Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 20 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Dust Storm

Pennock, MN

#437831 May 4, 2013
Now this is what really happened and the part Herme conveniently left out when he said the council declared equal priviledges and it was so. Clearly authority had been exercised numerous times before as Constanople tried to usurp authority it never had.

"...we do also enact and decree the same things concerning the privileges of the most holy Church of Constantinople, which is New Rome. For the Fathers rightly granted privileges to the throne of old Rome, because it was the royal city. And the one hundred fifty most religious Bishops gave equal privileges to the most holy throne of New Rome, justly judging that the city is honored with the Sovereignty and the Senate and enjoys equal privileges with the old imperial Rome...." (Canon 28, Chalcedon)

However, Pope Leo refused to agree to this canon; and employing a kind of "line item veto," ordered it struck from the Council documents. In this, Bishop Anatolius of Constantinople writes to Pope Leo, apologizing and explaining how the canon came to be, saying ...

As for those things which the universal Council of Chalcedon recently ordained in favor of the church of Constantinople, let Your Holiness be sure that there was no fault in me, who from my youth have always loved peace and quiet, keeping myself in humility. It was the most reverend clergy of the church of Constantinople who were eager about it, and they were equally supported by the most reverend priests of those parts, who agreed about it. Even so, the whole force of confirmation of the acts was reserved for the authority of Your Blessedness. Therefore, let Your Holiness know for certain that I did nothing to further the matter, knowing always that I held myself bound to avoid the lusts of pride and covetousness.-- Patriarch Anatolius of Constantinople to Pope Leo, Ep 132 (on the subject of canon 28 of Chalcedon).

So, the matter was settled; and, for the next 6 centuries, all Eastern churches speak of only 27 canons of Chalcedon -- the 28th Canon being rendered null and void by Rome's "line item veto." This is supported by all the Greek historians, such as Theodore the Lector (writing in 551 AD), John Skolastikas (writing in 550 AD), Dionysius Exegius (also around 550 AD); and by Roman Popes like Pope St. Gelasius (c. 495) and Pope Symmachus (c. 500)-- all of whom speak of only 27 Canons of Chalcedon.


Since: Apr 07


#437832 May 5, 2013
And allow me to warn you good people about something that is soon to occur, those of you that are sleeping in bliss (IGNORANCE). Satan and his fallen angels are soon to be kicked out of heaven and they're coming right here to good old terra firma,earth. They will look just like a regular human being and you won't be able to tell who they are if you have """"" eyes wide shut"""" spiritually speaking. They will again be trying to take humans in marriage just as they did in Noah's day. Christ foretold us that just as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days.

That time is fast approaching. You guys that call yourselves Christians had best wake up and stop with the deceptive fairy tales that are coming from the so called church.

You people have been lied to about a whole lot from the very pulpit that are supposed to be the guardians of the truth of the word of God.

The so called church have failed miserably in spreading THE TRUTH. But they have been very successful in spreading the deception that Satan intended to accomplish. From the very puplits that call themselves churches of God.

Perth, Australia

#437835 May 5, 2013
koliko rogova
toliko stogova
koliko batra
tolika vatra
koloko cackalica
toliko plackalica
koliko kolica
toliko lica

Perth, Australia

#437836 May 5, 2013
he not forget his tears..

Perth, Australia

#437837 May 5, 2013
pred veliku Gospodu
nenose se cackalice

napad se nepriprema u zimu
veliki hitler je zbog tog izgubio rat

nije isto zamrznuce
kao sto je budjenje

ljudi imaju dva doba
musko i zensko=male and female
a zemlja cetri godisnja doba
zima proljece ljeto i jesen
sat o'clock have 60 second
60 minute
24 hour
altogether 144
Jesus have 144 000

Perth, Australia

#437838 May 5, 2013
volite li kestene
volite li kikiriki
volite li orase
volite li bajame

Since: Dec 11

Location hidden

#437839 May 5, 2013
The Orthodox Church cannot accept the papal or institutional concept of the church for many reasons. Orthodoxy strives to remain faithful to the beliefs and practices of the ancient undivided church.
As can be seen from a study of the decisions of the seven Ecumenical Councils, the bishop of Rome did not exercise anything close to the kind of power now claimed by the pope during this crucial period of church history.
The Bishop of Rome did not attend any of these crucial Councils laying the framework of Christianity deciding such issues as- the nature of Christ, Who Christ is, the nature of the Holy Spirit, the relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whether Christ was fully man and fully divine, the Basic Creed that is the Structure of the Church etc. This is far from the role of “Vicar of Christ” or “Head of the Church”
In 325 Emperor Constantine convened the First Ecumenical Council of the entire church. Around 220 bishops attended, mostly from the eastern churches. Only around eight officials came from western churches - Rome sent only two presbyters. The council drew up a creed, the original Nicene Creed, which received nearly unanimous support. The council's description of "god's only-begotten son", Jesus Christ, as of the same substance with God the Jather became a touchstone of Christian Trinitarianism.

