Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

Full story: CBC News 550,777
The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Full Story


#493428 Nov 20, 2013
as child i read many story

i remember
i never asked anything for my father to have something for my-self

i wish only one book from my father

my tears go now

as tiny girl
i stood on midlle property of my birth home which belong to my oldest family

i please my father that morning for money have that story childreen bible
its been very expensive that time 350 marks in leather books

my father look over over me with white face

oh he say

but he give me after all money for that book
i read many times as never any book
i love that story as child
after that i never asked as any gift money for myself from my father
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo

better be poor
then lose faith in real God

deceivers and possessors are some
how come its will be gone
as you read every page by page from every book


#493429 Nov 20, 2013
as you see creation of illusion many dimension as planetary form exist

but i say to you
page by page as book can go..

on day my good and poor mother go in small place where watering millstone going around just for few corn dust for natural milk yogurt as she love eat with my father and us as meal many times.

She meet old lady with her friends..suddenly she look my mother strange..and say to her look i need tell you mother refuse..she say i am not listening any story not at all from strange people..i am going to church i bealieve in god so this so that.

She say to my mother
one of your child will go dfar away from you
as you futher on hand just huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
and never return live home where you now lived.

My good mother mother tell that strange story front of me few times..but before i go i tell mu mother on midfdlle night when i day good by to her last time..mum its me you not believer.

as you see page by page from book you see your planet with dimension as creation..but please
be aware as you step by step over water in river
you need know where you step in that delusion with many dimension.
can be as huu hu huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu puuuuuuuu huuuuuuuuu..

look Jesus speak i parable

he cry on Cross INRI
looking his believers on wide way


#493431 Nov 20, 2013


#493432 Nov 20, 2013


#493438 Nov 21, 2013
bajer tamo bajer amo

tesko ce biti bajerdzija
vec vec vec krvi ti
nebi ja rada jedan je covik govorija kad je bio ljut
niko nema proko moga bajera
ti meni i ja cu tebi

jel to neko nesto ukrao

svak ima svoj kanal potok ili bajer

oni covik koga su zvali vec vec vec krvi ti

e v.ekalo moje
e necete
e hocemo
e necete
e hocemo

mi imamo dva i vishe bajerdzija
to su oni sto na bajeru cuvaju vodu

kad nema meni
neka nema ni tebi

samo meni je moglo uvik biti

na moju v.oshu tj. moj potok tj. moj kanal jelte ishla je sva voda

cija je voda i toga je mlin
a gdje je m lin tu se i melje brasno
a gdje se melje brasno tu ima i kruha
vuk sit i sve ovce na broju
makac adio
chush kenjo
i told you don;key is holy animals


#493440 Nov 21, 2013
aj mare
kakav je to mlinar di se voda nevrti
kakav je mornar bez kormila
i kakva je to bajer bez most
stoj stoj stoj
kud ste kerenuli dobri ljudi
nisam ja nikakav stojic
nebrojim ja zute dvobanke ni dinare ni stoje
ja sam ptich tintilich
sto vjeru svetu pronosim
nije to bio ptich tintilich
nego angeo gabriel..

ha ha ha ha


#493441 Nov 21, 2013
jesi li to ti
imate duge prste
u danu kobnu sudjenu
jelto neko jamio vishe
da se nebi po prstima stavio pecat
kako to da se kobila prodaje pod konja

its ok

e i u age nema dzabe ko ni u stare babe


#493443 Nov 21, 2013

jedan je pratar reko mojoj mami
cuvaj to dite
vishe ce ti vriditi
nego na nebu zvijezde

no ja sam moju mamu potegla za ruku sa svete ispovidi
ajde brze dizi se
toga dana odveli su moga tatu
neki drugi ljudi
dok je oni stari u potaji svecenik
sto si izdrecila tako oci
a nisam
niti sam poznavala starog vraga

ajde ajde odgovorio je ovaj drugi posteni svecenik cuvaj to dite vridit cete vishe nego sva blaga od ovog svijeta..

in within

lako je uociti izdajice ma u kojem drustvu ili vrjeri bili

no moj otac je sutra dosao
zahvaljuci mojoj maloj ruci

holy spirit is holy spirit
its rest over you in every hardship

Are you laying holy spirit?

