Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

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The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Full Story

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#420124 Feb 5, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
Everyone who is Catholic is free to leave anytime. Especially in this era where there are so many options in Protestant land. Heck, if you can't find one that fits, just grab a Bible; ordain yourself minister and open up a 'church' in the basement of a hardware store in town! Some have done that and became very successful. They made a whole career out of it and retired!
The Church ain't holding us hostage. They will stand up and keep proclaiming the truth even if all but 10 walks out the door. Truth is truth and can not be compromised.
today people are free to leave,but back a few centuries if you left the church or tried to, you were declared a heretic and tossed in the dungeon and tortured and killed or used as fodder in the arena for peoples ammusement.the church can't do that in today's society,if they could i'm sure they would,they are desperate for money (so they claim),with all the gold and silver,realestate holdings,schools which around here are $3500.00 a year to attend,plus money coming in from idol/statue sales,jewelary,cd sales,dating site sales,and according to HOJO there are 1.168 billion followers (doubtful),at just one dollar apiece per week multiply that by 52 sundays and that's a sizable chunk of change,plus they were insured in case the molesting of children became known to the public,that alone tells you that the highest in the church knew what was going on,because buying insurance like that had to be ok'd by the vatican council and the pope. so i don't see how they could be desperate for money,they i think payed 50+ million for the crystal church,why? that money could of rebuilt haiti instead,also as i mentioned before they built a modern 2 million dollar church in some midwestern state,which doesn't make sense,and again that 2 million could of gone to help flood victims here and around the world.why build a 2 million dollar church when churches all over the world are closing on practically a daily basis.people are leaving by the hundreds,so why waiste money on new churches and buying one? they have done a lot of terrible things in the past,criminal activity,and have a pope that is a criminal,and people forgave them for that, since attendance stayed pretty steady,but child molesting from the lowest to the highest level,that will be never for given,especially by parents,my brother will not let his kids go to any type function at the church unless he can be there to watch them,and i don't blame him,he has two wonderful intelligent kids that are full of life and curiosity,and he is not going to risk the possibility of some pervert taking that away from them,his daughter at age 4 taught herself how to speak spanish by watching a childrens show,she also knows sign language, which she wanted to learn because there was a deaf child in her class,the school wanted to move her ahead by one grade because she got bored in class because it was to easy for her,he wouldn't do it,he wanted her to stay with the friends she made and go as far as she could with them,i agreed with that,it is hard to find good friends (at any age).his son is like him likes to use his hands,build things,helped my brother build a tree house in their back yard,and he picked up on what it takes to build things rather quickly,it started when he was about 5,and my brother does everything he can to encourage him.there wonderful kids and if something ever happened to them,like it has to thousands of other kids,there would be hell to pay.i gaurantee it.since i'm most likely not going to live a full life i would take it upon myself to deal with the situation,that way nothing would happen to my brother,he can be there for his kids.

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#420125 Feb 5, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh yeah, that was a Heck of a game. I tried to get everyone to bet me. I knew the ravens would win.
I don't care much for the San Fran coach, he doesn't have much class.
the 49'ers should of won the game,the QB missed a wide open reciever standing in the end zone,i watched the replay twice and to the right of the reciever he threw the ball to was an open reciever,which apparently he did not wouldn't surprise me to see them in next years superbowl,hopefully so will be either the patriots or the minnasota vikings,my two favorite teams.

Perth, Australia

#420126 Feb 5, 2013
my feet going trough fire modern then 45 degree
i fill every pain from that Cross..
my hand start too
when i put my hand on legs and feet they more hot then feet..its so nice experience that..its beautiful know why Jesus suffer for us.

Perth, Australia

#420127 Feb 5, 2013
on my knee apiering marks dark blue..when i as tiny child kneeling with my mother in prayers..


