Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 603302 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Sudbury, Canada

#417190 Jan 21, 2013
marge wrote:
<quoted text>
Same forcast here Ltm, minus the snow, burrrr!
Hi Marge I think its like this everywhere.

But we Canadians are use to it, I remember going icefishing when it was below 50- minus. I was younger and didn't feel it as much as I have the last 2 years.
My age is showing LOL

“What are you looking at?”

Since: Jan 08

Albuquerque, NM

#417191 Jan 21, 2013
What happened to all those other gods?

According to this ancient text, "God" was a mistake.

What makes your "God" better than gods of previous ages?

A: Men told you that "He" is.
RCC Superior BS - BUSTED

Melbourne, FL

#417192 Jan 21, 2013
hojo wrote:
<quoted text>
The "only reason" that you Protestant "bible only buffoons" are on this Catholic Forum is to attack our personal faith and Salvation in Jesus Christ and His One (and only) True Apostolic Catholic, PROVEN, AUTHENTICATED AND VERIFIED for over 2000 years, both biblically and historically.---You came here (with vengeance) searching for Catholics to condemn, pass your personal opinionated judgement, hate and hostile "venom" against Jesus' ONLY True Church which was, is and will (always) be One Universal Catholic Church. The fact is that there is "not one Catholic" on this forum,(or ANYWHERE) that would "go searching" for a Protestant topix forum with the "one and only intent" of trying to attack the faith of Protestants. WHY?? Because there is "no need too"! We ALREADY have the TRUTH of the TRUE INTERPRETATION of the bible and of the words of Jesus HIMSELF--in Matthew 16:13-21 regarding HIS One True Church and the TRUE WORDS of Jesus in the Eucharist __John 6:47-59 regarding His "true body" and "true blood". AGAIN---we already "have the TRUTH" and you Protestants have been "rejecting "the TRUTH"" over and over again,(using your own "personal appointed" Popes for over 500 years. We, as Catholics< already "KNOW, possess, and adhere to the FULLNESS OF THE FAITH and the FULLNESS OF THE TRUTH, in and through Jesus Christ, in the Church that Our Lord (formed, and initiated) which is HIS One True Catholic Church. Until you come to TRUE SALVATION in Jesus Christ (in and through His One True Church, you will (continue) to remain on the outside of the TRUTH "always looking in"!!!!!
The only way for Catholics to even think they refute the truth -- chant and attack all others.

Why are you in hated Protestant America instead of "spiritually superior" Catholic America to the south?


Since: Feb 08

Location hidden

#417193 Jan 21, 2013
jethro8 wrote:
<quoted text>Yes i do speak up if i see something posted that i really disagree with,isn't that what a forum like this is all about?? a statement was made,catholics (most on here) seem to be afraid to speak out about the church and it's statement,i have asked dozens of questions and i get no replies because people are afraid to reply,they are raised in a church that uses fear as a way of keeping people from speaking up,i expect you to deny that or a catholic diehard will,and i don't understand how people knowing full well what they have done can remain with a church that committed such a vile act?? especially families,the only reason is they are catholic in name only, but do not attend church services except on certain holidays,judging by the empty parking lots i see,that is what is happening,it's a shame, i honestly feel sorry for catholic people who seriously believed in what is suppose to be a holy institution,but it's own history tells you other wise,it is true history it is corrobborated by multiple sources including the church itself, that they are guilty of crimes the average "joe" or buisness would go to jail/be closed down for,IT"S TIME FOR A CHANGE,no more holy diplomatic immunity,it's time people along with governments take a very close serious look into the church and it's actions,because they are deplorable,the true church of a god would no way behave in such a manner as the catholic church has,this fallibility talk is nonsense it's just an excuse the church uses to explain away the transgreations of it's priests to the is bull cookies,A true honest religious person who believes deeply in the one god theory would not sit back and allow the church to do what it has done in the past and anything that will be done in the future before it is disolved from the religious will happen,not in our life time but it will eventually happen. the more people wake up to the truth the more they will leave or just stop going to church and just remain catholic in name only(which most are),ypou are not born catholic you are taught to be one,or be what ever your ancestors were,religions count on that,that is undeniable.AS i stated many times if a god existed it would be something you would know in your heart from the begining of your life,it would not have to be taught to you,it would be a feeling close to what your senses are like,and that does not happen,that is one of many reasons i have doubts about the one god theory....the world would be a better place if people including all religious groups actually practiced what they preach,you don't even have to be religious just treat people in the same manner you wished to be treated. is their a second life out there? no one knows the absolute truth,the only way that could happen is if the "god" appeared before the world for everyone to see.
Jethro,all we were discussing was soup beans and corn bread and sopping it up.

