Roman Catholic church only true churc...

Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican

There are 627464 comments on the CBC News story from Jul 10, 2007, titled Roman Catholic church only true church, says Vatican. In it, CBC News reports that:

The VaticanA issued a document Tuesday restatingA its belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

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Since: Sep 11

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#378051 Aug 5, 2012
JuneBug1000 wrote:
Hi Junebug, and welcome!:)

Perth, Australia

#378052 Aug 5, 2012
its expression when people pray

God alwayes listen p[rayers ..o yes they can hear.

now i pray as you do sand your andel with sword..mercyyy
then how you will escape Micle of Almighty power..
Please explain!
Don't look in grammar..never

look what i say to you..
''it is as it is..who is in existance''
''who is been before as will be always''

''purpose''=one cooking bread
from what?!
one big planet from all your sun system..Are you for sure Micle you going escape?
Free Mind

Orlando, FL

#378053 Aug 5, 2012
Michael wrote:
<quoted text>
The 96% lied, deceived and covered up these worst of sins.
As you know when priests leave the seminary (there aren't many today) they get placed into a diocese where they usually spend the next 50 years sharing living quarters with other clergy from the diocese. They live together, they socialize they are all friends of each other. They all know who the alcoholic priests are, who the lazy priests are and who the ones who have been caught doing unthinkable things to kids.
That other 96% are just as guilty as the priest/bishop who committed these most serious crimes.
Philadelphia is now the template, of how the coverup clergy are going to be treated. The Roman catholic Monsignor in Philly just got sent to prison for 3-6 years for covering up for dozens of molesting priests in Pa.
Right this minute clergy around the country are shaking in their boots..........WHO IS NEXT!!
The twisted part of this whole thing is Catholics themselves are virtually silent. They too, are responsible for much of what has gone on, for not demanding answers. Their sins are UNforgiveable.
It is difficult but I am determined to forgive them. I ask Jesus to forgive them too.

However, I will never forgive their leaders at the Vatican for not letting the world know about Mary's threat at Fatima until it was too late.

Imagine if the world had known about her demands and was given the opportunity to show more devotion to Mary's sacred heart!!! WW2 could have been averted. But the Vatican kept Mary's demand a secret until after WW2 had begun and millions of Chinese had already been killed.

Which leads us to the biggest mystery in the Universe....

Why does Jesus seem to hate poor Chinese peasants so much? What did they do to Mary?

Perth, Australia

#378054 Aug 5, 2012
''words''..from heart is as shape as sword..its will be follow..
ones example
''eye''=which eye=evil eye..
when i fill its over
its going as bumerang does meter how much you strong..
2 man died two eye is gone..what a about that..
''don't put eye over me''..every words is holy

did you find nulty line..i mean ''blac magic stone'' is not as you think powerfull

3x stone
tronjke =trio
Are you for sure Father Son and holy Spirit not exist?
Free Mind

Orlando, FL

#378055 Aug 5, 2012
Seraphima wrote:
<quoted text>Yes I have changed and I agree,not for the better but Regina had nothing to do with it.Honest.At times, I am mad at the world.In real life,I am very likeable.I need to spend more time in prayer.Sorry for my remarks.
Mad at the world? We see it in how you dress that poor puppy. The color scheme is the pits.

Three words -- animal fashion abuse.

Perth, Australia

#378056 Aug 5, 2012
When you find nulty line..please tell me
Which letter..from which alphabet ..which people?
Did i see that letter..yes yes yes i see somewhere..i need go again trough some with small papers..but ..''symbol of that letter''''?''

Are you for sure its your letter Micle?

Please tell me meaning ''nulty line''
as well ''black magic stone''
Micle=Are you for sure you did not know?
line going on one way..but left one other way
even that stone is not safe third way imposible save nobody..
''pride is sin=error''


Since: Jun 10

"ISA 53:1.--6 "MATT 10:27"

#378057 Aug 5, 2012
Clay wrote:
<quoted text>
goodness confront...
I hope you're not referring to Catholics when you say people on here have no respect for the bible!
Please please understand, we Catholics call the bible 'the word of God' too. It is completely entwined with every Catholic Mass and every prayer we do. There is so much scripture in a catholic or orthodox mass, your head would spin, confront.
But never were these books thought of as a literal- word for word- verse chapter verse type authority on Christianity.
The authors of the New Testament were not the only people in the history of the world ' inspired' by the Holy Spirit!
Does that make sense?

I personally believe that the Bible (rightly divided) is the only

inspired word of God.

that it is the standard.... by which all Christian activity

....both Spiritual


physical should be measured.

I also am adamant in my belief that all other additions (editing s) that cannot be (with out question )validated by the word is conjecture .

Therefore I do not accept the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church

which cannot/does not meet the required standards (is not founded upon)

the truths of the Bible.






I have over 60 years of Bible study to my credit...

How long have you studied the Bible?

Since: Nov 08


#378058 Aug 5, 2012
Sherlayne wrote:
<quoted text>
Good luck, hope you have a great time!
hi there,hope your doing well? the party was not that bad we stayed inside because it was way to hot to stay out side and the great grandparents are in their 80's and great grandma is not in the best of health so we moved everything inside,the event was catered,and they had a sausage pepper and onion dish in some type of sauce the was incredible,i couldn't stop eating it,i even took some home,there were about 20 people there,all millionares,i'm the only poor one,g/f's son married for money i think,but she's a nice girl,love her grandmother she is so funny,is friends with donald trump,knew the rat pack,frank sinatra,sammy davis and the rest,she has her own room at trumps casino,no one stays in the room but her,she's in her 80's also and sharp as a tack,she just retired from working,she was with the same company for 50 yrs.all in all it was a good time,was to bad we couldn't enjoy the outdoors,that was the only bad part,was a little crowded in the house(split ranch).