in which name you pray
paul any saints
or real someone who is been on Cross

Since: Nov 08


#420128 Feb 5, 2013
ReginaM wrote:
A plague of Atheists has Descended, and Catholics are the Target
Attacking Christians is Not Really Clever, Witty or Funny.
FROM time immemorial, this world has been troubled by plagues. From bogong moths in Canberra to frogs in biblical Egypt, unwelcome and unlovely creatures have the awkward habit of turning up in bulk.
Just now, we are facing one of our largest and least appealing infestations. Somewhat in advance of summer's blowflies, we are beset by atheists. Worse, they are not traditional atheists. These tended to be quiet blokes called Algie with ancillary interests in nudist ceramics, who were perfectly happy as long as you pretended to accept a pamphlet in Flinders Lane.
No, the new hobby atheist is as brash, noisy and confident as a cheap electric kettle. They want everyone to know that they have not found God, and that no one else should. Their particular target seems to be Catholics. On the surface, this is odd, as there are plenty of other religious targets just waiting to be saved from a vengeful, non-existent deity. Smaller herds, such as the Christadelphians or the Salvation Army, might seem more manageable. But the Catholic Church has two incomparable advantages as an object of the wrath of proselytising atheists.
*First, it is the biggie. Taking out the Catholics is the equivalent of nuking the Pentagon. Guerilla bands of Baptists and Pentecostals can be liquidated at leisure.
*Second, the Catholics have the undeniable advantage that they do still demonstrably believe in something.
Attacking some of the more swinging Christian denominations might mean upsetting people who believe a good deal less than the average atheist.(LOL, very good one by the author!) ...
a plague of Atheists has Descended, and Catholics are the Target
JETHRO:this statement is not quite accurate,catholics are not being targeted, the church is, and they can't blame anyone except themselves,they created their own history and they have to live with it and take the consequences that go along with their indescretions, just like everyone else can you pity a church that created it's own problems?? they killed and molested thousands and they are to be pittied? i don't think so.

Perth, Australia

#420129 Feb 5, 2013
what you will pray now
which prayers
if you have that over yourself
no many who can take Cross
overself no
an honest man


#420130 Feb 5, 2013
words are just being quoted out of the bible. and chapters being put down. i can you phrases like its the blind leading the blind in christianity etc etc. but instead i use proofs what the bible is sayin is even true or if it even makes sense. jus quoting stuff like Jesus characterized the worldly, disobedient person as blind, as sheep without a shepherd, foolishly going down a road to self-destruction of his own soul etc. that doesnt proove the bibles true its just using poetry. i can make poetry like thaT doesnt mean jesus said it. bible been changed too much end of story. look into every religion properly before choosing a religion. find logic and then everythins good thank you n peace to everone

Hamilton, Canada

#420131 Feb 5, 2013
ReginaM wrote:
<quoted text>
The Church banned UNAPPROVED and FAULTY translations of the scriptures.
Still wetting your pants because you think you've hit the jackpot.(lol)! This guy must know you personally, he described you to a tee!
Your church leaders burned and ripped up more gospels than the ones they actually kept. Remember all the gospels written according to the catholic church were accounts of a man who actually lived. Were they not as well claimed to be inspired by God? Why were they discarded?

Why would other gospels written at the time be burned if they wrote stories about a real character? You could understand gospels being discarded if they were written about a fictional character.

Their reasoning was nothing to do about a man named Jesus. It was their way of controlling their own agenda.

Why can't you see this.

Catholic Girl

Bethpage, NY

#420132 Feb 5, 2013
LTM wrote:
Tell them to come up here where I am Preston, right now -32 sunny no wind . I have gone ice fishing when it was -51 no hut.
It was beautiful out the stream floated across the ice when the sunny hit it. awesome .
Sorry I had to correct my spell.
How's the fishing? Temp in Balto., Md. today is 35 but our Ravens Football team is Red Hot. Super Bowl Champs for those out of the loop.
Good Luck with the fishing. How do you keep warm in these temps.?

United States

#420133 Feb 5, 2013
jethro8 wrote:
<quoted text>the 49'ers should of won the game,the QB missed a wide open reciever standing in the end zone,i watched the replay twice and to the right of the reciever he threw the ball to was an open reciever,which apparently he did not wouldn't surprise me to see them in next years superbowl,hopefully so will be either the patriots or the minnasota vikings,my two favorite teams.
my beloved Vikings will make it. I just hope they do it while Peterson is here, because he deserves a ring. I'm glad you're a Vikings fan!

Responding to your previous post about Catholicism (traditions) not supposedly found in scriptures.
I assure you that every inch of Catholicism is somehow found in scriptures. Much of it is so deep rooted and entwined with the Church that its hard to explicitly see on the surface. This is what leads many notable Evangelical Pastors into the Catholic Church. They dive deeper and deeper into the Bible and read it thru the eyes of the authors; thru the eyes of the first Christians. Its there you see the teachings of the Catholic Church.
The simple fact is Jesus Christ established a Church per scripture. You can not find anywhere, where He established a Bible, per scripture.