Why I am wrong?

your law is not my law
as never will be



#493444 Nov 21, 2013
posto kapa od strumfova i djede mraze

ako laze rog
nije holy spirit

je li tvoja mama pije kavu


#493445 Nov 21, 2013
every code is code


#493446 Nov 21, 2013
tko u suzama zenje
nosi snoplje plodno za sva vrimena

daleko im kucha prokleta
i svi zakoni njihovi

pravi stvoritelj
se zakleo nad nebom i zemljom


#493447 Nov 21, 2013
tko zenje u suzama
neboji se boga

a tko pravedniku podmece na podmukli prokleti nacin
bit ce proklet za sva vrimena
byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyy


#493448 Nov 21, 2013
netrazite pravde
kod prokletih zakona i prokletih sudova

jesr su svi sudci svijeta osudnjeni na davliju propast

blago onima koji placu
blago progonjenima

nemolite se kod prokleti sudova i prokletih zakona

jer zadnji sud nad nima je posljednji sud od sve vjecnosti..

blago onima koji placu i koji su zedni pravde

jao onima koji su zedni krvi pravednika

byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyy


#493449 Nov 21, 2013
svi svecenici nisu svecenici boziji
nego sluze davlu i sve sto je vrazije

svi sudci nisu boziji sudci
nego sude pravednicima
jer sluze davla i sve sto je davlije

don't be deceived
don't be very proud with them


#493450 Nov 21, 2013

you can't serve many masters gods and lords

because only one exist


#493451 Nov 21, 2013


#493452 Nov 21, 2013
don't asked justice from evil people
they smile when angels and good people cry

don't respect evil law

because only one law on the end exist

“Let the Children”

Since: Aug 08

Come To Me

#493454 Nov 21, 2013
Liam wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm shocked after two + yrs on topix, you guys are acting like this is the first you've heard of this. It isn't a new teaching...
Jesus is God. He started a Church. Obviously this Church is now the new Israel because its founder is the Christ.
I tell you ..I have not heard this,before ...I can't answer for any one else .

I have no idea,about The person of Babylon or the Anti Christ .

He and HIS PROPHET will be known soon enough..creating a worldwide RELIGION.

And BABYLON could be actual place or the,USA or something else .

But this about ROME bring the New Jerusalem.
And the Vatican being the Temple so left field .

YET I I once compared the Church SYSTEM to the temple SYSTEM with High Priest and,all ...the TEMPLE VEIL THAT JEsus,tore down So He and US could communicate,directly ..NOT THRU A HIGH PRIEST ..And you guys,jumped all over me .

Now your site indeed compares Rome to the temple ...And has the idea that in s leaking of the NEW,JERUSALEM....JESUS moved the Seat of the government He will reign from.

The home of Melchisedek...the place of Abrahams sacrifice ....PICKED OUT BY GOD HIMSELF ... FOR HIS TEMPLE ..And you all think HE decided He would replace it with Rome ...or does the Pope by wanting a deed to the
TEMPLE MOUNT intend to make thatcHis,Home ...just in case,Jesus meant what He showed John.
(Like Jesus is going to need a deed ).

Sounds,like the plan of the,earlier inhabitants,..putting a cemetery outside there because no Jew would walk across it Jesus,could not come in.

He is the SON of the MOST HIGH GOD ..HE loves the Jews ..he Said forgive them and the Romans,

.they know,NOT WHAT THEY DO..And this notion of replacing thE Jews they were persecuted and told they MUST change the Church and her followers ..

THERE IS,A CHURCH OF GENTILE BELIEVERS ..But that one will END ..He will establish HIS KINGDOM where He was,killed Jerusalem ..or rather the NEW JERUSALEM know,not ..But HE DOES NOT SPEAK IN VAIN.....

This New,Jerusalem notion..And the idea,He has deserted His Chosen is,..Just is foolish ... And sadly mistaken
Wake up ....HE HAS A PLAN FOR THE the end times ..And many JEWS love Our Lord .....And every knee will bow ...IN ISRAEL ....HIS,EARTHLY HOME ..WHEN HE RETURNS...splitting the mountain.

And who knows if ROME ..treasures and all will even still be in the map's not mentioned ..

I believe Many CATHOLics Love Jesus ..But this,teaching is,so off ..

So yes it's,a surprise to me .

“Let the Children”

Since: Aug 08

Come To Me

#493456 Nov 21, 2013


HIS, by Him ..

Apostles ..Rulers over HIS PEOPLE ..the twelve tribes of ISRAEL ..not Rome ...PETER IS NOT returning o his throne in Rome ..

GOD Will give him.his Israel

“Let the Children”

Since: Aug 08

Come To Me

#493457 Nov 21, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
<quoted text>lol, there is NO new Israel. She is the same NATION(SEE THAT) as she has always been.
and some day, she will again be the Bride of God the Father(I put that in to help you out, Oxbore) and also Jesus will have His Bride, the Born Again Church
When Jesus returns Church Church ..just HIS CHURCH..HIS BRIDE .Jew and GENTILES ..all born again by faith in our Saviour Yeshua Ha Mosiach ...
I really have no idea where this new Jerusalem ..Rome came from..

This is the age of the GENTILES Church. For now ...But NOT forever .

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