On "Linin' Track," Bethany Yarrow showcases more of her vocal range than before, to arrive at a great end result. She pours a lot of emotion into her words, switching between slightly gravelly low notes and soft and pleasant higher ones, singing with the power of Sarah McLachlan. Rufus Cappadocia's slick cello playing provides smooth bass undertones throughout the song and also demonstrates how good music can support a simple vocal structure like Bethany's, to make a song sound like it's grooving from start to finish.

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“Unbelievable!” is the word most used by audiences when first hearing Bethany & Rufus whose cello and voice duo breaks new musical ground, sliding with seamless ease between groove, jazz and a gritty, unvarnished approach to traditional folk music. With its often exuberant and sometimes achingly sad songs, their debut CD,“900 MILES” blends Bethany Yarrow’s hauntingly beautiful yet explosively powerful voice with the mind-blowing, genre-bending cello playing of Rufus Cappadocia, pushing the boundaries of American roots music far into unexpected territory where intense groove meets sweet, heartbreaking soul.