I need your help Oprah ,please help me

Chicago, IL

#210 Feb 6, 2013
I want my daughter back , I never gave her up or even the choice if decision. Can u make a mIracle in my life like u have done others. She wants me to

United States

#211 Feb 19, 2013
I need help I'm the only one in my house can work my husband can't work he have bone disease. He jerk so much he feel that something is crawling on him but it's his nerves he feel less than a man he's 45 and i can't no health insurance. To take care of him he go to the health clinic in our town and they say that they can't help him he apply for his disability sometimes i can't pay all the bills i have borrow money from my mother and it make me feel so embarrassed we have to go to different churches to get food when we don't have food

Sudak, Ukraine

#212 Feb 23, 2013
help, please! It is quickly needed to collect 100 000 dollars. Number of account 6762 4660 0070 7990

Verona, Italy

#214 Feb 26, 2013
hello Oprah, i thank God 've found means to reach u.'m a girl of 24 years and i live in italy, ever since i moved from africa to italy, things have not been easy for my mum cus i thought moving to italy was gonna solve our financial problems but it worsens each day.. i have been looking for a job to support my sick mother for the past 7yrs to help my sick mother who is now dying of stroke, but to no avail. please Qprah i have no help from anywhere, my mum is all 've got. if she dies 'll be left alone in this cruel world. please help me with the little you can, just to take care of my poor mum,even if its something i can use to start up a small business in my area cus we're no more able to pay bills buy food and manymore, only because we are broke and dying of hunger... Please look in the eyes of God and help me okay and God will shower more blessings upon u.. i sometimes even feel like killing myself from this crazy wolrd but i always think of how my poor mum is gonna make it without me cus am all she's got... pls help me ok, and u can inbox me on [email protected] i hope to hear from u soon.

Verona, Italy

#215 Feb 26, 2013
you dont know even if Oprah is gonna get your msg and all u do is to demand for 100 000 dollars??? do u fink its a small amount of money? have u even seen that sum of money in your entire life b4?
charmaine makie

South Africa

#218 Mar 7, 2013
Hi Oprah my name is Charmain I'm 39yrs old live in South.Africa plz help me am a mother of 4 chldrn not working leaving in Bond house I need to open a day care 4 poor kids I can see dey need my hlp since am not working a like to take care of dem so my place is too small plz help me to build a shelter for dem...kids are being rape bcz dey don't go to school or day care
charmaine makie

South Africa

#219 Mar 7, 2013
my Email. [email protected] .

Skokie, IL

#220 Mar 17, 2013
I just need help with a car, so I can get around on my own. I don't need know one to tell me when and how to go and come back home.I am on a limited income and very independent, I would like to stay that way. This why I need my own car and not have to share with know but myself. Please, beautiful Oprah please help me with a car, very lovely Lady, please I am really begging you. If don't even have to been new , just so I don't have to share, something of my own , from My Oprah. Thank you so much!!!!!!!
Maria Reveron

Brooklyn, NY

#221 Mar 25, 2013
Please help me Opra Maria reveron

Mineral Springs, AR

#222 Mar 25, 2013
Please contact me at navymomday @ gmail. Com concerning Africa

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#223 Mar 26, 2013
I was wondering if you could fine some one to help me to fine out what is wrong with me I been have a lot of dizzy spill and I dont know what it is from and I have a six year old son to take care of and I all have a lot of head acts all the time and I all so have fibermyalgia and I am so tryer of feeling badevery day

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#225 Mar 26, 2013
I need help to fine. Out what is makeingme dizzy all the time. And haveing head acts all the time and all so some money so I could take care of my sixyear. Old son since I lost my ssi last year its been very hard. On me. And my family. And I cant do much around the hime because ever time I move a diffent way I get move dizzy and sick its been this way for the pass seven years after I had my son with the dizzy. Spills and they are more bader every day so please help me. And my family. I cant live like this any more it is so hard to take care of my six year old son we ho I love dearly and it would be very nice if wecould go on a nice family vacation its been a long time since we got togo. Some where nice so please help me soon cold reach me at [email protected]
renisha lashay whitaker

