Orlando, FL

#414 Aug 25, 2014
EyezLikesChicken wrote:
Did I mention that the South would indeed rise again?
The only thing rising in the south is taxes.

The red states were unanimous losers in the last election, enter Gov. Rick Perry and company, did I mention his infamous ranch name?

Racism has no place in society.

Underneath the skin color lies a identical body complete with interchangeable parts.

Irony - if the grand Pooh Bah of the Ku Klux Klan, or whatever they call themselves, needs a heart transplant, and a blood transfusion and The only donors are blacks and Latinos.

Is this pathetic hypocrite willing to die?
You know what the answer is

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#415 Aug 25, 2014
That ferguson boy was drunker than Cooter Brown and crazier than a sh--house rat, he waz cruizin for a bruisin and Now that boy has learnt if you can't Run with the big dogs then you best stay on the porch .

Covington, VA

#416 Aug 25, 2014
who cares?? we have mexicans and ISIS invading our borders ppl
Shame on all of you

Harrison, MI

#418 Aug 25, 2014
It was an's purpose was to start race riots.....those who support the killing of unarmed Americans are blood thirsty despots....own it, yes it's you

Dallas, TX

#421 Aug 25, 2014
steve 316 wrote:
when one race sees another race as being the reason for all their trouble's then they are already doomed to be what they are a sad race of people. all the racism is just a sad excuse to be nothing.
I agree! The whites that blame blacks for everything? SHAME ON YOU! lol

Trumann, AR

#426 Aug 25, 2014
Haven't heard the facts /proof from both sides. No way to make a decision. That is what the investigators do.. So far people have heard only one side and many people do not want to hear both sides.


Since: Jun 08


#427 Aug 25, 2014
This should be marched against to stop...even the boys parents said....where is the anger for him? They're killing each other and the kids..but act like white cops are gunning them down every day..

Hobart, IN

#429 Aug 25, 2014
Shame on all of you wrote:
It was an's purpose was to start race riots.....those who support the killing of unarmed Americans are blood thirsty despots....own it, yes it's you
Thanks, I will own that...

Douglas, GA

#430 Aug 25, 2014
yes wrote:
Thug dead, cop went home. As it should be.
A "Thug" would not make plans to attend college.
New Rochelle Guy

Warwick, NY

#431 Aug 25, 2014
I dont think an unarmed person should have been shot that many times.....lots of ways for a professional law enforcement person (theoretically) to take down a suspect..(Its not Dodge City anymore trigger happy police with your holier than thou attitudes).......and on the flip side....I dont get the whole "looting" thing...must be some American custom...only country in the world you see this....stealing and robbing from your own kind and race...."animals"

Quezon, Philippines

#432 Aug 25, 2014
no one said you can't riot before the results of investigation come out.

Houston, TX

#433 Aug 25, 2014
lawless wrote:
who cares?? we have mexicans and ISIS invading our borders ppl
Dumba$. Mexicans are always here, isis can kiss obamas a$$, the law must apply as the assailant wants it. Bullet or trial by jury

United States

#434 Aug 25, 2014
Police gave blacks a beat down

Long Beach, CA

#435 Aug 25, 2014
The potheads are contributing to efforts being made by the Africans to lynch the White cop who needed to defend his person by shooting the African who had just committed a violent strong arm robbery. It is being reported that the autopsy ordered by the African's family found he had marijuana in his system. According to representatives of the pothead community, pot has the effect of calming and pacifying the user.

Now it can be reported that the White male - Timothy Seaux - while attending the Jefferson County Hemp Expo:

"was nude and so combative four men had to restrain him on the ground when officers arrived on the scene...

"He was so out of control he even kneed and kicked at a trooper as they attempted to take him into custody...

"He continued struggling and violently kicking even as officers put him in the back of a squad car...

"Upon his release the next day, he was booked into Josephine County Jail and charged with menacing, criminal mischief, assaulting a public safety officer, and resisting arrest.

"According to KPTV, witnesses on scene said Seaux had heavily damaged at one vehicle in his rage...

"He allegedly battered the vehicle while two woman were locked inside terrified...

"The Associated Press reports other witnesses said he was starting fights."

