oprah help me if you can please
Merhawit teklay

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

#24 Feb 9, 2012
Dear Oprah Winfrey
Hi Oprah i am happy to meet you.My Name is Merhawit Teklay i am 21
years Old. My Country is Ethiopia My Town is Mekelle City.My Education
is Diploma Marketing Management.At this time no job & no boy friend or
girl friend my friend is my family only.
This is my story a small child at 7moonth Illness at this time i am
cripple(disabled) for me nothing b/c i am strong girl i do anything or
Oprah i am vary vary Appreciate you & I Love You so Mach entire you
job vary good for me b/c my Dream is just like you. Oprah i like happy
people i don't like sad people.
Oprah i no first time listen in radio your story Oprah you very
strong girl Oprah i tell to GOD pleas GOD i see her & GOD listen me
looking in TV MBC4 i am vary vary happy.Oprah i am vary sad about your
Oprah i tell you i am cripple(disabled)i need help b/c i am helpless
Oprah help me pleas pleas anything. Oprah i trust you giving one way.
Thank you Oprah & GOD Bless You.
My email [email protected]
My phone 00251914094193

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#25 Feb 17, 2012
hi oprah my is mahmud i am from somalia i have 4 kids i have no jod i am in realy bad point i realy neeeed your help my kids dont have school you know somalia we r in war for 20 years now if you can help me please help me

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#26 Feb 17, 2012
may ilamil [email protected]
Charuni Patel

Avon Park, FL

#28 Mar 14, 2012
This is to let all the women who have been victims of Tantric vidya. There is a Swami named Chamunda Swami who has his palmist business in Jackson Heights Newyork. He is a very crook man, he is taking advantage of women and people who have trouble in their life and takes advantage of their vulnerable situation. He takes lot of money by cheating women and uses evil powers on everyone. This has to be on TV as he has his own show on Zee TV which is an Indian channel and the name of the show is Ek Aur Vigyan.If Oprah believes that women should not be harrassed then this should be announced on TV.

United States

#29 Mar 29, 2012
Operah please i begging you help me, iam a 21 year old girl working hard try to get a degree but bills won't let me go anywhere, please help help help help please please please and please.
Steven Hemingway

Sunnyside, WA

#30 Apr 3, 2012
Wow, It's crazy how many help request you receive. I know my case must fail in comparison to some of these; however, it's still a great big issue for me.

I am 30 years old Divorced trying to raise my daughter by myself. Her mom is more of a part time mom that whole situation is gender reversed lol. I have been trying to work on my credit for a while now trying to get my scores up but all they do is fall. I've paid everything off that I know of and they still keep reporting. damaging my credit preventing my attempts at a home-loan.

I just want to start my new life. Have a home of my own. and Live Oprah. actually start to live.:( I am not asking for you to buy my home. I have put to much into myself and I can do that part on my own even if it take 30 years.

I need help on getting this dog gone loan I don't know what else I can do. I am stuck, lost, depressed, angry mad, sad, upset and just plain feel like curling into a little ball and crying. I am not asking for much of a loan.$95,000. I don't have money to put down or pay closing. I am a first time home buyer...

I thought paying off all my bad debt would insure my victory and I could begin; however, all that did was drop my scores even more.

I want a home for my daughter and I. She deserves to have a place she can say is her room and it is. I deserve a place to call home that is mine and does not belong to someone else. Sure I feel a bit of an entitlement, but I have worked hard to get to where I am at.

I have been practically homeless when I was a child, loosing all the finger tips on my right hand, to holding a career in pharmacy and raising my daughter alone. I think It's time for some good and blessed things to start happening for me!

I have never been a home owner or lived in a home that was owned by my family. I deserve this and with my credit all cleaned up I think I should be entitled to this. The whole scoring system is horrible. To lower ones credit for simply taking care of it.

Well I don know what else to say or where else to turn. I am lost in Grandview, WA. Trying to find my home.

Sincerely, Love
Steven Ramon Hemingway
Herold Fortune

Bradenton, FL

#31 Apr 7, 2012
hi dear oprah!my family and I.We need your help please,we from haiti we have nine months in united state,we no resident we autorisaion employee.we cant job in united state,we need to cantact a lawyer we no money.Four kids my wife and I.for that we try to ask you your help finantial.Please try to help us tank you. God bess you.at... Herold [email protected]
Amina yusuf

Davenport, IA

#32 May 24, 2012
hi oprah i need your help please i am singel mother with 4 kids and i really need help thank you.