Since: Jun 10

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#417194 Jan 21, 2013
180 135
Robert F wrote:
<quoted text>
A marriage is a vow shared by a man and a woman, like two oxen are yoked together to pull a plow. One cannot make a mold and put two oxen in it and melt them together. Marriage is not a mold into which two people are poured like a liquid or melted by fire together to make one person, by God. Breaking the vow is forbidden.
The Scripture says...plain as day "Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh."

However,we both know that they are not, literally, one flesh. You cannot face this truth, because, to do so, you would have to admit the same logic applies to "I and my Father are one".

I showed you the teaching on this matter by the Catholics....they teach Christ is the Incarnate Son of God....not God. I showed you that the pope approved NABRE, on Joh 10:30, does not teach that Christ is God. Several Scripture that shows God saying that Christ is His Son...etc etc...


United States

#417195 Jan 21, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, where you stated, "I think it is Church's teaching".
If it isn't, they why make an opinion that it is.
You Catholics seem to be riding the RCC wave on the seat of your pants. Do you always "think" the RCC is teaching something that they don't?
It is obvious with "Jesus being God" - which is false also.
Why don't you believe Jesus?
More importantly, why do you believe men?
I'm not an authority on Catholicism. Even so, if I state something I 'think'( but its outside of Church teaching ) its ok because I'm not serving in a teaching capacity but rather, I'm on a debate forum. Of course, I have a hunch I'm correct in the teaching, otherwise I wouldn't bother stating my opinion on it.

I wouldn't say Catholics 'fly the RCC wave by the seat of our pants'. Rather, I would say we have true faith in Jesus Christ and the Church He started.
You conspiracy 'Christians' have no true faith in Christ. You seem to think He was lying when He said, "I will be with you always until the end of the world".
You think He meant, "I will be with you sort of... but you won't really know my true will until a Bible can be printed and handed out to the regular folks, then you'll figure out on your own what I want"

Even more bizarre.. "some gnostics will come along and use part of this Bible, and add some other weird books and say its me talking....But don't worry, because THEY will have the correct faith, so listen to them"
RCC Superior BS - BUSTED

Melbourne, FL

#417196 Jan 21, 2013
Did Pope Benedict XVI know? German Catholics to investigate abuse charges in choir run by brother

Read more:


Somehow the Pope's lawyers will find a way to cover-up for this creep using diplomatic immunity.

Every single Catholic here should pray to Saint Benito Mussolini and thank him for everything he did for his lapdog, the church.
Anthony MN

Andover, MN

#417197 Jan 21, 2013
Oxbow wrote:
<quoted text>
I have already answered the first question.
I have no way of knowing how many divine deities are there. Consider:
Deities of all kinds, throughout history, have been sort by many to assist them and others in all walks of life. From time beginning Gods and Goddess were/are worshipped and honoured, believing that by honouring these divine beings by way of prayer, perhaps gifts and rituals answers would be found and all would be well once again with the sun rising once more. Perhaps a good harvest would be produced, or a hunt would go well, or the answers on how to cure a sick person would found etc. Divine Deities were, in both ancient times and now, sought for guidance, answers in this reality, along with answers to the great mysterious of the world or attaining enlightenment.
You don't know how many divine deities there are? Don't Christians confess one divine deity?
RCC Superior BS - BUSTED

Melbourne, FL

#417198 Jan 21, 2013
St Mussolini...

Every single Catholic here should pray to Saint Benito Mussolini and thank him for everything he did for his lapdog, the church.

Who knows where the RCC would be today with St. Bonito's gift?

"Who" say the deniers.


