Dr Zakir Naik invites Pope Benedict XVI for open interfaith dia...

There are 20 comments on the Sep 29, 2006, Paktribune.com story titled Dr Zakir Naik invites Pope Benedict XVI for open interfaith dia.... In it, Paktribune.com reports that:

Friday September 29, 2006 JEDDAH: Eminent scholar of comparative religion Dr. Zakir Naik has invited Pope Benedict XVI for an open inter-faith dialogue.

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markus lama

Kolkata, India

#15658 Jun 20, 2011
zakir naik is using the bible for his own benifits to win the argument he may win the debate but ofcourse he will never win peoples heart.the only means of salvation of humankind is through the blood of jesus christ christ. He only died vor our sins and has alone fullfilled all the prophecy of all the religion i.e bible quran hidushastra.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

#15660 Oct 14, 2011
hahaha how funny...pope cant do nothing zakir naik is a brillint scholer he had already thrashed dr william chambell...:D


#15661 Oct 14, 2011
The going to discuss about Genie may be. All genie is satan.

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#15663 Oct 14, 2011
Interfaith dialogue is a complete waste of time! Ready for the truth?

www.scribd.com/doc/22629976/They-Shall-Re ...

Pune, India

#15664 Oct 14, 2011
Zakir Naik is a scholar? Far from truth. Memorizing lots of scrap and uttering them does not make someonee a scholar. Zakir naik is master of taqiya and a perfect showman. He debates with those who don't have deep knowledge of Quran, sira and Hadith. He invites the Pope for a debate but he will never debate with the likes of Robert spencer. He debates infront of semi literate or illiterate muslims and by his utterances makes them to clap and thinks himself as some great scholar. I would like to have a debate with him but certainly he wont agree because I dont have 10000 followers. O.K. any follower of Zakir naik debate with me HERE on his behalf. Lets take a topic, you present Z.N.'s arguement and I will refute them. Let's take the topic " Prophecy of mohammad in hindu religious scriptures." Is there anyone?
Tirto Kencono

Jakarta, Indonesia

#15665 Oct 19, 2011
Wokiko wrote:
The going to discuss about Genie may be. All genie is satan.
Segera setelah itu Ruh
Kudus memimpin Dia
(Yesus) ke padang gurun. Di
padang gurun itu Ia tinggal
selama 40 hari lamanya,
digodai oleh iblis.”
1: 12-13)

Yesus digoda-godain oleh iblis.

Tuhan macam
manakah yang bisa digoda
oleh iblis?
Di mana posisi
kekuatan dan kebesarannya
jika Tuhan itu digoda-godain oleh
iblis yang hina?


Para jin berkata:
”Kami (jin) tidak akan mampu melepaskan diri
dari kekuasaan Allah di bumi dan tidak pula dapat
lari melepaskan diri dariNya.”
(Al Jinn: 12)

jesus adalah tuhan ala kristen yang BLO'ON bin DONGOK

Mumbai, India

#15666 Nov 29, 2011
Zakir Nayak is idiot. Pope is great HE never invites any one for futile discussion.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

#15667 Nov 30, 2011
As said, there are temples which exhibit love making in an artistic way...kajuraho being famous for that.
Well, for you to understand the history behind these temples, you should understand the history of India, hinduism, the teachings of the same and its purity.In ancient india,if you follow the teachings of the yogis, they say that eroticism was the base of everything.Or rather sex was the ultimate form of love in its true sense.There is nothing more pure and sacred than giving life..that is when you become bramha, the god of life.
If you follow osho, his teachings are more or less based on the same fact.
But, ironically, present day generation fails to understand this and thinks and potrays sex as a taboo.
That which was profound in India was suppressed by the mughals & other empires which ruled the country, they destroyed the base of this country for their selfish motives.
India is a place where sex was considered holy and sacred and was considered an art and hence these temples. Kamasutra was born here...
mohan wrote:
I agree with what you have written.Do you want to see the obscenities of hindu gods fornicating with each other? Go to Mahabalipuram,a small town near Chennai in India.There are lots of temples where you can see the so called gods fornicating with each other.This is one of the tourist attraction in india!Joel pastakia your religion stinks.<quoted text>

Sheffield, UK

#15668 Jun 21, 2012
No wonder you worships lingham god!