Perth, Australia

#378059 Aug 5, 2012
Micle ''pride'' is sin ..modern language error..
o well Holy Spirit is scare tell you about truth..Did you understood..
look messosoic paleosoic and so on..who created that..which sort of life is been there..micle
doese meter which sort of life is been there all of them is been ''one cooking bread..dust into dust..micle is that past not talking for futher ''purpouse'' one cooking bread from all of you..o does meter you will give me forgiveness i know that you can

i can't beter express myself..ok when you speak about that then people will call you cold blade killer don't you..
''gigantic dwarf planet''=sun much try calculated hi hi hi hi
If i died ..are you going cry?!

Since: Sep 11

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#378060 Aug 5, 2012
Hermeneutics Smutics wrote:
<quoted text>You are a deaqf fool. I saud that the Holy Spirit guides me in reading the Bible. You, deceiver that you are said hermie if you were Boprn Again you would not have to wait for the Holy Spirit. said i do not have to wait. he guides me. You are a deceiver. Secondly I am already Born Again.You are a deceiver of the first rank.Leave me alone. have my spiritua;ity to develop and I have no need for those whose spiritual;ity consists of questioning others spirituality. The oly Spirit is always by my side. You are a disgrace to whatever belief you profess. Do not trifle with me any more little man.
Many of us have also told others here that the Holy Spirit guides us in our Bible reading, Herme; they called us liars.Personally, I feel when we know HE is guiding us, those who call us liars are the liars themselves; the romanists claimed we were lying.
Free Mind

Orlando, FL

#378061 Aug 5, 2012
Signs from Jesus 101.....

Roman Catholic-majority societies = more crime, higher murder rates, greater drug use, lower standards of living.

Roman catholic prayer = studies show worse than nothing at all.

The Internet + Born-Agains created to punish Catholics.

Police raid on Catholic Bishops' Conference lays bare the dark soul of the Vatican -- making Born-Agains seem normal by comparison.

Sad but true.

Perth, Australia

#378062 Aug 5, 2012
Why others died who is not catholic? free mind
they must be very special with privilege when they need died.
About what?!

Since: Nov 08


#378063 Aug 5, 2012
hojo wrote:
<quoted text>
The "unequivical and undeniable proof" has existed and BEEN PROVEN, over and over and over and over again, for over 2000 years with the TRUTH of TRUE, by authenticated, verifiable and accredited Church Historians and TRUE biblical interpretation by Apologistic writers and authors (both Catholic and Protestant, the biographies and autobiographies of the lives of the Saints and the Church Historians. I've done my homework for over 12 years and have "no doubt" as to the authenticity regarding the TRUE historical and biblical accounts that took place. Like I said before--"You Protestants can believe and do what you want." I'll continue to worship God and His Son Jesus "IN HIS WAY" at Daily Mass, in the Eucharist and the Sacraments, "in and through" HIS One True Apostolic Catholic Church (the bride of Christ)!
your telling me the protestants believe the c.c. is the true church? and church historians are going to distort the truth in favor of the church to get people to go there,that is not proof,traditions created by man are meaningless show me something in the scriptures that clearly states the catholic church is the true church. lives of the saints,these so called writers were not witnesses to the lives of the saints,like most, all writtings are hearsay, including the bible,there is nothing that supports the validity of the bible,that is why it's called a theory.and again where is it written that gods word is suppose to be a religion??

Perth, Australia

#378064 Aug 5, 2012
Did opther ideology have gulag or any religfion org anything please explain..
Earth is very violent planet but somebody coming who will shut life maybe for long long long period.
Are you pro-life
or pro-death?
Because they try change for ever life without Easter.
''weed seed''=death

Perth, Australia

#378065 Aug 5, 2012
many police is corrupt..judges ministers and high level listen satanic voice..not real God voice less Jesus Christ.

Perth, Australia

#378066 Aug 5, 2012
hm..60 years..oh oh oh..its nothing..forgive me..if my life not worthy
please tell me if you could for you..''why church is not institution''?!
We been teach..Our loving God is very slow on anger as well very slow to be judge...less make any convenience
its coming from real Creator or not..very very very slovly..our universe have millions millions years on front then 60 years..forgive me if i hurt you..but you not convince me..

''Holy Spirit not going explain past which others from Ancient time know''
Hm..who is been one who watch real Creation..if you really think I am hurt you ..i will stop chat.

Perth, Australia

#378067 Aug 5, 2012

Perth, Australia

#378068 Aug 5, 2012
imposible your face..oh
even if your country going finish your vewterans..oh oh oh..your Veterans always will be well very well used then reject..until they start need you.

Where you stolen that face?

Perth, Australia

#378069 Aug 5, 2012
ha ha ha ha
poor Micle
forgive me
10 20 30 60 90
paralel merdians
look ''line'' on equator you are not safe..
i am not going tell you everything
when change proces occure first will be line equator
ha ha ha ha
whats that mean
ha ha ha
''why don't you jump down Jesus Christ''
Who say that Micle?
Forgive me if I am wrong!

Perth, Australia

#378071 Aug 5, 2012

i want study this symbols
electric time water air trafic..i liked see conewction..did i find before this city nothing exist..oh
when you see you explain how coming..where are come-from..oh

be good
if i can't express proper way..its not mean i want something no

''because of your ''wish''
you want ''wish'' to have..its not me

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