Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

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The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Full Story

Ames, IA

#419540 Feb 1, 2013
```````and so that [fence] that you spoke about, keeps the dirt from your church to drift onto us and pollute us.```````

And I've never seen it happen, another promise fulfilled. AMEN

7th Day Catholics Rock

Poplar Bluff, MO

#419541 Feb 1, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
<quoted text>not often do I agree with you but you are correct and if he had read anthonys reply to you he would have seen that. in your own perverted way, you WERE defending mary.
but in retrospect, it is difficult to keep up with every post. so that is probably what occurred with clay on your post.
but you should have pointed the finger of speaking about an idiot to mean
No what I prepied to was the term LTM used including Mary to imply she was embarrased of her son Christ. If she had said she was concerned for her son because of his preaching then yes I would have agreed with her. Then you try to imply my statement had nothing to do with Matthew 12:46-50 becuase of the scriptures I used to show in no way would she have beem embaracced knowing who he was. Concerned for his safety yes but not emarraced.
Therefore you are the idiot not me.

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LTM wrote:

<quoted text>
Amen Preston, I believe that Mary and Jesus' brothers came to that

place to get Him to stop preaching, He had became an embrassment to

mary knew who her son was. wever the brothers were in doubt.
Remeber Christ also told Mary his time had not come when she asked

for the water to be turned to wine.

Glen Gardner, NJ

#419542 Feb 1, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
There has to only be one religion.
God is truth.
However, these people aren't completely without God, because they are still seeking Him... Albeit, with the only resource they chose. And that's the Books the Roman Catholic Church says are Biblical. go figure.
Thanks for your honest answer :)

Saint Paul, MN

#419543 Feb 1, 2013
confrinting with the word wrote:
<quoted text>
You serve another jesus, and bear with him..You are not a Christian brother....
2Co 11:4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.
You are a Constantineean....
The Constantine dynasty has ruled from Rome for over 1600 years.
and you are a part of it...
Confrinting---I see that you are now "stuck" on the Constantineean (merry-go-round), of anti-catholic heretical (word games). Recently you have become more and more"reckless" in your desperate need to "grasp and hold-onto some new "bible only distortion of the TRUTH........ So now its the Constantineean (fif-raf) of your Protestant "lies and deceit"by using a different "tactic" than what you used last week(in another one of your(continuous) failed attempts) in trying to "distort the Truth" of the TRUE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ and His One True Catholic Church....... You just keep "making up" one lie after another, in order to "justify" the condemning and judgmental (so-called) Christian Ministry that has "absolutely no basis of biblical or historical truth" to back up ANYTHING that say.......... You are only "another one" of the 42,000+ contradicting, conflicting and inconsistent (personal opinionated) half-truth, half-heresy Protestant preachers that just keep "spinning their wheels" going (NOWHERE) around in circles of more and more Protestant confusion and chaos......... God has never, nor will ever, be the author of your condemning and judgmental ministry, that is built (not on Jesus Christ) but on attacking the TRUTH of the faith of other TRUE Christians, especially Catholics. Again,........ I repeat to you---"the only true Christian in your family is your wife----however, you in your own beliegence, hostility and rebelliousness wouldn't "humble yourself" to EVER listen to her.


#419544 Feb 2, 2013
I believe in holy words.
I believe in holy power.
Jesus Christ name above all.
Who kill my people 1260 years..genocide over genocide.
I recommend my self to his holy CROSS to become united with him in everything..i been united with him on that Cross..i fill every pain..i fill his holy Crown too.
Did you claim my Crown my name my land my history and my Marty too.
What ever God bind on earth will be in heaven?
Who do that to my people?

I know judge who reject us.
Jesus Christ name above all.


#419545 Feb 2, 2013
I know judge who reject me my family too my people too.
Jesus Christ name above all.


#419546 Feb 2, 2013
Who ever hide from us..what ever.. they do ..its will be with all of them on last judgment day.

I been united on that CROSS..i fill every pain like never pain exist before..i been stub in my heart..i been under attack days by days ..years by years..i been reject from everything and everyone..but i stay in prayers days by days night by nights..i fill that CROWN many many many days night by night many nights..i been strip off judge too..

Jesus Christ name above all..
What you hide from us it will be hide on last day ..what is bide on earth will be on heaven..

Which is name above all?


#419548 Feb 2, 2013
i asked you 4 horns altar
3000 years ago

Mare rog nije Bog.
bair cair dair fair gair hair kair lair mair nair pair qair kairo qairo air
Mare rog nije Bog.
tare vare ware xare yare zare
Mare rog nije Bog.
xsaverski and wounds of Jesus Christ
ustrajnost=you will endure
who eat my bread=euharistic
they not died without mercy because my heart my love will be for them in last moment securety.
srce kopljem probodeno=i ben 2.5 mounth under attack..i fill that any pain exist that you can describe..who is right will be right..its save me..