Johannesburg, South Africa

#34 Sep 6, 2012
I am a 31 Year old women and I live in South Africa, Oprah can you please help me with my wedding celebration day, I have always dreamed of a perfect wedding day but apparently my dream looks like it will never come to pass because of financial crisis ....please help to make my dream come true.
jacylynn jones

United States

#35 Dec 9, 2012
Hi Im a really hairy women and nothing will help I know you probably wont read thIs but Im goIng to at least try.As I get older I'm not really getting use to this Problem. It's imbressing and I wish it is something that I can do . Please help me thanks.
An American Woman

Tacoma, WA

#36 Feb 2, 2013
This woman is dilusional and needs to stay right in African. Chasing after some other woman's man. Disrespectful.

Harare, Zimbabwe

#37 Feb 4, 2013
I need financial help to help my family,have nothing to sell and I can't get a loan please help me

Ashburn, VA

#39 Apr 15, 2013
Hi Oprah! I'm Sediela Ashley Sello, a 22 years old South African citizen interested in joining one of the most advanced and best modeling agencies in USA. So all i'm asking of you, is you to help me attain in my dream since i'm facing a financial problem... So please help me out.

Ashburn, VA

#40 Apr 15, 2013
Hi Oprah! I'm Sediela Ashley Sello, a 22 years old South African citizen interested in joining one of the most advanced and best modeling agencies in USA. So all i'm asking of you, is you to help me attain in my dream since i'm facing a financial problem... So please help me out... Mobile: 0728341324 or get me on Facebook: Scalo Ashley Sediela
Samuel mathekga Ratshoshi

Ashburn, VA

#41 May 13, 2013
Helo Oprah my name is samuel mathekga ratshoshi im just 19 years old i want you to help me as you are the helper of al the world the life saver of al the world as im one of the who need the same help you have been giving them im living in south africa limpopo in burgersfort in the rural place but Oprah i wan you to help me please help me Oprah i want to become an actor so i can help my family my mother is struggling to find us food i have 3 brother we are al deppent of her she is a single unmployed woman please oprah help me i can be mostyest person if you help me thank you
Samuel mathekga Ratshoshi

Ashburn, VA

#42 May 13, 2013
Hey Oprah my name is Samuel Mathekga Ratshoshi im 19 years old boy i want to become an ctor so i really need your help i wan to become hollywood star i know is not so easy but you are the key you can make me be the one because most people you have given them the future that they want youn never let anyone down you are a stron woman i ever know please Oprah me i really need your help and i really need to be one of the best actor
Samuel mathekga Ratshoshi

Ashburn, VA

#43 May 14, 2013
Helo Oprah my name samuel mathekga living at south africa Lilmpopo i wont back down till you help me to survive this life i want to be because you are the only person who can help me oprah i want to be an actor i want to help my family i want to help the one about life about been an actor in hollywood i want to see my self in america please oprah help me mother isnt woking so please Oprah help me
Samuel mathekga Ratshoshi

Ashburn, VA

#44 May 14, 2013
Hey Oprah my name is Samuel Mathekga Ratshoshi im 19 years old boy who has found himself inlove with acting as my country lack of actor i want to show many people in Africa not to give up on what they want to,my mother does work she is a single mother struggling to find a job,we are 4 in my house we are all boys i love to help my mother please Oprah help me you are the only 1 who can help thank for your time buy and please help me
Samuel mathekga Ratshoshi

Ashburn, VA

#45 Jun 1, 2013
Helo Oprah im samuel mathekga ratshoshi im living at Limpopo in BUrgersorf im 19 years old boy i did cry but it was no use because never get help but as we are al knowing that you are the helper please help me to complete my dream i want to become an actor but i dont know how can i,i want to help me mother,she is a single mother struggling to get a job please help me Oprah when i can be success as you then i will pass this to everything i want to help people just like you im not going to help my country i will help al people in the world just like you please make me a star i will be so happy to have your comment im a passion guy who loves people like you there are many people so if i got you help then will work together to help the people if you help me i will be so happy if you help me Oprah thanks for your time for reading my text
shema Jefferson

Moreno Valley, CA

#46 Jun 9, 2013
single father two kids no home no car please if you can help us we need clothes for school that place to stay please help us God bless you

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