Since: Jun 10

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#417199 Jan 21, 2013
182 071
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
Nothing to with the Chinese eggs, but it is what Jesus was referring to in "John".
One could also surmise that if Jesus "saw Satan fall from the heavens" ("Luke"), it could also mean he was in Spirit form as well, witnessing this event occurring.
Jesus spoke of the Spirit - and did so, in all he spoke of. Nothing more, nothing less. And surely nothing to do with him "paying for our sins".
He spoke of the Spirit and how it transcends this world.
What else don't you know, that I can enlighten you upon?
When you want to address my post, I will respond:

Mt 19:6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Does that mean that a man and woman whom God has joined together are the same person????!!!!! Is that person the man...or is that person the woman???!!!!
7th Day Catholics Rock

Poplar Bluff, MO

#417200 Jan 21, 2013
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
You should understand that you're adding to the Book of Revelation when you imply a 'government seal' or 'the Beast is the Roman Cathlic Church'.
The Beast was the evil Roman Empire that Catholics defeated and converted to Christianity. Catholicism didn't change after the conversion of Constantine. You been lied to if you believe Ellen White.
Anyway, thats not why I'm replying to this particular post.
Sunday was observed from the earliest possible moments of Christianity. It was NOT invented at the Council of Laodicia in 362 AD like your post above suggests.
I encourage you to watch this video if I am able to upload it..
The Catholic Mass
I never implied it. It was taken from You leaders archives of Catholic

United States

#417201 Jan 21, 2013
7th Day Catholics Rock wrote:
<quoted text>Yea Boy that CATHOLIC BOOK of REVELATION is a tell all for sure. Has quite a bit to say about your Church as well. You need to read it sometime.
I read it just the other day thank you.
I don't see how your opinion on the book makes sense. In fact, I believe you added some ideology to Johns words.
When the Roman Catholic Church said the Book of Revelation is inspired by God and included it in the New Testament, they understood the previous wicked Roman Empire was the Whore of Babylon. They defeated them by converting them to Catholicism. Johns Prophecy came to pass.

Since: Jun 10

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#417202 Jan 21, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
Stop and re-read your questions?
Do you think anyone on this planet has the capability of "knowing what God can or cannot do"?
If you do, you are deluded, lying, and just downright ignorant.
My post is not discussing God's capabilities...

You are skirting the answer to my question...

Does that mean that a man and woman whom God has joined together are the same person????!!!!! Is that person the man...or is that person the woman???!!!!

Since: Jun 10

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#417203 Jan 21, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
Then why did you reply in the manner you spoke to me?
"Christ is not God".
Then you are not "Christian" if you believe this.
Welcome to my world, Rabbi!
My belief is based on Scripture..which I quoted...which cannot be refuted...
7th Day Catholics Rock

Poplar Bluff, MO

#417204 Jan 21, 2013
Clay wrote:
Try this one:
The Catholic Mass 155 AD

Since: Jun 10

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#417205 Jan 21, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
No, Greek languange studies - just bits and pieces throughout my years, why?
Because you referred me to a Greek Bible...if you can't read Greek, how do you know what it teaches????

Since: Jun 10

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#417206 Jan 21, 2013
Robert F wrote:
<quoted text>
If God revelaed God as three distinct persons, then it is easily possible....All things are possible with God.
If one of the three distinct persons of God became a man, then a man may pray to God, and God may reveal His Will to the man.
No ifs about it...the Son of God, the second person in the Holy Trinity, came into this world as Jesus Christ. Lived about thirty years, was crucified, died, was buried, and rose again on the third day. Is now seated at the right hand of God...

He was, as the Bible says the Lamb of God: The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

And looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God!

The about Scripture says, emphatically, that Jesus is not God...

Since: Jun 10

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#417207 Jan 21, 2013
188 142
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
But this question seems to be veiled in a guise.....a guise to discredit me.
Lay it on me Rabbi - I know you want to.....
what does this questions have to do with the forum's title?
A: nothing.
Nothing praised the Greek Bible as "the Bible" to read..yet you can't read Greek!!!!!????

How you figga???

Since: Jun 10

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#417208 Jan 21, 2013
New Age Spiritual Leader wrote:
<quoted text>
Even after you post this, you still think your "God" is exclusive?
You slamming God shows your true colors....

Since: Jun 10

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#417209 Jan 21, 2013
Anthony MN wrote:
<quoted text>
You don't know how many divine deities there are? Don't Christians confess one divine deity?
You did not ask "Don't Christians confess one divine deity?"

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