Protestantism is built on Sola Scripture. This is not what Christ taught. This is not what the Apostles taught. In fact, this is not what any known Christian taught until 1,600 yrs after Christ!
Thus, Protestantism is a doctrinal mess.
RCC Superiority So BUSTED

Melbourne, FL

#420134 Feb 5, 2013

The RCC has absolutely changed its teachings on salvation.

All this baloney to maintain claims to ONLY and PERFECT.

The real world says no way Jose.

United States

#420135 Feb 5, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
<quoted text>boy are you in for a rude awakening when your eyes open after death and find out that her[marys] prayers didnt amount to more than the beans that I just burnt on my stove.
hope that you dont wake up in hell, but her prayers will never save you or help you if you are depending on them.
There will be no rude awakening for anyone who asks Mary for help.
If I was Jesus, and someone honored my Mother AND asked her to talk to me, I would not be offended one bit. In fact, I would encourage all to love my Mother. She took care of me since birth. She fed me and clothed me. When I needed assistance I went to her. When I cried she was there. If I'm Jesus Christ, you could not please me more, than if you loved and honored my Mom.
By all means, if you're going to ask your biological mom for prayers, Preston, then you surely can ask Mary for prayers.

Hamilton, Canada

#420136 Feb 5, 2013
Anthony MN wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks for this Fr. Dye, and for your gentle presence here. I must admit that if it weren't for you and Robert being here (as well as my Catholic friends of course), I would have left this thread long ago.
But yes, you're right of course, the evil one does focus his attack on the only thing that threatens him, I realize that now. Such hatred and false witness, such maliciousness towards our faithful priests and religious and worst of all, our Blessed Mother. I respond in anger and disgust and it only inflames them. My weekly hour in adoration is the best place for me to refocus on what Christ expects of me.
Please pray for me.
Father Rob says.......

....It has a SOURCE, and that source chose to make the attack against the Catholic Church, much more so than against any of their communities.
And Jesus TOLD us it was going to happen, so we ought not be suprised.

Michael says....Didn't the story of Jesus claim he went against his OWN religious leaders during his life while he remained a devout Jew? Wouldn't he have been claimed a heretic towards his own belief?

...if you read the posts from the catholics on this forum you will also see attacks, insults and name calling towards anyone not catholic. You never address those posts.

Catholics attack protestants.....Protestants attack catholics. Its a way of life. Each group believes they are superior over the other, and both claim to be superior over anyone that doesn't belong to either group using the very same God inspired doctrines to prove their own conflicting beliefs.

You wonder why educated young people today are not interested in the religions their parents practiced?

Organized religion has created more divisiveness, hatred, ignorance and fear in our world than any other entitity.

Perth, Australia

#420137 Feb 5, 2013
i am strange for you
how many face you have
and on how many place

its mean not expect anyone
otuditi=remove yourself from real path

ja jesam
bit da bi bila

byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy

Perth, Australia

#420138 Feb 5, 2013
i am not care
what others satanic conspiracy set up


Hamilton, Canada

#420139 Feb 5, 2013
ReginaM wrote:
BM and Mikey got their feelings hurt this afternoon and have been in a tizzy ever since. They can't stop posting, one after the other after the other after the other after the other after the other after the..........absolutely hysterical! Think I'll go get a snack. Anyone want to take bets on how many of their posts are in the fishbowl?
..We should be nominated for a PULITZER prize for our ON-LINE journalism of credable non-fiction religious news stories.

... We post the stories that the media FEARS to write.

thanks for reading our posts


Hamilton, Canada

#420140 Feb 5, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
There will be no rude awakening for anyone who asks Mary for help.
If I was Jesus, and someone honored my Mother AND asked her to talk to me, I would not be offended one bit. In fact, I would encourage all to love my Mother. She took care of me since birth. She fed me and clothed me. When I needed assistance I went to her. When I cried she was there. If I'm Jesus Christ, you could not please me more, than if you loved and honored my Mom.
By all means, if you're going to ask your biological mom for prayers, Preston, then you surely can ask Mary for prayers.
We all love our grandmothers too. Why not prayers to Jesus grandmother? Because the church says no. I am sure you love your father as much as your mother for your upbringing, why no praise for step father Joseph??