#419549 Feb 2, 2013
apri epri opri ipri upri
pricest pri cest
proverb 15;9
rignteness he love
proverb 21;21

Mare rog nije Bog.
moje cete srce uvijek spominjati
ruho nije bozije odijelo
in ear evil spirit is not god word
in eye log is not mother mary milk
rog nije bog=horn is not god
air zair zara raza baza faza gaza jaza kaza vaza

wind is yin-evil


#419551 Feb 2, 2013

Chicago, IL

#419552 Feb 2, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
<quoted text>yes, I agree, to be a catholic is irresponsible, not to say, ignorant.
Ignatius lived from around 30 to 110 AD. He was also called Theophorus and was the third bishop of Antioch in Syria. We know little about him, but from his letters we can infer that he was converted to Christianity as an adult, though there is a myth that he was the child who sat on Jesus' lap.(Matthew 18:2).
Also, a tradition says he and Polycarp (another famous Apostolic Father) were both disciples of John.
first we find that he is involved in a myth as catholics saying(yes they have said it on this forum)this also until I put a stop to this lie.
next; we see that he is involved with a[tradition] involving polycarp and him knowing and even being his[johns} disciple.
so two for two, a myth and a tradition. GOOD START.
but still no results that showhe was arrested because of any association with any Apostle. wiki doesnt show it but clay knows it is the
more;According to these Acts, in the ninth year of his reign, Trajan, flushed with victory over the Scythians and Dacians, sought to perfect the universality of his dominion by a species of religious conquest. He decreed, therefore, that the Christians should unite with their pagan neighbors in the worship of the gods. A general persecution was threatened, and death was named as the penalty for all who refused to offer the prescribed sacrifice. Instantly alert to the danger that threatened, Ignatius availed himself of all the means within his reach to thwart the purpose of the emperor. The success of his zealous efforts did not long remain hidden from the Church's persecutors.
The Persecution of Ignatius
He was soon arrested and led before Trajan, who was then sojourning in Antioch. Accused by the emperor himself of violating the imperial edict, and of inciting others to like transgressions, Ignatius valiantly bore witness to the faith of Christ. If we may believe the account given in the "Martyrium", his bearing before Trajan was characterized by inspired eloquence, sublime courage, and even a spirit of exultation. Incapable of appreciating the motives that animated him, the emperor ordered him to be put in chains and taken to Rome, there to become the food of wild beasts and a spectacle for the people.
so clay is a liar without better proof than just his word since there is no record of iggie being arrested soley based on his association with any apostle but this link show why he was arrested.
and it is a shame that your catholic church feels a need to bolster his achievements and his desire, since they could easily stand alone on their merits. sincere he surely was, intelligent, that isnt shown.
But it was not for himself that he rejoiced, as the one great and ever-present wish of his chivalrous soul was that he might receive the fullness of Christian discipleship through the medium of martyrdom. His desire was not to remain long unsatisfied.
I am sorry, but the fullness of any Christian is to live for Him not to die.
I thought as I read that, about what Patton said.“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other xxxxx die for his.”
and we as Christians are in a war, and that it is one that we will win
I was being sarcastic when I said your post was interesting. Your last couple lines raised some eyebrows. You're a minister of Jesus Christ?

Ignatius was an ordained Bishop of Antioch. What part of that do you not understand? Logic tells us he knew some of the Apostles personally. Right?His writings will supersede any personal opinion you have.
You're a false teacher. Maybe a great husband and father, but no authority on the Christianity.

Chicago, IL

#419553 Feb 2, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
<quoted text>lol, jesus said thinknot that I came to destroy the law(OT) but to fulfill it(Born Again)
no you havent changed and it is evident. in teh OT, there is death and destruction and your church has certainly lived up to their reputation.
however with jesus, everything changed,
Sorry, I had to snip that stupid propaganda based piece about sins committed by some Priests in WW II . I know you need to post those things to function, but they only work on ignorant fools.

Now, about your opinion that Jesus came to destroy the OT.
What books? All of them? Are the inspired words of Ezekiel irrelevant now.
Preston, is the OT not the Holy Bible anymore to born agains?

During the Catholic Mass, we start our scripture readings with two books from the OT. Then we do two from the NT. One is the Gospels.
This is the way Christianity formed. The OT flowed into the new. The new doesn't cancel out the old.
If it did, then you would be declaring the OT authors were not inspired by God- because they're wrong!

