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York, PA

#1 Feb 11, 2013
It was the last day of school and I was just leaving my house when she heard the phone ring she picked it up,
"Hey Jacob," I said into the phone kinda annoyed that he called every 5 minutes.
"Hey honey, love you," he said into he phone really meaning it.
"Love you too," I said really kinda meaning it.
"So I'll meet you at the bus stop In 5," Jacob said into the phone hoping for a yes.
"Okay," I said okay and hung up the phone.
I was walking out of the building when Josh came out of his house.
"Hey Kierstan," He said acting like he was happy to see me.
"Hey Josh," I said really excited but trying my best no to act like it.
"So wanna walk down to the bus stop together?" Josh said still acting, I think.
"YEA!" I said kinda TOO excited, "sorry," I said again.
"We'll let's go," josh says and grabs my arm lightly and pulls me out the door.
"So what do u wanna talk about," Josh asks me walking slowly.
"I don't know..., how are you and Joelle doing?" I ask hoping he'd say they broke up.
"Really Good, She's awesome," Josh said REALLY meaning it.
"Ohh that's nice," I say not really meaning it and he knew it.
"How about u and Jacob?" Josh asks sounding worried.
"Great besides the fact he calls me every 5 minutes litteraly," I say really quietly because we're like a block away from the bus stop.
"Ohh I would never do that a girl needs Her space," josh said.
We were right at the bus stop when Jacob turned around and saw me and josh walking and laughing together.
I look over and walk away, I look back and josh is standing alone all sad. I was hoping it was because but then Joelle walked over and kissed josh. I felt my heart drop. I thought I was going to die.
When we got on the bus I had to sit with Jacob and across from Josh and Joelle.
All they did the hole time was talk about who loved who more and it made me so mad, because when me and josh dated he never hugged me never gilded my hand and never said he loved me. Jacob called me over.
"Yea," I said.
"Do you wanna go to the movies after school today?" Jacob asked.
"Yea, sure," I said kinda sad.
"What's wrong?" Jacob asked me.
"Nothing," I said getting off the bus.
When I was at my locker Jacob came up to me and gave me a box he said,
"I hope it makes you feel better," and walked away. I opened the box and in side was a necklace that said 'Kierstan' with a heart after it.
I picked up the necklace and put it on when I was right out side of my home room door Josh called my name,
"What Josh," I said back.
"Go to the bathroom after home room I have something to ask you," josh said.
Really thinking he broke up with Joelle and was going to ask me out I said "okay," and walked into home room.
In home room out teacher announced that we were going to have a trip to England and that we were going to need to pick a partner that will be our bus partner for a 6 hr drive on a bus and that it had to be a different gender. When class was over I went straight to the bathroom. I saw josh, "Josh what did you..." Was all I got to say when Joelle walked up and just made out with him for like. 3. Min I started to walk away,
"Kierstan wait," josh said and I turned around.
"Just let her go," Joelle said and kissed him more when I was walkingaway I turned around and saw josh looking at me kinda sad like. I was about to start to cry when my best friend Perla walked up.

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Since: Feb 13

Austin, TX

#2 Feb 11, 2013
Celeste And Others

Fenton, MO

#3 Feb 11, 2013
More please :)


