Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

Full story: CBC News 560,562
The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Full Story

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#445098 May 25, 2013
Black Thunder 42 wrote:
<quoted text>
Why? Weren't you?
Your entire planet and solar system was the result of supernova are stardust, no matter what your religion tells you. That IS a given undeniable fact.
HAHA! That's not star dust, that's angel dust, and you've been smoking too much of it, man.
Is that why you're so threatened by women?

Hey, Ox, we've got a live one here for ya.

Perth, Australia

#445099 May 25, 2013
you not going tell me any order..right..

i am not liar
how many times i say necu=no
i been honest with you
you not listen me
as you need listen yourself

please tell me
you liked listen what witness=about what as accuser
that you see me fully in my pain and anger grief too
o really

you forget something
i am as i am

no..i will be my home very soon..

Perth, Australia

#445100 May 25, 2013
your supernova can be repus=tail
see result


i told you
nobody will save you

its not mean i liked you or not
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo
nothing to do with that

right path is right path

Perth, Australia

#445101 May 25, 2013
right path is right path
wrong path is wrong path

Since: Dec 11

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#445102 May 25, 2013
In Kierkegaard’s pamphlets and polemical books, including The Moment, he criticized several aspects of church formalities and politics.[78] According to Kierkegaard, the idea of congregations keeps individuals as children since Christians are disinclined from taking the initiative to take responsibility for their own relation to God. He stresses that “Christianity is the individual, here, the single individual.”

Perth, Australia

#445103 May 25, 2013
evil football game not going help you
not at all
i know who they are
nobody and nighting
drug dillers and judges and ministers of them


you will seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

why they do to me and m y family evil corupt doctors ministers p[olice judges and all criminals togethers


not will be mercy

did you see that lift up
man with coat on zig zag as psa giza piramida
bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
no marcyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

how m,any billions and trillions rip off
evilllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllll
you are mr or mrs zazozazic=look how many z how many lift zazanovic see i zaninovic..i find all of you and everyone

bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
see all doctors evilllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllll

all of you evilllllllllllllllllllllll
satanic [osession from all of you can be heavy paynment in reverseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee
bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
then you can green or red or so ever i am not careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
now you are kukiceeeee on zukice
cikuzecikuke see letters


Perth, Australia

#445104 May 25, 2013
marsh you know where=sram te bilo
nemoj jesti mrsno

look on map ben o'clock
be good oe else gypsy joker coming thereeeeeeee
are you for sure mr bure=wind win dovidjenja
dovidjenja=nema win
nestalo je vina=jesus will bring you
sram te bilo
i talk about key not vino

“ Ah see's lanlubbers Cap'n BT!”

Since: Oct 10

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#445105 May 25, 2013
alessandro alfieri wrote:
<quoted text>
HAHA! That's not star dust, that's angel dust, and you've been smoking too much of it, man.
Is that why you're so threatened by women?
Hey, Ox, we've got a live one here for ya.
Why, where did ya ever git the idea that I was "threatened" by women Huckleberry?
Why do you feel the need to accuse me of doing drugs?
Is it just the need to defame because you can't actually refute my statements due to your own inept abilities?
Did your brother OX call you in for backup because he couldn't refute anything I said and had to resort to childish name calling and defamation (just like you-who had no provocation whatsoever either)?
You don't mind if I refer to you as Huckleberry(in light of what you have already stated unjustly about me) do you?

Now. Do you have anything you would like to discuss or debate reasonably, or are you just here to heckle and defame?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#445106 May 25, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
The fact that the other Apostles didn't write anything down that survived til the compilation of the NT, is proof that Jesus Christ started a Church and never commanded His Apostles to establish a Bible to dictate His Ministry.
- also, the Apostles didn't sit down to write anything until 30-50 yrs after Jesus Christ died.
You tell me Kay, did Jesus start a Church or Bible?
You can read the writings of the first Christians to get a better idea.
His church is His bride..the body of believers redeemed one by one.

It does not take a huge organization or megachurch to believe in His blood sacrifice.

They are nice. They do good works maybe. Spread the gospel

But its like the Temple veil. GOD can reach our hearts without all the ritual. Imo

Perth, Australia

#445108 May 25, 2013
open atlas=map
then you will see
your bottle vine not save you
i am talking about key

Perth, Australia

#445110 May 25, 2013
ko se zadnji smije
najslade se smije
ko place
na kraju
sve u suzama nosi

Perth, Australia

#445111 May 25, 2013
'molila je tiho ona
i niko razumno je gleda
i niko razumno joj reka'

ones implemented finish for ever


Perth, Australia

#445112 May 25, 2013
asked yourself
its will be deserve or not
deceiver and evil people
on devilish satanic wicket way
nothing deserve

Perth, Australia

#445113 May 25, 2013
ko jamu kopa pod drugim u nju sam upada
you going in sheol=jama
its will appear from pit
what deference between too things