Dallas, TX

#226 Mar 27, 2013
i will like your help of bring my famlily back in my life as a child i been thourgh lot and back trying to find my dad i miss him alot dont really wont to be along when i grow up my family means alot to and i feel that u will help be with them and their promable

Duluth, MN

#227 Mar 29, 2013
Dear Oprah! You have helped so many people. I saw the episode where you helped the girl going blind. My son is going deaf. he is a wonderful man who lives for his family. A horrible accident caused his brain to swell , and gave him tinitus. The Drs. have tried everything to no avail. A s he goes deaf, the tinitus gets louder. He almost had a nervous breakdown and we are all afraid of loosing him. Imagine a chainsaw in your head all the time. This is how bad it is.Please -please help him. Everyone that knows him, loves him. We all feel so helpless. The Neurologists, audiologists, and hearing specialists have come to an end of helping. I,ve read everything on-line. There is hypnotherophy, but he needs to do it with the best. He can't afford this. This is something so many suffer with. The acute form is a death-warrant. I beg you - help my son.
Jennifer Dunn

Temecula, CA

#229 Apr 1, 2013
Hi Oprah. I have watch your show since I was small. I'm a 39 year old mom with a wonderful husband and two awesome children . One is 19 and the other is 14. I have had a silent stroke in January 09, 2009. I have never asked this before, but it is hard from going to super mom doing it plus working to waking up one morning on January 9 , 2009 and my life was completely change to what was first they thought Bell's palsy and after about a month I went down hill and couldn't talk well or walk. Finally it was a silent stroke and was undetected. I was told walking may not every be again. But my faith and the words from my dad growing up was suck it. We are in totally financial difficultly we owe my parents a lot a a lot of money for helping us. We need help to pay them back. Plus the medical bills piling up. Our is playing to go on a church mission for a year and a half and our is working on his Eagle Scout project for the Ronald McDonald House near Rady's Hospital across the street. This is very important to him because one finishing his project for a personal note to give back what they gave to us when our daughter his sister was in many times. Any help you give would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Oprah I am asking for help with paying my parents back but also to help my family financially. Yes my husband has a great job but he had to go from salary to hourly. If he does not have 40 billable hours to a project he will not get paid and I am permanently disable and my income from federal is not a lot. I beg and pray you can help. Thank you
Jennifer Dunn

Nassau, Bahamas

#231 Apr 9, 2013
i need your help Oprah.I'm from the Caribbean,I'm 23 yrs old. I don't have a job, never went to a collage plus my mother is dependent on me because she's not currently working, so i have be with more than 1 man to help her buy food and pay bus fair.Oprah i would love for my life to be better so it u could be the on to rescue us we'll be so appreciative.

Ashburn, VA

#232 Apr 17, 2013
Hi Oprah! I am Sediela Ashley Sello, a 22 year old South African citizen interested in wanting to join one of the most advanced and best modeling agencies in USA... So all I'm asking of you, is you to help me join any good modeling agency you know of in USA since i'm facing a financial problem, I mean I dont have money to fly from South Africa to USA and I dont think I will even be able to manage things on my own in th US without you being by my side. So Please help me achieve this dream. Here are my contacts, mobile: 0728341324, Email: [email protected]
Samuel mathekga Ratshoshi

Ashburn, VA

#236 Apr 26, 2013
Hy oprah im samuel mathekga ratshoshi living in rural place in Limpopo living with my mother who is struggling to find a job i have saw many of your show as your are the life save of any place in the world i just asking you to make me a star as i fall in love with acting im just 19 years old i want to become a hollywood star make me one oprah i will be so happy if when i wake up just got your email that will change my life forever so please oprah help me i need you for the button of my heart i swear if you help me i wont disapoint you i can be happy if you help me
Samuel mathekga Ratshoshi

Ashburn, VA

#237 Apr 28, 2013
Hey Oprah i need your help and you are the only one who can help me im living at Limpopo i want to be a hollywood movie actor but i dont have money to im a good actor but still i dont know what to do now please help me
Samuel mathekga Ratshoshi

Ashburn, VA

#238 Apr 28, 2013
Hey Oprah please help me

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