Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 603170 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#491537 Nov 13, 2013
BenAdam wrote:
<quoted text>
Nothing has changed much except that most civilized countries don't let them commit murder any more. I think that is why they want to turn the USA into a theocracy.
What fun is religion if you can't murder those who offend your gods???

Sarcasm intended.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#491538 Nov 13, 2013
HuskerDu wrote:
<quoted text>Pope Francis is not doing anything different than any other Pope.
That's RIGHT! When he claims to speak for a god, he's also LYING!

Perth, Australia

#491539 Nov 13, 2013
from semij toward church of saint r.oko
small village have name or surname ro;mich

not romi

its lost geometric direction
long time ago
under santarov kuk near semij is in deep geometric
rock..nobody know how its deep.,.only spiritualy
if pool you in you can know

its direction in as well geometric way towrd rover matica as small jezero which before exist not anymore..its small tiny river..matica=cell as you call cell we say matica..
its border but other side is trebizat as you pronaucment tribistobvo or tiber=trebizat=as you say tiber

try pronaucment deference language

its stay under trough ancient history something happen in thaty rtegion

semij zvec gradina
see aries as nos pasige its church on that v prolog just passige on other side

other people claim what is not heavenly belong to them

they are interactive into life of others as very active accusers killers too

i say to you
don't used my name in vain

i am as i am as i alwayes exist

a nkh

its some as geometric heavenly position which others try claim for themself but not as never be as they are always liars as they areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

if i need i will remove you all
who say that
not me

others try claim place what is not belong to them trough past

i told you
evil serve evil
others simply suffering

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#491540 Nov 13, 2013
I suggest that religion never gave social order to any society. Disorder by disillusion and brutality would be more "fitting."
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>

Origins of Religion

Boyer states that "having a normal human brain does not imply that you have religion. All it implies is that people can acquire it, which is very different." [5] He suggests that religions started for the reasons of providing answers to humans, giving comfort, providing social order to society, and satisfying the need of the illusion-prone nature of the human mind.

Perth, Australia

#491541 Nov 13, 2013
your law is not my law
i don't respect any more
low of criminals and drug dilers are not law
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo

Perth, Australia

#491542 Nov 13, 2013
position heavenly in geometric way

doli u zemljisemij santarov kuk groblje as raskrsce
raskrsce=as you see england flag..u cacinoj ogradi
vidi zvec gradina matica crkva s r.oko
vidi tamo prema uokrug tim malim selima
vidis li pravac od semoja proko raskrsca di je groblje priko zveca gradine i matice rijeke
znas li napraviti geometrijski kriz ko na zastavi england en 'N' a.nkh
znas li gdje je groblje raskrsce pored cacine ogradice gdje je mali crkvica svetog franje
znadesli napraviti geomtrijski oblik
ako citas probaj nekostate nista papira napisati i nacrtati u pravcima jezera i rastoka nacrtaj
geometrijski oblik u obliku raskrscha dva kriza..nacrtaj geometrijski oblik..
nacrtaj ..heavenly position..

doli unutar zemlje
prije tisuce godina doslo je do poremecaja i pokretanja tla

heavenly position which is been lost so long time ago

try drove in geometric way

my mind is not yours
its very hard explain what you can't see openly
they will say
don't be afraid
its going toward inner core

others simple jealous
they want transform all of you and mislead on deference path where you will be lost for ever

i say to you don't serve evil trouble way
because i am as i am..
don't act as troublemaker
its for beneficiary of all

Toms River, NJ

#491543 Nov 13, 2013
HuskerDu wrote:
<quoted text>Not everything about Christianity is in the bible. You have to use your brain and have faith. So if you make it to Purgatory, you will enter Heaven. There isn't any *time* like we have before we die. pray for the poor souls in Purgatory, they will pray for you.
Purgatory has a strong scriptural basis.

Perth, Australia

#491544 Nov 13, 2013
vidis li zvec ko brada vidis li rastok i jezero ko dva oka vidis li semij ko jagodica na licu vidisli metokit as piramide
vidis li direction ..zamjecivas li imena sela mjesta ogradica nazive gomilica cvijeca drveca svega imas za opisat sa slovima i rijecima..

sloga samo ljubav daje
sloga nerazdvaja

slozna braca i sestre samo zlatne snove grade..

neznaju sto imaju doli i koliko je nebo gori
kako nebiste uzeli pogresnu projeciju i tudje misli za vasu propast

nebo je visoko bog razapeo kao sator svoj
sator santarov kuk see raskrsce old ancient graveyatds as symbols near semij as small pyramide

i nemoj se postidjeti mojih rijeci
u malim rijecima i dijelima i mislima leze sve tajne cijelog svijeta..nema novca sa cime se mogu kupiti ..

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#491545 Nov 13, 2013
ReginaM wrote:
<quoted text>
Purgatory has a strong scriptural basis.
According to theologians ... all of their ideas had a strong "scriptural" basis.
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>

A History of Religious Ideas, by Mircea Eliade.

Although the pontifical definition of Purgatory dates from 1259, its popularity developed later, thanks chiefly to the prestige of Masses for the dead.

Since: Feb 12

Location hidden

#491546 Nov 13, 2013
RoSesz wrote:
<quoted text>
Wasn't that lovely ..And here I was,only ..wondering what a FC Alum was,doing commenting on my nuns ...or Alum FC whatever,I know,I've never posed to any one with THAT name ...hmmmmm
well you don't have to be a Harvard grad. to figure out what that's all about

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#491547 Nov 13, 2013
St. Patrick’s Purgatory.