Since: Dec 11

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#437840 May 5, 2013
The Second Ecumenical Council. was convened in the year 381, in the city of Constantinople, under the Emperor Theodosius I. This council was CALLED BY EMPERORS GRATIAN AND THEODOSIUS I. 150 Bishops were present. THE COUNCIL DID NOT INCLUDE WESTERN BISHOPS OR ROMAN LEGATES, But it was accepted as ecumenical in the west.
the Consubstantiality of the Holy Spirit with the Father and the Son,
The Council also supplemented the Nicene Creed, or "Symbol of Faith,"
with five Articles in which is set forth its teaching
about the Holy Spirit,
about the Church,
about the Mysteries,
about the resurrection of the dead, and the life in the world to come.
Thus they composed the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed
The Third Ecumenical Council. was convened in the year 431 A.D., in the city of Ephesus, under Emperor Theodosius II. 200 Bishops were present

Since: Dec 11

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#437841 May 5, 2013
The Fourth Ecumenical Council. was convened in 451 A.D., in the city of Chalcedon near Constantinople. THE EMPEROR GENERAL MARCIAN and a reluctant POPE LEO I THE GREAT assembled one hundred and fifty Bishops. More than 500 bishops attended — the largest church council gathering to that time. ALL DELEGATES WERE FROM THE EASTERN CHURCH, EXCEPT THE FEW PAPAL REPRESENTATIVES FROM ROME AND TWO FROM AFRICA

defined the true teaching of the Church:
our Lord Jesus Christ is perfect God, and as God
He is eternally born from God.
As man, He was born of the Holy Virgin and in every way is like us, except in sin.
Through the incarnation, birth from the Holy Virgin, divinity and humanity are united in Him as a single Person, infused and immutable, indivisible and inseparable, Christ has two complete natures: the divine and the human These two natures function without confusion, are not divided nor separate (against Nestorius), and at no time did they undergo any change
THE FIFTH ECUMENICAL COUNCIL. was convened in 553 A.D., in the city of Constantinople, under the famous Emperor, Justinian I. It was called to quell a controversy between Nestorians and Eutychians. The Council was attended by 165 bishops ALL BUT ELEVEN BISHOPS CAME FROM THE EAST..
confirmed Church's teaching regarding the two natures of Christ (human and divine)
The Sixth Ecumenical Council. was convened in the year 680 A.D., in the city of Constantinople, under the Emperor Constantine IV, and was composed of 170 bishops The Pope was represented (as was normal at eastern ecumenical councils) by a few priests and bishops.
affirmed that since Christ was true man and true God, He must have two wills: a human will and a divine will.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#437842 May 5, 2013
Oxbow wrote:
<quoted text>
A name given at Antioch to those who believed Jesus to be the Messiah, A. D. 42, Ac 11:26 It seems to have been given to them by the men of Antioch as a term of convenience rather than of ridicule, to designate the new sect more perfectly than any other word could do. They generally called each other "brethren," "the faithful," "saints," "believers;" and were named by the Gentiles, Nazarenes and Galileans. He only is a real Christian who heartily accepts Christ as his teacher, guide, and master, the source of his highest life, strength, and joy, his only Redeemer from sin and hell, his Lord and his God. They who rightly bear Christ's name and partake of his nature, and they only, shall finally share in his glory.
All of those words such as "brethren," "faithful," "family," "saint," "martyr," "salvation," "holy," etc.... were/are just phrases to lure people into the cults. Each cult had and has their own self-serving terminology to fool people into the idea that "If you join MY group, I have the best offering in the "universe," as it is the only one that will guarantee eternal bliss in the afterlife. All others are false and MINE is real."

That is an old story ... but it still has its "charm" ... for the gullible.
>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>


1.A city in southern Turkey near the Syrian border, it was the ancient capital of Syria; pop. 123,871.
2.A city in ancient Phrygia.

