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Troy, AL

#22 Jan 7, 2007
So if, by what you said, babies aren't even consciously aware that they're alive, then they're not human either? That point really confused me. I would appreciate further explanation before I make the wrong assumptions.

Salmon Arm, Canada

#23 Jan 26, 2007
I apologize, my internet connection resent the post a few too many times; there seems to be no delete button for the extra posts.

Nah, that was more of an analogical point. Not that babies aren't considered human (I hope my point wasn't convoluted to the point that it can be taken this way), but that since babies don't have event memories for consciousness yet, it's silly for people to consider something even less developed, to the point of lacking neurons, an embryo and/or stem cells in this case, alive.

Sperm and even finger nails can become a cloned human, and from there they can be taught information and eventually become "conscious". Just because something has the ability to eventually become a human doesn't mean that it is alive. I'd just like to take this time to thank you for having an open mind, it's tough to find people as intelligent as you in an increasingly bush-ified U.S., or luckily lately less-bushified, as his idiocy and horrible leadership, intellectual capacity, and choices have become apparent.

Anyways, just stating how the argument that stem cells and embryos are alive is just so groundless, as any human cell capable of mitosis from fingernails to blood samples to even human hair have the ability to be microscopically removed and implanted to be cloned, eventually to become a human; it's just the nature of human DNA. Many opposing critics of the beautiful advances that stem-cells have proven they offer attempt to use this and only this faulty fact to falsely try to support their point of view, it's just so sad to see people suffering from this broken point of view.

Oh, I was just thinking about the baby self-awareness issue for a second. The way the human brain develops from emergence from the birth-canal is quite complex, but can be simplified in a way. It first uses the senses to store information and to learn "fundamental concepts", such as colors like "orange", shapes like "squares, triangles", and even more obscure concepts like cardboard texture of boxes and positioning. It then uses these to eventually gain the ability to store "event memories", the basis of human consciousness. It is why, if you look in the corner of the room right now, then quickly turn away and close your eyes, instead of having a photo-realistic memory, your brain remembers "concepts" then stores the memory that way, such as a "box", positioned "this way", "this color", etc. etc.. It's a bit difficult to describe, but is really quite interesting.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Just hoping with the majority of most people in North America (support for stem-cells has become the majority of people now, I'm so proud and surprised at this great turn-around) that people can realize these things about stem-cells, and that we as a human race can help to cure cancers, cystic fibrosis (a good friend of mine has a cousin whom I've met who suffers from cystic fibrosis, and it's great to think that after years of research stem-cells are finally offering a hope for people who suffer from CF!), spinal cord injuries, parkinsons, etc., and hope to cure some of these diseases for the future, much like a vaccine was discovered for polio a few years ago and we today are lucky enough that the ingenuity and intelligence of people in the past has protected us from sufferening from such an illness!

Anyways, thanks again for reading.

Troy, AL

#24 Jan 27, 2007
Okay, I just needed a little clarification. Thanks for replying and explaining what you meant. Personally, I'm still not for embryonic stem cell research, but thank you for not resorting to petty name-calling and flinging insults at those who do not agree with you. People who do that bother me, whether or not they agree with what I'm trying to say.

Denver, NC

#25 Feb 19, 2007
Life begins at conception, period. I am currently pregnant with my second child. At six weeks my baby already had a heartbeat. I have always know that abortion is murder, but never before has it disgusted me more until I saw my own daughter now two sucking her tumb in my womb. I didn't even know I was pregnant with my first until I was 14 wks pregnant. I was amazed to see how "real" and undeniable a baby she was. I now see her at two yrs. old and it sickens me that in this country I actually would have been legally permitted to have had her aborted/murdered. It would have been perfectly okay in so many peoples eyes to have had a DR. reach into my womb and stuck a sharp object into her skull and sucked out her brains or laid her out on the table and let her body melt away like salt on a slug. Anyone who says that it's a fetus and not a baby is either ignorant or in denial.
Patricia Heaton is a woman of morals and you don't sacrifice those even if your own child needs something that would call to break those morals. No, if her boys needed stem-cells to help save their lives I don't believe she would waiver in her views. God almighty hold our lives in His hands. You don't encourage abortion and then take that murdered baby's stem-cells to then save your own life. How selfish. How horrible. How liberal.
If standing for what's right which is opposite of what most the rest of Hollywood stands for cost Patricia Heaton some "success" in red carpet life. Whoopty freakin doo. She proclaims to be a born again Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ, therefore great will be her reward in heaven.

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