Your first line in your post above:
"Lol, Jesus said, think not, I came to destroy the law (OT) but to fulfill it (born again)"

There is nothing you should be 'laughing out loud' about. This proves you were not called by Paul via your grandpas trip to Heaven and back, to preach the Bible.


#419554 Feb 2, 2013
how much 216
heavenbe good
no place on heaven or earth


#419555 Feb 2, 2013
silver and gold =fire..o under temperature is going all lot=its ezra

soul not


#419556 Feb 2, 2013
Now i don't believe any reason for that..
ti si na cvijet ugazila i najega kriz polozila.

Chicago, IL

#419557 Feb 2, 2013
Sherlayne wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks for your honest answer :)
Thank you for thanking my honest answer. But I want to clarify what I said. I said, "there can only be one religion"
I should have said, "there can only be one Church". Christ could only have started one.

Now, there SHOULD only be one religion too. But that's not reality. Actually, in this era, its the first time in human history that its possible for everyone to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But don't let these Evangelicals fool you. Jesus Christ would require people to actually know him, in order to reject Him. Billions of peoples and tribes throughout the world did not ever know Him.
God will be the judge of them accordingly.

Corona, CA

#419558 Feb 2, 2013
I see that the cowboy is still at spreading his lies. As a Catholic I find his answers as offensive but to argue with him is fruitless. Take car JOHN

Sudbury, Canada

#419559 Feb 2, 2013
atemcowboy wrote:
<quoted text>you love us. listen, there isnt one Chrstian that hasnt felt the acidic tongue of dust storm not to mention reg when she goes on a
and yeah, we do have a disdain for your church which has persecuted the saints for centuries. and well we should. your church has lied, murdered ,pillaged, and even thrown litle babies into fires they started, and things havent changed. your clergy has killed children even today, with the std's they have given to these young ones.
they(clergy) dont want to go to heaven and they dont want you too either, just like the devil whom they serve.
and you and those around you think that your church is the only [true] is almost laughable except it is so sinful that there is no merriment to be found when we think about it.
but I do agree there is a big fence between us, and I am so glad there is. your church and its animosity towards the Truth, will never be bridged in this world, which is why Jesus is going to destroy it some day. But the warning was given 2000 years ago to come out of her. you had better heed the Words as given by Jesus. he knew about your church before it was ever formed, and He knew how evil it would be, and I have no doubt the Orthodox will be pleased some day if they dont give in and allow your church to become part of them again
Right on Preston, years ago I was going to turn catholic , I read the catechism and changed my mind.
I know very little of the bible, except for the Lords prayer and a few Psalms I memorized by heart,.
The catholic church is all about the catholic church its not about God.
They have large idols of saints and Mary suppositly, They have 3 idols representing Jesus one on the cross dead, one on the stick the Pope carry's of a decomposed corpus, and one of Mary and an infant in her arms.
Jesus isn't dead, He did not rot in the grave.
And He isn't a baby He is Almighty God
They have gone to church all their lives most of the catholic's and have never met Jesus, to them He is a wafer and a glass of wine.

Sudbury, Canada

#419560 Feb 2, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank you for thanking my honest answer. But I want to clarify what I said. I said, "there can only be one religion"
I should have said, "there can only be one Church". Christ could only have started one.
Now, there SHOULD only be one religion too. But that's not reality. Actually, in this era, its the first time in human history that its possible for everyone to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But don't let these Evangelicals fool you. Jesus Christ would require people to actually know him, in order to reject Him. Billions of peoples and tribes throughout the world did not ever know Him.
God will be the judge of them accordingly.
Once again I tell you it isn't the catholic church, The Catholic Church is a worldly church.
Gods Church is a Spiritual Church Lead by the Holy Spirit.
God reigns from Heaven on Earth, He did not leave control of His Holy Church in the hands of a human,
God's church are Spirit filled born again believers; people who follow the Lord Jesus Christ.


Since: Jun 10

"ISA 55:11--"MATT 10:27"

#419561 Feb 2, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank you Confrint for clarifying why we Catholics and you 42,000 will never see eye to eye.
The huge fence between us is: we look at you and see Gods love. We know what you're talking about when you say you were 'born again'. Definitely all Catholics have experienced this awesome gift from God. In fact, the Eucharist is there every single day if we choose...
You say we are going to hell for being Catholic.
We love you. You hate us.
Who's the real Christians?
Btw. If you hate the CC, you hate us. We are one in the same. You can not hate the Catholic Church but love its members. We're Catholics because its The only Church that Christ started.
I hate no one ...I care enough to tell you the truth...

You are ASLEEP...(like those that pilgrim found sleeping,)along his journey. IN PILGRIMS PROGRESS.... by JOHN BUNION...


If I hated you... I would just ignore you, and just let you go to hell...

Love is always in order...

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