Since: Oct 12

kansas yk like dorothy

#4 Feb 11, 2013

Payson, UT

#5 Feb 11, 2013
I DEMAND MORE!! I mean please more

York, PA

#6 Feb 11, 2013
"Are you okay Kierstan," Perla asks.
"I-I-I-I just don want josh and Joelle dating," I say right when josh walks up behind me.
"What did you say?" Josh asked knowing what I said. I turn around start to cry and run away into the bathroom.
"Did she just say she didn't want me and Joelle to date?" Josh asked.
"If she did would you be mad?" Perla asked josh in a weird voice.
"No I really wouldn't," josh said while Perla walked away into the bathroom.
"Kierstan come out I have something to tell you," Perla sai looking for the stall I was in.
"No, he's going to be mad at me, he's never going to talk to me again," i say starting to cry again.
"He's not mad at you though," Perla says happily.
"Really," I say stoping crying.
" yeah I aske him if he was ma and he said no," Perla said yelling into the stall.
I came out if the stall and me and Perla walked out together when the bell rang. Not paying attention I ran right into josh falling on Top of him. When Joelle walks up,
"What is this?!" She yells really mad.
"I just fell and he caught me," I said hoping she wouldn't get mad but knowing she would.
"He caught you on top of him??" She said.
"No he fell over," I said while she was walking away.
"Thanks for trying to save me," josh said
"But it wasn't you it was me I ran into you being my dumb self," I say about to start to cry.
"No your not dumb it's fine I was going to break up with her before the trip anyway," josh said looking at me with his cute brown eyes.
"Why," I ask him about Joelle and him.
"There's someone else," he says looking at me and smiling, "anyway lets get to class," he says taking my books and carrying them for me.
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York, PA

#7 Feb 11, 2013
Srry tht 1 waz short an kinda boring/: srry

Payson, UT

#8 Feb 11, 2013

Payson, UT

#9 Feb 11, 2013
Comment 2

Hhsisidncsikencjdke so good

Payson, UT

#10 Feb 11, 2013
Sarah Horan

Newark, CA

#11 Feb 11, 2013
OMG love it!! More!!:) do you need any parts?:)
Celeste And Others

Fenton, MO

#12 Feb 11, 2013
Keep going!

York, PA

#13 Feb 11, 2013
When we got to science class we were late so every one was looking at us.
"Where were you to?!" Mrs. Simmonds-Flanagon asked.
"Ummmmm.... Well..," I say.
"It was all my fault I was talking to her in the hall," josh says trying to save the day.
"No it was my fault to I ran into him," I said hoping that was enough.
"You both have detention tomorrow, you will be cleaning the costume closet out," mrs Simmonds Flanagon says. We walk back the desks and there's only one left for two people and that's where me and Josh sit.
After science is math reading social study's writing then back to home room. In the end of the last period we were all talking when mrs Moyer made an announcement,
"You guys need to pick your partners now before you come to school on Friday," And then she goes back to her desk.
I was walking over to Jacob when Joelle pulled him to her and said "He's mine," and walked away. Then josh came up to me and,
"I never got to ask you my question earlier," he said.
"Okay, ask now," I said really wanting to know the question.
"Will you...,"

I'm srry it's short I thought this was a good place to end. 4 comments
Sarah Horan

Newark, CA

#14 Feb 11, 2013
OMG more!!! >.<

Payson, UT

#15 Feb 11, 2013
GAH so juicy

Payson, UT

#16 Feb 11, 2013
Please read my fanfic

It's called

More To Life

;) thanks


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Schererville IN

#17 Feb 12, 2013
More please

York, PA

#18 Feb 12, 2013
I was shaking, I was hoping he was going to ask me out. Then I remembered Jacob who seemed to be having a good time with Joelle.
"Will you be my bus partner?" Josh asked. Not what I was expecting but I said yes anyway that's just 6 hours more to get him to like me.
"Okay class you can go get on the bus now!" The teacher yelled walking out the door. Jacob Came up to me and we started to talk,
"So how was school today?" He asked.
"Okay I guess," I said looking over at Josh.
"Ummm..." Jacob said seeing me look over at Josh.
"What?" I asked him really fast.
"I don't want you to talk to josh anymore," Jacob said REALLY seriously.
"And what if I don't?" I asked getting really mad.
"I going to Break up with you then your dating me not josh," Jacob said walking away. As he did I said to my self "maybe I want to date josh and not you," and that's when josh walked up.
"Hey," he said
"Hey," I said back.
"Wanna sit next to me on the bus?"
"I can't I have to sit with Jacob," I said while we got on the bus.
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Celeste And Others

Fenton, MO

#19 Feb 12, 2013

“Hai o-o”

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#20 Feb 12, 2013
More plz!!

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