A cave on Station Island in Lough Derg, Co. Donegal, a resort of pilgrims from the 13th century. The legend is that Christ revealed it to St. Patrick and told him that all who visited it in penitence and faith would gain a full INDULGENCE of their sins and they would gain sight of the torments of HELL and the joys of HEAVEN.

Since: Feb 12

Location hidden

#491548 Nov 13, 2013
HuskerDu wrote:
<quoted text>CNN and other secular news got it wrong. EVERYONE knows that. And its old news. Pope Francis is not doing anything different than any other Pope.
Sooo your telling me that a news company as huge as CNN can afford to post news without checking there sources for the truth and risk being sued by the Vatican? Well, if indeed cnn has got it wrong then we all should be hearing pretty soon how the Vatican will demand an apology from cnn...

Chicago, IL

#491549 Nov 13, 2013
Working for the Lord wrote:
<quoted text> Finding the right church is quite easy. The church you are looking for is the Church of Christ which Jesus said he would build, Matthew 16;18. In the year 33 AD on the day of Pentecost while the Apostles received the Holy spirit which would allow them ONLY to do miracles to spread the word of Jesus ministry, Peter was preaching and the people asked what must they do to be saved, and Peter told them to repent and be baptized and 3,000 souls responded and were saved that day and God added them to the church that Jesus built, that was the beginning of the Church of Christ. In order to be the church of the bible you must also worship according to the bible by worshipping on the Lord's day, which is Sunday. They are also to take of the Lord's supper and give according to your ability. Singing only is what is authorized in worship, no musical instruments are not allowed. This is what makes the Church of Christ the church and ONLY CHURCH of the bible. The catholic church is described by the bible as being the biggest deceiver of mankind and they do nothing according to the bible. So I urge you to go to the nearest Church of Christ and get baptized and live according to God and your life will be right in the eyes of God.
The Vatican is going to display the relics of Saint Peter this week. First time ever.
He was buried in Rome where he died and after Constantine legalized Christianity, he allowed for a Basilica to be built on top of him and other first century Christian Martyrs.
Many fanatics argue that Peter was never in Rome because they erroneously claim that everything about Christianity - including the whereabouts of the Apostles- is detailed in scripture. That's obviously ridiculous.
Anyway, Peter went to Rome and the second and third generation of Christians wrote about it. Its not recorded in scripture.
Your church of Christ doesn't make sense. You can't trace it before the 19th century. You have no church fathers, no early writings, no historic facts, no martyrs, no record of anything and no normal historian that would ever agree of this mysterious hidden church of Christ...
Most c.o.c members I've met are sincere guys. I think you are too. I believe you honestly love the Lord. I have to confront you when I see anti catholic rhetoric though.
Imo, if your church of Christ was legit, it should be able to stand on her own two feet without trashing Catholicism. Same goes for everyone else, its like nobody can have a faith unless they incorporate anti Catholic rhetoric along with their opinions on sacred scripture.
God bless.

Perth, Australia

#491550 Nov 13, 2013
sator svoj razapeo je bog
heavenly position
razapeo as cross doble cross
iznad raskrsca=small church of saint franjo and cemetry call rascrsce in deep is ancient position as heavenly position
others are try be smart
did they are not
they are accusers abusers wrong nasty judges pretenders full of enevy sloth not understanding and so on

Are you going put trust over that evil judges killers

i am not one of them or any part of any organization
neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

i am as i am

others are corupt jealous evil mind..

imate duge bijele prste
u kobnu zlobnu danu
imate crvene duge obraze
a nemate nikakva stida

i wrote 35 years ago many secrets poems which i never wrote publicly
all of them have meaning on my way

your law is not my law

poemist don't have border for any law in mind

there is a no law

there others can't interfer

you can't produce mind for money
because money and corupt law is nothingggggggggggggg

i say to you
no law

i don't respect law
not any more

geometric heavenly position=bog je rasapeo svoj shator..raskrsce=u do.lini selo malo

u dolini selo malo
tu su dobri ljudi
tu su male kuce
tu je moje srce ostalo
povezi misli=conect mind as i tray tell you on geometric way

my mind is not your mind

Since: Feb 12

Location hidden

#491551 Nov 13, 2013
HuskerDu wrote:
<quoted text>You are the only one who believes that.,myself and I..that makes

Since: Feb 12

Location hidden

#491552 Nov 13, 2013
HuskerDu wrote:
<quoted text>Then I guess you have no faith.
and I guess you have no brains

Perth, Australia

#491553 Nov 13, 2013
geometric star position
which with poems describe as secret but perfection..

'my mind is not yours'

When you wrote poem,others can't interfere.
Its not your law or any law which can or have impact on someone mind.
Only dictators jealous killers and so on do that.

With poems your beauty and secrets stay in as within mind and heart..not outside appearing.
We say to you
-ko tele ko u sarena vrata
-ori vole kada nemas skole
Its that
Others corupt teachers act as evil jealous killers of soul and mind many many still going on nice but smooth killers way..
Do you liked me I am not care..I am free tell you about others who they are!

Perth, Australia

#491554 Nov 13, 2013
jealous is always jealous as sloth
deceivers and possessors is some..

Toms River, NJ

#491555 Nov 13, 2013
Seraphima wrote:
<quoted text>and I guess you have no brains
"typical Christian love that you love to share."

Ames, IA

#491556 Nov 13, 2013
ReginaM wrote:
<quoted text>
Purgatory has a strong scriptural basis.
No it doesn't just the opposite even, wow Regina you need to get yourself born-again, your mind will be renewed and in many cases your thinking will do a one-eighty.

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