One can only imagine the terror the White cop victim was feeling as he was being attacked by the unarmed 300# 6'5" African "teen".




Monterrey, Mexico

#436 Aug 25, 2014
The protesting and looting are an embarrassment to the city of St. Louis. These so-called first hand witness reports don't add up to what the autopsies and other reports reveal. Mike Brown was a thug without any morals, much like the looters terrorizing Ferguson and surrounding communities. To the media: "Stop adding fuel to these criminals' fire!" All this attention is simply giving more reason for Hell-raisers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Jr. to come to St. Louis and stir the racial pot. Get over it! The biggest racists in America are the black people who simply want to complain about how they are held down by society. Slavery and the Civil War ended 150 years ago. It's time for the U.S. to stop bending over and walking on egg shells any time a black person claims that racism still holds them back. Haven't you heard of Affirmative Action companies, scholarships given only to minorities, etc.? Why don't these people claiming that their misfortunes are caused by society take a step back to realize that this is caused by their own way of lives (i.e. drugs, homes without fathers, gun violence, gangs, etc.).

Aurora, CO

#438 Aug 25, 2014
25% negroes in Saint Louis County? Who cooked those books, it looks 50% running I-70. Strong arm robbery, steals the cigars, high on weed, tells the officer to eat it that he's not finished walking down the middle. Jacks the officer's eye then tries to steal his gun.....gets wasted as he tried to charge the officer. This Bloods gangstah is where he belongs, 6 feet under. ISIS in a 6 man unit at the Bellagio fountains with automatics and grenades is what Obama should be talking about.

Chicago, IL

#439 Aug 25, 2014
i side with police Darren Wilson because he is very handsome :) i like him.

Kingston, Jamaica

#440 Aug 25, 2014
If what is being reported is true about the police chief stating that Darren Wilson had NO KNOWLEDGE of the robbery video, then the robbery video has NO BEARING on the shooting of Michael Brown.

You are right about one thing...we need ALL the evidence FIRST! Again, reiterating that IF the report about Darren Wilson not knowing about the robbery video was true, then the robbery video has NO BEARING on this fatal shooting. Now, IF that is the case, then the question to be answered is why was Michael Brown approached by Darren Wilson? This evidence has to come out, and if there is no justifiable reason for Darren Wilson to have approached Michael Brown (taking into account that Darren Wilson apparently DID NOT know about the robbery video, which is the rumour floating around right now), then Darren Wilson has a lot of explaining to do, and he should stand trial, as he isn't just allowed to roll up on Black teens and demand them to stop without reason!

Other questions that I have is did Darren Wilson recognize Michael Brown from a previous run-in with the law that Michael Brown had, and did Michael Brown have a warrant out for his arrest at the time that he was shot?
James wrote:
We need all the evidence first.
It's hard not to side with both sides but with the robbery video, browns criminal history leaves a big doubt.

Rock Island, TN

#441 Aug 25, 2014
I think it's sad that the media and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson turned this into race. This is NOT a race issue. Look at what happened, rather than what skin color each had. The REAL issue is about crime. The guy was a criminal (he has criminal records to back up this fact; as well as the camera that filmed him robbing a store and bullying an employee).

Again, let's look at something besides the skin tone... we have a criminal who was on his way home from robbing a store. A cop pulled him over to tell him that he needed to walk on the sidewalk and not in the road.(the cop didn't know about his record or about his recent robbery) The guy (a 300 pound man)who thinks that he knows what the cop is stopping for, and already paranoid (because he KNOWS what he just did) attacks the cop. We don't know if this guy has drugs in him that would make him even more forceful, but we are looking at facts here. The guy attacks the officer and is shot. The officer takes control of situation before anyone else becomes involved (after all he doesn't know the guy is armed or not) the cop is charged at and starts defending himself and sadly, sometimes that requires heavy force, especially if the officer wasn't over six foot tall and well over 300 pounds himself.

If this had been any other color combination ... would it have been televised? I doubt it. The simple fact is: a well documented criminal was shot and killed by a officer. Now without skin colors being thrown in the mix. Who's side are you on?

For the record and those who are going to say that race influences my decision: I am neither black or white. I am a Native American.

Beckley, WV

#442 Aug 25, 2014
Who do I side with? The police officer.

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