Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 681754 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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"ISA 53:1.--6 "MATT 10:27"

#468056 Aug 2, 2013
who="Tony17"What? Did you have some sort of abdominal evisceration or something?

READ. He is interpreting the way you told him to...the verse that says, "out of his belly shall flow RIVERS of living water."


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#468057 Aug 2, 2013
Anthony MN wrote:
<quoted text>
That Ecumenical Patriarch should stop being so darn ecumenical!!!
You're right though, had the Bishop of Rome not held his ground against the heretic eastern bishops, we'd all be Arians now.
First, the statement that Arianism came from the East, making the East sound like the source of heresies and the West the correctors is not a particularly astute one. In fact it is deliberately misleading unless you are just in the dark re church history.

The East was intensely engaged in theology. Separate schools, one in Alexander and one in Antioch had incredible minds actively helping to define the faith.. Rome did not have a school.The East-a hotbed of theology. The West- some, mostly Augustine.

In the East, Constantinople, Antioch, and Alexandria were putting their mind to core questions. So 3 separate rich producers of theology v a lackluster Rome.

A Multitude of ideas- some right some wrong.

Arius (Alexandria) was 1 of those with wrong theology. And it got sorted through and straightened out by a Council by whom? the East- specifically Alexander (from Alexandria) and Athanasius

This is from a Catholic site EWTN

St. Athanasius was condemned by Pope Liberius though he was the leader of the defenders of orthodoxy against Arianism at the time. Pope Liberius was a weak man and he was imprisoned and probably had been tortured to force him to support the Arian heresy. He was therefore obviously acting under duress, as St. Athanasius pointed out when he refused to accept the validity of the excommunication.

Weakened by two years of exile and wishing to return to Rome, Pope Liberius withdrew his support of the Nicaean dogma by agreeing to an Arian formula. Then, Pope Liberius proceeded to condemn and excommunicate Saint Athanasius.(My Comment Understandable, but certainly not heroic)

These actions were considered heresy by many. Once Pope Liberius submitted, Emperor Constantius recalled Pope Liberius from exile, and the antipope, Felix II, was expelled by the Romans

Though Pope Liberius did condemn St. Athanasius under heavy pressure from his captors, he refused to sign a clearly Arian statement of faith, but did sign an equivocal statement which could be interpreted either in an orthodox or an Arian sense. Others say Liderius' letters were forgeries.

Carroll states "I deny that any Pope was ever a heretic, have researched each case where that is claimed, and will be glad to answer and refute any claim that any Pope ever committed himself or called upon the faithful to hold any heretical belief."

I find this amusing for how he weasels around the fact that a Pope held a belief that was heretical.

1, He must be committed to it for it to count. If he changes this belief under pressure it does not count as a heretical belief even if prior the Pope said he believed it.

2. If the Pope's heretical belief is stopped before it reaches the people than he also did not have a heretical belief.

In fairness, I will research each of the following:

The first two popes in the third century, Zephyrinus and Callistus, were both accused of heresy* by Tertullian and also by St Hippolytus.

Marcellinus,Bishop of Rome (296 to 304),offered incense to the pagan gods. For this his name was afterwards omitted from official lists of popes.

Three of the next four popes seem to have assisted him, despite being already in Holy Orders, but all of them, including Marcellinus, are now revered as saints.

Early in the fifth century Pope Zosimus accepted the Pelagian heresy and changed his mind only when obliged to do so by the Emperor. He then issued a document known as his Tractoria, which reversed his earlier position.'

Also in the twelfth century Pope Adrian VI declared Pope Celestine III a heretic for extending the conditions under which marriages could be dissolved.

Madeley, Australia

#468058 Aug 2, 2013

How you can stop nuke war?
'as you can't breath'
I please my Father tell me about war..we walk together with just nice young horse will call him doorat= door at=what a about what..who can rich or open that door..i fill more hard then ever..I see on his face everything..i try stop..if i could..or if if if someone understood.
If person don't have time nice thing can be very please as nice card or nice flower.

'Small thing can be quick as well nice well please!'
-flowers belong to first kingdom..flora fauna and tree

Madeley, Australia

#468059 Aug 2, 2013
I did not asked what others think..why?..
I just tell you what i see and how i can tears go now.

I try act on small way..i see hard as i have hard time
in my life..did i don't have money for that..i come because someone who follow my path or be near my soul belong father have country and historic land looks as horse..return to me what is mine.
O did did not.
Did you judge me..o yes you are..why you judge?

I never care to much..nooooooo..why should be ..if if if someone stay on my place..o did you..yes you are..look your face..Is that me?..noooooo

Must be God created man on ginger-man bread face.
O really.
I never believe in that..i liked be honest with my 'ustipak=kap=tear it su' is better then entire your kitchen with your that nice
But..o don't remember love need win!

Madeley, Australia

#468060 Aug 2, 2013
Did love win..or i need sustain with my Cross or my tears.?!

I remember when i step on this soil here on this continent I cry deeply from my heart never forget place where I born..I remember my youngest brother go on his knee with my good poor mother.
I cry as many my countryman ..we have nice country but not freedom there not even for peace of bread even when you serve and died for them.
O did you hear my call..maybe not!
Did you judge me?

