will be reaction

Now Why I have to be first tell you, you already know.

God know everything!

Did I hide?


But I don't believe in corrupt system you try explain correction in everything where correction not exist ..please tell me why Lucifer fall.

Looking creation is something not God show everything!
But you are as in within.

Perth, Australia

#504932 Jan 7, 2014
Holy scripture say spread good news as well Jesus Christ walk between people.

Why you try say who send?

Perth, Australia

#504933 Jan 7, 2014
I told you my good father have only holy day Cross INRI.
My tears go now.

I have good father and good mother.

Wide way!!!
You can cry too.

Perth, Australia

#504934 Jan 7, 2014
no why have to be church as building target to

Life you lived your life as you think for you better.

Systems and organizations let down many..your law is not my law and never will be.

Betray and letting down many is history!

History is teacher of life.

Perth, Australia

#504935 Jan 7, 2014
Today is not modern say please.
Today organization proclaim law by themselves they taking what ever they want, judged them to judge of them.

Jesus Christ come and let you know law not exist.

-there is a no law
-there is a no love
-there is a suffering

Why I need believe to others..yee
i am going where you can't go
smooth silky skin

then i see
light fast and blast
they liked died but can't, open wounds everywhere

Your Lord will give you everything, did they are?!

I say to you
Your Rule lead you and teach great lesson how to Rule!

be good and destroy
as well recreated again

Tell me why I am wrong?!

now you are in as within

your body and your soul as spirit
can be destroy both

Why I am wrong?!

not to my Lord
Why have to?

You say my lovely Lord love have to win!!!
Lord can't be liar!!!

Its wrotten
Don't judge!
How many mistress you have my Lord?

Someone don't liked share everything better suffer.

Perth, Australia

#504936 Jan 7, 2014
Now why i have to share even bad who is sick and have deseasse which corrupt organization done judged and destroy.

'Put your hands in my wounds.'

O did they are..yes it is..then.

They don't liked say they not exist.
not any more for me.

by my lovely Lord don't pray for me

Tsumeb, Namibia

#504937 Jan 8, 2014
Gunslinger wrote:
Hell, I've been saying that Catholics are the only folks who do not piss God off for three months now. About time the Pope picked up on my lead.
see then you will change your mind.

Perth, Australia

#504938 Jan 8, 2014
holy scripture say who first coming
fallen one

bla bla bla

Since: Dec 06

Location hidden

#504939 Jan 8, 2014
June VanDerMark wrote:
<quoted text>
Hitler WAS a devout Catholic. He believed that the Jews were the enemy, just as did John Chrysostom and all the other church-fathers.
Your quote "Walk away from religion. Seek truth" is interesting ... so why are you a Catholic?.


I beg to differ. Since Hitler and his regime murdered Catholics, it is far from believable that he lived a Catholic life....

In any event, I suggest you are consumed by religion, and you need to walk away from it. Get into a more positive view. Just because religions share things in common does not make them equal, or equally good or bad. Some religious practices are quite barbaric. You choose to remain within that realm mentally. So walk away from it.(You are not the only one. Many of the so-called, by you "right-fighters" have that sacred violent mindset.) Don't you see you are doing the same as your hated "right-fighters"?


PS I am not a "conventional" definable Catholic. At least not by your definition. Nor by the RCC....

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