Delhi, India

#15670 Nov 14, 2012
Dear Madam/Sir,
Following are aims and objects of International Dynamic Peace Foundation: The objects for which the Trust is founded are:
3.1 To promote tolerance, communal harmony and goodwill among various groups of people; to create a family across the world that honors the sovereignty of God and respects human dignity.
3.2 To honor the feeling and opinions of all communities and upholding their religious and human rights; to promote equity, justice, peace and mutual respect and inculcate a culture of tolerance and harmony, working on the principles of caring for and sharing with others and create a lasting relationship amongst the communities and peoples of India and the world.

Delhi, India

#15671 Nov 14, 2012
3.3 To focus on health, education, employment, livelihood, culture, rural development, institution-building and the promotion of economic development; help society towards a search for self-reliance and socio-economic uplift.
3.4 To improve living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regards to their faith, origin or gender; to reduce poverty, diminish the vulnerably of poor populations and alleviate economic and social exclusion.
3.5 To strengthen the underprivileged communities in a sustainable manner to support its children, youth, the aged, widows, orphans and families leading towards human development with equity, dignity and justice; to enhance the capacities of the target groups, families and communities through empowerment, participation and advocacy ; to work towards networking, strengthening alliances and building partnerships with national and international organizations with mutually compatible objectives so as to accomplish its objectives.
3.6 To assist communities to develop, manage, and sustain the health care they need; provide accessible medical care in modern, efficient, and cost-effective facilities; work in partnership with other agencies in the development of communities and the enhancement of their health; educate physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals; conduct research and contribute to the development of national and international health policy.

Delhi, India

#15672 Nov 14, 2012
3.7 To provide relief and assistance following landslides, earthquake, cyclones, floods and disease epidemics; to undertake resettlement programs for displaced families and extend relief and recovery support for communities would making the transition to development.
3.8 To create a sense of brotherhood, love, humanity, affection, cooperation and friendship amongst the members of the society and the beneficiaries.
3.9 To work and fight against discrimination based on Cast, Creed, Colour, Gender, Religion, Faith, Race & Nationality.
3.10 To give IDPF Award for National & International Peace, Research Work, National and International Social Service and other Awards too.
3.11 To start establish, run take over or manage and maintain School, with an subject to provide sound pre-primary secondary and senior secondary education to children by seeking recognition affiliation for the education department concerned govt. authorities.
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3.13 To purchase/acquire land for University, Deemed University, Open University, Medical College, Dental College, Para Medical College, College and Schools, and other establishments and to construct building thereon for the cause of trust.
3.14 To work to bring Exemption from calamity, Enjoyment of health, social & national prosperity, Happiness for all students welfare, social welfare, national welfare and human welfare.
3.15 To accept donation grants, gifts, & other offering and financial & non financial Assistance from government & non government agencies & individual etc.
3.16 To provide vocational training particularly computer training to youth and children.
3.17 To publish books, news paper, magazines, charts, issue related IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials and other periodical illustration for generating the income for the trust for the benefit of its aims.
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3.19 To raise funds through donation, grants, loans etc. from foreign Institutions/organizations such as UNICEF, WHO, NEPA, and other organization etc. for fulfillment of aims and object of the trust as per law and government rules in force.
3.20 To communicate and coordinate with the Govt. Local and public authorities on various issues related to development welfare and public interest on different subjects.
3.21 To construct, maintain, alter, improve or develop any building belonging to the society or works necessary or convenient for purpose of the Trust.
3.22 To establish, dig construct, start, run, maintain or to provide ponds, wells, tube wells, tanks hand pumps, pools etc, at any place or places in India for the use and benefit of the public general.
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3.24 To raise funds for the Trust, the trust will accept cash, cheques, drafts and transfer. The receipt duly signed by the managing trustee will be issued to the donor.
3.25 To open administrative, branch and correspondence office anywhere in the country to run the trust activities smoothly.
3.26 AND GENERALLY to do in all public, charitable purposes for public benefit without any discrimination of Caste, Creed, Color, Gender, Religion, Faith, Race or any Nationality. That in case any of the objects of the Trust are held to be non charitable within the meaning of section 2

Delhi, India

#15673 Nov 14, 2012
of the Indian Trust Act, or any statutory modification (s) thereof, the Trustee (s) shall not carry out such objectives.
Wakil Wasti

Delhi, India

#15674 Nov 14, 2012
Dear Human beings:

I love all human beings even every creation of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. You also must love all human beings.
I want to see Peaceful world, world without killing, without hating, a world without abusing, a world without corruption, a world without terrorism, a world without anti-social element etc.