Yes I been judged as my people judge as thousands years.

I am not care what you think or somebody else!
Law not exist!

I am witness of that not understanding and everything hard that can't imagen about that.

Don't used good people name!

Madeley, Australia

#468061 Aug 2, 2013

gamble about what..did i need asked about advise..find sometghing or someone who set up false witness against me and my family trough your court..i been judge as victim..but thief and others criminals been free in my name they act and come to you except that as never before..did you used me..yes i been abuse and mistreated because of that..did i confess yes i been not understood or wash hand of my righteousness and

Who is on my place as evil wicket satanic that why should be.

I am alright as well I will be with my Cross.
Did you see any priest or apostolic who run away from righteousness person..yes they run away and turn face away..Did Jesus been liked that..yes it is!

Did you liked your nuke?..its your Scribe Pharisee lawyers and judges this and that diploma!

Madeley, Australia

#468062 Aug 2, 2013

Madeley, Australia

#468063 Aug 2, 2013
divided up
then touch brada 'n'

not say job for life

responsibility very very very much

please forgive me
when Moses divided=is that way dived and conquare



mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm

its wrongggggggggggggggggggggg

i been yeasturday in city on place where map stay in circle where in future will be something happened
look that symbol in middle

please mum
near train station over 'u' bridge

mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm

its map of destruction
someone need stop

Madeley, Australia

#468064 Aug 2, 2013
who blow up bridge..not me! judge someone wrong..

see again
brada 'n'when you touch

'on word divided up in box'
please mum read

ark of convent=as zavite which letter

something is wrong

which letter stay in ark of convent

map secret as tribe against tribe..nation against nation..mum as many acident=why=as they want judge and used insurence

please you can stop something
i know that you can
don't look upon our sin
shot to your Mercy and understanding

Brooklyn, NY

#468065 Aug 2, 2013
Seraphima wrote:
<quoted text>And we heretic's thank God for leading us away from the corruption and the atrocities of the catholic church.....have a nice day...
Yes I know. the Vatican had a child sex ring. I saw the news article about the allegation that you provided as well as the you tube 'news cast' about the story. lol. Do you have anymore slander you good provide for us?

Madeley, Australia

#468066 Aug 2, 2013
act..on action every reaction

act=according bible read
nista nije slucajno

can be resolve
if you see

people who can see or understood..virtue is part of understanding..

Madeley, Australia

#468067 Aug 2, 2013
look old testament..look new testament

look every word every symbol
look every move
you need be free from every word every move..

Madeley, Australia

#468068 Aug 2, 2013
you need be free from every move and symbol..
in convent= as zavit..stay two letters
which stay and what explain as commandments..
did someone need be judged with both side..

Madeley, Australia

#468069 Aug 2, 2013
in secrecy..
Why people don't liked critic..find in bible word as verse..
to be free from word vica- verse=as Moses divided

find words not to happen
look symbols as geometric describe trough roads buildings and so on..

i sleep in room of my grandfather
one night i been very wet-as night mare upon my soul and desturb..i see light open over me
i see man who never return home swimming over water..i see him as it is..
my tiny soul except as know can

Atlanta, GA

#468070 Aug 2, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
It took you a while to admit this, but finally you had.
And it solidifies that a child doesn't have faith before he/she is baptized, thus they did not "come to Jesus" on their own, but through an act conducted by the parents, because THEY WANTED TO BAPTIZE the child, AND NOT BECAUSE of the child's faith.
Which now invalidates the purpose of baptism - well at least for Catholicism and infantile baptism.

I never denied it, Anthony told you same a while back.

It doesn't invalidate Baptism. And it's "infant baptsim", not "infantile".

The only thing "infantile" is you thrashing around knocking over straw men.

Madeley, Australia

#468071 Aug 2, 2013
never say if if if
its can be or will be
its act
its action
on every action reaction

Atlanta, GA

#468072 Aug 2, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
You have to have "God's word' first, in order to separate it.
As far as history is recorded, "God" only wrote something twice.
Once was the first set of "Commandments" that Moses threw at the "Golden Calf" and the second set he brought down from Mt. Sinai, which were supposedly placed into the "ark of the Covenant" which now supposedly resides in Ethiopia. you have something else written by "God" that shouldn't be separated?
Oh Goody!! I can't wait to hear what it is!!
Where's my apology, NASL?

I told you she posted that Jesus issued the Levitical commands and you called me everything but late for dinner. "Pretentious" comes to mind immediately.

Madeley, Australia

#468073 Aug 2, 2013
never go under counsel of wicket

wicket can't have holy ticket
who giving name to every street..look name up down left and right..
wicket liked upright throne trough righteousness
why is like that
dirty mad river and clean river=bible

look name on street wicket counsel
see how many accident..
see what will be happened more
action reaction

not if
it will
its will be

Madeley, Australia

#468074 Aug 2, 2013
you need be free from every symbol


#468075 Aug 2, 2013

ANTICHRIST ....on world stage


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