Perth, Australia

#445114 May 25, 2013
ono sto je vasim ocima skriveno=what is in hide you can't see but call others stupid

evil wicket and satanic people call others who is not schizophrenic
because they don't liked see
that other know who there are

they are criminals thinkers

now all of you are simply thief

whats deference between
expression and ex press

'ex press
pojela djeca
slatki medeni keks'

how its look
when you eat in your belly is about what sickness
bible cible
buble cable
able uble
ubiti=digit just press
then finish
see about story stoj stoj stoj stop
then you will see who is stupid


Since: Apr 07


#445115 May 25, 2013
rosesz wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree with most of what you say. But there will be people Here on earth with regular bodies in the millennium. The won't be in heaven though the RESURRECTED will live among us. JESUS will rule from David's throne
There will be generations. And they a 're the ones whom Satan will tempt when loosed. Unless their parents have taught them they won't remember Armageddon and Jesus return in glory.
Probably some will not agree with His rule. They will be ripe for Satan's tempting. Sadly.
Imo it's the resurrected who can go between heaven and earth as only they have the new bodies. The other saints still in heaven heaven and humans here on earth.
During Christ's rule here on earth during the millennium,HEAVEN WILL BE SHUT UP. No one will be dying or getting sick and so called going to heaven during that time. Christ's kingdom will be a WORLDWIDE kingdom and there will be no flesh in that kingdom. If someone comes claiming to be Christ and you are still in the flesh then you are encountering the ANTI-CHRIST pretending to be Christ. Flesh and blood according to scripture CANNOT enter the kingdom of God.

Since: Jun 10

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#445116 May 25, 2013
Regina wrote:
<quoted text>
You don't know the difference between redemption and salvation. None of the protestants do. That was one of the first things I noticed upon coming to Topix. And spare us the dictionary definitions. They are not applicable when speaking of matters of God.(Maybe that's why you use them.) So calm down, Charlie, you know not of what you speak.
apolutrosis,(the act) ransom in full, i.e.(figuratively) riddance, or (specially) Christian salvation:--deliverance, redemption.

apolutrosis,(the act) ransom in full, i.e.(figuratively) riddance, or (specially) Christian salvation:--deliverance, redemption.

Christian Salvation is a definition of redemption..

One of your problems is you looking in an English dictionary to find the definition of Greek/Hebrew words...

Get a 4 year old to explain this to you: Christian Salvation is a definition of redemption..


Since: Apr 07


#445117 May 25, 2013
confrinting with the word wrote:
who="Tony17" The seven years that was shortened to a 3 and a 1/2 year period that in actually was shortened to a 5 month period which most so called preachers is unaware of? What about it? Scripture does not say that is a last chance. Misled preachers that MISINTERPRETED the scriptures made that up.
If Satan is locked up for a 1000 year period during Christs reign during that 1000 year period,and then let loose for a little season to go out to deceib\ve the nations again, what do you think is happening during that time period. Scripture CLEARLY shows that Christ is here on earth ruling for a 1000 year period of time. Did you read Revelation 20:1-10 that I posted a link to?
You guys have surely been lied to by these so called preachers that have grossly misinterpreted the word of God and have you guys thinking there's gonna be a so called rapture and then that's basically it.
Now who is (mis)interpreting? Mohammed says that jihadists are not to make treaties with their opposition...except that, in times of weakness, they can make a treaty of seven years, in which they can build up their strength. At any time during the seven years that they regain their strength, the treaty is be broken.(It is a lie from its beginning.)
The Biblical 'seven years of tribulation' begins with a (supposed) peace.(When they cry 'Peace, Peace', a sudden destruction will be upon them.) The anti-Cbrist will make this treaty with Israel, but after three and one half years, he will break it. This is the period which the Bible calls Jacob's Troubles, and Jesus said that it would be a time more terrible than ever had been before it.
Yes, the Bible describes a rapture, and you should pray that you are ready for it, as you won't want to 'see' Jacob's Troubles.
Then Satan will be bound for 1.000 years, and Christ will reign on earth for that period.
There is more to be found in The Book...The Bible.
Sadly those of you that believe in a rapture will go a whoring after the ANTI-CHRIST. If you beleiev in a rapture then you have been already been signed, sealed and delivered to the anti-Christ and YOU WILL ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Ypur deception is already thorough. I say again...YOU WILL ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST if you are one of those that believes in the so called rapture. The rapture theory is just another of the many things that many have mis-interpreted from the Bible.

Perth, Australia

#445118 May 25, 2013
ha ha i been for sure
lipa cura=obeliks
i wrote before
see secrets what i know which i never see or know that others do

but my secrets i don't revile
not yet
why should be
to whom

Perth, Australia

#445119 May 25, 2013
i am not going except nothing

i died long time ago

did you see me when i died before
how many times

many many times

byyyyyyyyyy mr kukurikovici kukuruzovici

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