Why I hate Oprah

Clarksburg, NJ

#730 Feb 3, 2013
By the way, Satan is also a Narcissist.

Clarksburg, NJ

#731 Feb 4, 2013
Oprah boosting her show ratings at the emotional expense of others and those in deep grief ... capitalizing on personal tragedy. Shame, shame, shame.

Superficial... NO genuine empathy whatsoever.
Report On Oprah

Canton, IL

#732 Feb 14, 2013
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Report On Oprah

Canton, IL

#733 Feb 14, 2013
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Simsbury, CT

#734 Feb 14, 2013
Oprah and her kind do nasty things to all kinds of people With their occultic shananigans.

Detroit, MI

#735 Feb 15, 2013
Oprah is racist and will promote anyone who is black...oops my mistake...African American. She promoted Dr. Adams the butcher under a lot of trouble right now for the death of Kane West's mother. Oprah didn't want his background information out because he was black. Also, she allowed those girls in her school a cellphone to call HER and told the girls they CANT call their parents. Oh she is so big on herself for sure. Then she pays off the parents of the sexually abused victims. She is a con artist at best, and she will not alter my buying decisions. I really wish we could get a new talk show host for prime. Remember Donahue? Times change and so do talk show hosts. Its time she got lost and curl back under the mud where she belongs.
Wish we had a WHITE OPRAH! Oh wait, that could NEVER happen because she would automatically be a racist!! DUH!!!!

Rocky Point, NC

#736 Feb 17, 2013
someone needs to pop her in the head
Should Oprah Help Icons

Canton, IL

#737 Feb 19, 2013
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Simsbury, CT

#739 Feb 21, 2013
Those kind know how to MAKE MONEY composting people's lives into their media products, their emotions, thoughts, and perceptions, she is part of a group whose next step, is to control people. Not only control them, to make them forget about God, and make themselves god over them.

Simsbury, CT

#740 Mar 20, 2013
They steal your dreams and your mojo.

Simsbury, CT

#741 Apr 4, 2013
And they overstimulate that part of the brain that has to do with physical stuff like eating, so the the victim gets fat, a physical spiral downward is created in health. You might not think that is too evil, so the victim gets fat, so what, but it effects their health, and the satanist marketers do that on every level of existence of their victims, SOCIALLY, mentally, PHYSICALLY, monetarily, at work every where the victim goes, the victim is attacked, even with energy, electricity and sound and magnetically. Doesn't the masons have a big magnet in one of their places? AND EMOTIONALLy, the victim becomes a fat ball of nerves. RAW NERVES. And their brains are SSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAA AAAAAAAAAAAARDDDDDDDDD.

Clarksburg, NJ

#742 May 15, 2013
So she has that narcissist Dr Phil, who is a fake psychologist, on OWN talking about crazy people when he is one of them, but she doesn't even know he's a narcissist who BAITS people including her.

What she also doesn't know is that he was part of what got her into that lawsuit over 10 years ago. He is like the doctor who runs over his patient and then says "I'll give you a break on the medical costs if you use me as your doctor" cashing in on the injury he caused.

He bamboozled her. He was in cahoots with the people who sued her so he could get close to her.

Dr Phil needed to get close to her so he could weasel his way into having his own show. He memorized creative and imaginative lines from others and won her over. The female influences toned down his abrupt, bullyish, arrogant attitude... so typical of narcissism.

Now more recently he stole copyrighted information and content from a book and used it as his own. The author is going to sue him. Hopefully, the Judge doesn't care about his fame and money and the Judge knows he's an idiot and a fake and makes him pay the author he stole from.

He gets up in front of her audience and talks about the very type of people that he is... lying scamming scum...so unbelievable. Stupid Oprah gives him a platform.

Falls Church, VA

#743 Jun 22, 2013
Just to let you know: The word is VAGINA - not vajina. English language skills ARE important.

Windsor, CT

#744 Jul 12, 2013
Isn't weird how a celebrity with such new age effect on society, just kind of fell off the radar?
Don't you think that is what her handlers wanted?

Clarksburg, NJ

#745 Jul 13, 2013
She isn't 'off the radar', unfortunately.

She still has a show on her OWN network. She knows that the minute she is totally 'off the air', for good, without OWN, she will quickly die out.

Her phone will stop ringing and no one will have anything to do with her, especially after the way she has treated some people and some guests behind the scenes. She uses people and exploits them. She has continuously abused her power.