Wakil Wasti
International Dynamic Peace Foundation.
Wakil Wasti

Delhi, India

#15675 Nov 14, 2012
Ok a discussion should take place between Dr. Zakir Naik and Pope. Every body will like it too much. I would like to tell another thing that is Dr. Zakir Naik is big thing. May Allah bless him a lot.

Wakil Wasti
Secretary General

International Dynamic Peace Foundation India

“Facts, not fiction”

Since: Apr 07


#15676 Nov 14, 2012
Wakil Wasti wrote:
Ok a discussion should take place between Dr. Zakir Naik and Pope. Every body will like it too much. I would like to tell another thing that is Dr. Zakir Naik is big thing. May Allah bless him a lot.
Wakil Wasti
Secretary General
International Dynamic Peace Foundation India
Again, what's the use of a discussion between a religious zealot and another religious zealot?

From what I've seen from Zakir Naik, he'll just say christianity is wrong. And the pope is likely to say the opposite.

End result the same as starting point: muslims claiming Zakir Naik "won", christians claiming the pope "won", and thus no progress whatsoever - if not outright regression into further conflict. There is no progress to be expected in discussions between religious zealots anyway: they hold firm to their beliefs, this is what makes them religious zealots!

“Thank you GOD for JESUS”

Since: Jul 07

And thank you JESUS for caring

#15677 Nov 22, 2012
GOD always has the winning hand....

Mumbai, India

#15678 Dec 11, 2012
ZAKIR NAIK is your typical zio agent masquerading as an Islamic bigot. Al Qaeda, Hamas, LeT, Taliban and other Islamic terror groups are creations of central bankers and intel agencies like the CIA, Mossad, ISI, Raw, MI6 etc.

Mumbai, India

#15679 Dec 11, 2012
FORMAL RELIGIONS preach pure sectarian and outlandish BS and should be rejected by all rational people. Unified field of consciousness-energy is the only tangible and in its manifested form is the origin of the universe. Reach out to the dormant dimensions of consciousness-energy in the depths of your being and in external nature.

Saint Charles, MO

#15681 Dec 12, 2012
faith wrote:
And for the people who say that Muslims are violent and why are they acting so violent if we are helping Israel kill them and sending our troops in Muslim countries to take over their land, those people should first find good authentic sources of inform before saying anything. Their source is limited to FOXNEWS, etc.
This is called extreme Hypocrisy.
There are essentially in vogue three ways of interpreting the Scriptures, and only one must be correct: 1. Christocentric 2. Church centered 3. Israel centered. "The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy" (Revelation 19: 10) and where the "Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty" (2Cor. 3: 17). What is the testimony of the modern State of Israel? Secular? Socialist? Atheistic? Talmudic? Cabbalist/Occultist? How is the present State of Isral any different from the Pre-Babylonian/Pre-Assyrian- Captivity days?

Preterism/Historicism/Amillenn ialism are essentially Church centered, though the Amilliannists will strongly deny that.

Dispensationalism of today has basically become Israel centered- in fact there is very little space or time for the Messiah in their messages today. There is no liberty there either to question anything on Israel, the fearful adoration of Israel being almost equivalent to the adoation of Mary. They are scared that any question on Israel will be tantamount to bringing "Abrahamic" curse on them. Fear not faith dominates such thinking. They completely ignore the fact that Abrahamic and/or Mosaic blessings/curses are in toto transferred to and through the Messiah and him only, not to apostates of Christendom or modern Israeldom].
As far as Abrahamic/Davidic promise is concerned (which included all nations,) even if the entire world had rejected the Messiah, one man, the "Man Christ Jesus," the true descendant of Abraham and David, is sufficient for its fulfillment. A one man rule of a one man nation will minimally satisfy that requirement. However, there will be a very small remnant from among the modern day Israel and the Diaspora in addition to the "multitudes" from all "peoples, kindreds and tongues" in the Kingdom when the Messiah will rule from Jerusalem in the Millenniam. That is the Christ centered fulfillment of Abrahamic/Davidic promise. "Christ in all the Scriptures" was the Messiah's manner of hermeneutics (Luke 24:27, 44; John 5: 39). The one and only mission and obligation equally to Arabs, Americans, Asians, Israel/Diaspora, and all is the Great Commission. ALL are precious people for whom the Messiah died- taking the Sentence of Death which he had pronounced on ALL, upon Himself". He only can do that. All else is "hay, stubble, silver, gold" and sad/bad politics, all "to be burnt" (1Cor. 3:15).


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