Since: Dec 11

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#437843 May 5, 2013
Catholic Cardinal and theologian Yves Congar stated

"The East never accepted the regular jurisdiction of Rome, nor did it submit to the judgment of Western bishops. Its appeals to Rome for help were not connected with a recognition of the principle of Roman jurisdiction but were based on the view that Rome had the same truth, the same good. The East jealously protected its autonomous way of life. Rome intervened to safeguard the observation of legal rules, to maintain the orthodoxy of faith and to ensure communion between the two parts of the church, the Roman see representing and personifying the West...In according Rome a ‘primacy of honour’, the East avoided basing this primacy on the succession and the still living presence of the apostle Peter. A modus vivendi was achieved which lasted, albeit with crises, down to the middle of the eleventh century."

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#437844 May 5, 2013
Oxbow wrote:
<quoted text>
synagogue: sunagoge, an assemblage of persons; specially, a Jewish "synagogue" (the meeting or the place); by analogy, a Christian church:--assembly, congregation, synagogue.
Jews assemble in synagogues

Christians assemble in churches

Had Jesus lived, he would have encouraged the building of more synagogues ... NOT Christian churches.

Perth, Australia

#437845 May 5, 2013
do you liked potato ota; top
you have there on boder line
1 as leader as well 8 as follower
much more not 29 you have 30..make sure you need count..
do you realize what you want..

''- moje tijelo bilo modro i bicevano
poslije toga optuzise me pokvareni svijedoci
i osudise me pokvareni sudci..''

U mojoj molitvi prikazujem se sjedinjena sa Isusovim ranama i molim za cijeli svijet kojem je potrebno najvise Milosrde..budi milostiv svakoj dusi koja se nalazi u mukama i patnji..

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#437846 May 5, 2013
The first Christians were as "cagey" as the Jews that came before them. They all wanted people to follow their scams, and their terminology was created to attract those who might otherwise pass by without entering.

For instance, the word Catholic meant universal, as in the whole danged universe. The group of ex-Jews latched on to that word that previously was not attached to a religion, and they morphed the word into their own religion as though a god had placed it there for them.

And then they bragged that the word Catholic meant and means UNIVERSAL.

Fortune tellers abounded and flourished, as one theologian after the other bragged of knowing the divine path to utopia.
Anthony MN

Andover, MN

#437847 May 5, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
I was thinking about Lake Vermillion this year but I seriously doubt the ice will be off. Looks like its Clam Lake over in Wisconsin now. I think this May will be phenomenal for walleye and especially Crappie because nobody fished in April. I dunno.*fingers crossed*
We'll be on the east side of Vermilion the weekend after opener. Clam lake area is nice, used to drive through on the way to my base in the UP. Yes, I've heard the late spawn is going to make things quite interesting. Keep your fingers crossed!

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#437848 May 5, 2013
To claim that one's own religion ought to be "universal" assumes more territory than just the world. It assumes that if there just happens to be other forms of life out there in other galaxies, if they don't follow the Catholic religion of earth, they also won't be saved.

That is a whole lot of presumption on the part of ANY leaders of cults.


Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#437849 May 5, 2013
The ex-Catholic Protestants protested that the Catholic church was NOT universal. Protestants also wanted and want their pie to be the whole one and only one.

These people in individual cults aren't prone to sharing pieces of the pie. They want the WHOLE pie in the sky for their most HOLY selves.

If there is a creator, the greed of believers must be evident TO the creator. If not ... the creator has no brains whatsoever.


Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#437850 May 5, 2013
I'm quite sure that if there is a creator, it will understand why I left the cults of religion behind and decided to trust my own judgment.

Theologians, with their solitary stories of "I know the truth and you other theologians are liars" were giving me the heebie-jeebies.

I trust that if I perceive humans as being of the same worth as all other forms of life ... that is my best bet.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#437851 May 5, 2013
I am quite sure that if I was a creator of life, I would create all life to be of the same value. I wouldn't say "That animal over there is my favorite ... and this animal over here is my least favorite."

That type of reasoning, or lack thereof, makes no sense whatsoever.

Humans told the stories of gods that supposedly inspired them to write such nonsense as humans having dominion over all the animals of earth.

I suggest that flamboyant story is based on utter nonsense.

Since: Sep 09

Prince George, Canada

#437852 May 5, 2013
The way humans fight over who has the correct theology ... if I were a creator, I'd send them all to bed without supper.

"You go to your room, and YOU over there ... you go to your room ... and I want all of you to contemplate about what the word unity actually means."

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