Once she is off TV for good and forever, no one will bother with her, and she will lose whatever power she has left. She knows that, and that's why she's still on the air -- so she can control powerful people and high-profile people. She doesn't want to give up the control she still has over them.

Oprah is a phony. When the cameras are turned off, that's when her 'real self' shows through. She's a hateful, vindictive, greedy, jealous, controlling, lying, vicious, manipulative, phony narcissist.

Long Beach, NY

#746 Jul 31, 2013
Can't stand the fat bitch, never could.
Only thing worse than her are the brain dead morons who worship her with blind awe. Her charitable giving is just an attempt by her to show off and make herself look good. The bitch will never do anything unless she gets something out of it for herself, and then she'll never stop gloating about it. Although she pretends otherwise, nothing she does is sincere.

Windsor, CT

#747 Aug 2, 2013
Someone should tell Discovery, Oprah and her master of the universes are after owning and controlling Discovery, Too much honest facts are being told through discovery shows. Kind of like what happened to TED Turner's CNN. The people who own CNN now are from the same group OPrah is.

Rome, GA

#748 Aug 10, 2013
She pulls the race card

She looks at to buy a 38k tom ford bag, give it to the food bank, she is a racist who hates whites
she fat and ugly
she would go as far as to get a girl fired when the girl would not show her the 38k bag
Oparah knows that 40% of seniors, and children are hungry, she could help there.
She threw a tantrum at Hermes in Paris when they said they were closed, and she demanded an apology.

Many reasons to gravely dislike her.

Windsor, CT

#751 Sep 15, 2013
Her and her evil conspirerers of witch she never gets her hands dirty, harass the victim families with psychological warfare and technology, and when the victims try TO LIVE A GOOD LIFE despite the harassment, the satanists are there to watch what they do, then they SHAMELESSLY lift what the victims do to live a good life and tout it on her own show on how to live a good life. The women has no SHAME.

DISCOVERY BETTER WATCH IT, her and her master of the universes want to bees, will steal their network right out from under them. Like what Time warner did to TED TURNER. All nice and legal like.

Windsor, CT

#752 Sep 22, 2013
Gayle King worked for local chanel 3 in Hartford Connecticut, witch is owned by time warner isn't it? Same Time warner that stole Ted Turners CNN?Isn't it?
Anyways Gayle King was already into that harassment stuff mirroring victims, a witches trick and by the way, A very good marketing trick, and since the satanists are into making money she introduced Oprah to that type of satanic marketing research so they could try their harassment gained market research on a wider level for profit, they are always experimenting, and that is why Gayle King is OPrah's lady in waiting always at her side since she owes her for introducing her to satanic hunting games. Guaranteed to fill their pockets and satisfy their satanic desires at the same time. IF it is true,(yes, taken from real victim family) if it is real,( yes experienced by real victim family) if you know anything about marketing research, there is a good percentage of an audience it will echo with, or in other words, a good percentage of audience will identify with with truth and real experiences, hence, audience is hooked. How many people in media do you know use their own families for fodder for their talk shows? Lots, what if there was a satanic marketing research firm that chased their victims into the ground, skimming the cream off their lives as they struggle to "LIVE their best lives under dishuman circumstances", its like a greedy media moguls dream come true. Feeding the cows back to the cows making money (Yes your considered just a money cow or cash cow, or ratings cow) doing it. Easy money winning formula, difficult to prove, hence the victims are made ill, or end up in psycho ward or dead, swept under the rug as the time clock ticks away, no one the wiser. I hate to say it but when they are done with these families, over 30plus years so far, they will go on to others, with another Oprah in the making. Beware shooting stars that become famous with lots of on air celebrations, quick growth in the media selling lots of media products, and an emotionality, for behind them is a trail of death and destruction, broken dreams and broken lives, follow the trail if you want the truth. Its tempting, i shouldn't say this, ok I'll say it anyways, from the Matrix, Morpheus to Neo, "take the red pill, you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes".
Lots of people try an immitate oprah, or want to know her secrets, one trick of hers they can use is personality mapping, her goons personality map under dishuman treatment, right out in the open by the way, and from there, hundreds of bits of truth, and real experiences is gleaned that people will connect with as topics, you can take it a step further and personalities that are mapped aspects can even be worn by the host that have been proven because they are real and truthful to connect with an audience for better communication. There is more, much much more, alot of it has to do with human nature. Apparently, in this day and age in the 21st century, all have not overcome their human nature, and this aspect of audience is targeted, in fact, made to spiritually go backwards, or forwards if you want to be an new age witch like OPrah.

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