Why does the church stiff arm Jesus step father Joseph? Didn't he have just as much parental guidance of the raising of Jesus as his mother Mary would have? No accolades to him?? Why? Because the church says no.

Can't you see, the church scripts everything the way they want it, and you just follow along without question.

I am sure you loved YOUR father as much as your mother, and wouldn't seperate their love for you. You do that when you don't thank Joseph Jesus step-father.


Hamilton, Canada

#420141 Feb 5, 2013
Garlic man wrote:
Hey Michael,
Wanna see who can eat the most garlic tonight?
I am sure you would win hands down over me eating garlic. 5 hours later you would also win the farting contest over me to.

Congratualtions! Garlic man. Something real important to be proud of.

Perth, Australia

#420142 Feb 5, 2013
juriti=run run run
atletic=run run run
at letic
at=U letic=fly
letak=i holy teresa will on the end time give flowers petal of roses one the end time
please pick me a rose from heavenly garden and send it to me with message of love
asked god for favour and tell him
i love him
Robert Dye

Tulsa, OK

#420143 Feb 5, 2013
RCC Superiority So BUSTED wrote:
<quoted text>
1... My apologies on Mark 5:1-20. Thank you for pointing that out. I now see it.
2... As for Mahoney, yes time will tell. I doubt if he will get the full Cardinal Law treatment. But I also doubt he will be shining anyone's shoes.
Serious question -- Do you believe that Benedict in his former capacity was unaware of Mahoney's actions?
Depends on what you mean by "actions."

I imagine Cardinal Ratsinger's primary interest would have been disciplinary actions taken under Church law. Did you take this man out of ministry? Was it done according to canon law? What do you have him doing now? What steps are you taking to avoid such cases in the future?

These are what would be the area of review for the CDF. In HINDSIGHT, it is easy to say that the CDF should ALSO have been adressing how bishops were dealing with (or in too many cases, NOT DEALING WITH) civil authorities.

I can see how they made the mistake. It would be near epic folly for an office in Rome to try to keep up on laws on this stuff in every jurisdiction around the world.(There is enough variability - or was - in just the USA for it to be pretty confusing). It would probably be thought that the civil implications and pastoral response (tending to needs of victims and their families) be left to those close to the situation.

Obviously, THAT does not work (we're seeing the same samned thing with public schools and the boy scouts just now, unfortunately). There is an almost universal instinct to try to cover your failures.

I doubt if Cardinal Ratsinger knew how Mahoney was covering things up ... how he was focused on "avoiding civil litigation" and manipulting US laws by hiding the perps in other jurisdictions.

It made sense (at one point) to send these guys for treatment (This assumes the absense of criminal charges, which was too often the case), and facilities set up for treatment are few. One in Arizona (? Servants of the Paraclete), one in Washington, DC, one in Hartford, Connecticut, and perhaps Detroit and Minnesota (Guest House, which mainly treats alcohol and drug abuse, but I *think* they may have tried treating sexual paraphilia as well). Except for dioceses where these facilities are located, a bishop would HAVE to send the man out of state for treatment.

(I wish I could look up what happened with servants of the paraclete, but can't close this window, or I lose the whole post. I may get some points wrong.) In many cases, priests set to Servants ofte Paraclete were not welcome to return home.(I ca't say how often this was the Mahoney strategy.) Pronounced "cured," they were given assignments by the local bishop, and this proved to be a major mistake and disaster.

Conventional wisdom on this is STILL evolving. We know you can never return an offender to an assignment involving chidren.

This means NO parish assignment, and NO hospital ministry.

One might assume this means defrocking them, but that may not be such a good idea.

Benedict faced harsh criticism over a case in California where hedragged his feet on defrocking a priest who had already been removed from ministry.(60 minutes did a real hatchet job of Benedict on this one.) Benedict finally caved, and defrocked the guy, which gave hom the right to marry in the Church. He did, to a woman with young children, and guess what happened?(In my opinion, Benedict bears some culpability in this case. But you can't have it both ways. If Benedict is culpable for giving this guy permission to leave the priesthood and marry, how han he ALSO be blamed when he was dragging his feet, and expressing doubts that this should be permitted. Turns out he was right, and should have stood his ground, but the outcry, the outcry ... that he was "protecting an abuser," and "failing to protect childten." The man had been removed from ministry. The civil authorities were declining to prosecute. hat more could B do?)

Out of space. Sorry

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