My Princess (Niall fanfic) 

My Princess (Niall fanfic) 

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Levittown, NY

#1 Sep 16, 2012
"Erin hurry up we are going to miss our flight!" my mom screamed "one moment mother god I'm on the phone, sorry about that Jess" I said to my bff "it's all cool bcuz you are going to send me things from England, some maybe could be living things like One Direction" I roll my eyes Jessica is 1D's biggest fan, don't get me wrong they are very talented I'm  just not going to obsess over them bcuz what's the point I'm never gonna meet them "I'm pretty sure that's illegal" 
"Jess got to go I'll text you k"
"Kk bye" 
I walk down stairs and see my mom and brother fighting 
"Nathan we can't stay one more day our flight leaves today!"
"but mom the party is tonight all my friends will be there 
I walk over to him put my hand on his shoulder and say "all 2 of them" 
Oh crap he's so gonna kill me now 
" shut the f-" i cut him off  "watch the language Nathan" I point to our 8yr old brother "Brandon's in the room" 
"whatever" he walks out I turn to my mom "why do we have to go?" 
"your dads job" "I know I just don't want to leave my friends can't I stay here I'm 17 I'm old enough aren't I!"
Erin, Nathan's 19 and he still lives with us" really my mom is comparing me to Nathan "wow mom thanks that made me feel better," I say sarcastically "ok well go put your things in the car time to go, Brandon come here and put your shoes on" I walk out to the car I can't believe I'm moving to England well I can't wait to see my dad he had to go 3 weeks earlier for his job 
"Your gonna make make make them do a double take"  
My phone was going off I take it out of my back pocket it's from Jess 
J:hey you there yet 
E: we just got in the car 
J: oh :( can u get there faster 
E: well I see u r so sad to see me leave 
J: ;P no I wish u could stay I just want to no wat its like there 
E: why don't you just come and visit when schools over 
J: did u ask ur mom 
E: no ill ask her
"mom can Jess come stay with us when schools over for the whole vacation" I asked 
I'll talk to her mom about it soon"
E: she'll talk to your mom about it 
J: yay 
E : gtg at the airport 
J: bye 
We go on our plane I'm sitting next to Brandon which sucks bcuz he never shuts up "Erin I can't wait to get there how much longer?" 
"the plane just took off chill out and shut up" he looked over to mom and said "Erin told me to shut up" she looked over and said "stop, both of you" 
"whatever" I put on my head-phones turn my iPod on I put the songs on shuffle the first song that plays is In Real Life by Demi Lovato
Izzy Marquez luvs nandos

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#2 Sep 16, 2012
OMB plz keep going!! Do u need any characters?
Brittany P

Detroit, MI

#3 Sep 16, 2012
OMG keep going:)

Patchogue, NY

#4 Sep 16, 2012
This is really good. Write more.

Perris, CA

#6 Sep 16, 2012
Continue please

Levittown, NY

#7 Sep 16, 2012
Thank you it means a lot bcuz I'm not the best writer I don't need anybody yet but if i do I'll say
I'll write the next part now please tell some people
about this fanfic :)

Levittown, NY

#8 Sep 16, 2012
"Erin get up," Nathan shaking me "what the hell dude, I'm sleeping here" I tell him "we are about to land put your seatbelt on" he said "oh thanks"
After we landed I go to the bathroom I walked out of the bathroom and walked into someone my bag fell on their foot "oh my gosh I'm so sorry are you ok sorry" I feel terrible "it's cool and you said sorry twice" he said to me with an Irish accent "well that's bcuz I feel bad for knocking into you and dropping my bag on you foot" "yay um do you have bricks in that bag or something" he asks "everyone one says that" I tell him "well that's b-" someone screams "NIALL come here bro" he's waving him over "sorry um what's ur name?" "Erin" I said frowning "well sorry Erin" 
"it's cool um I'm guessing your name is Niall since that really loud guy over there just screamed it" 
"yay it's Niall and Lou over there he's a screamer well got to go bye babe" he said while giving me a quick hug "bye" He walks away and I think to myself why didn't I ask him for his number! 
Niall's pov 
Wow I blew it she could have been my princess I should have asked her out 
"hey guys" I say walking over to the boys "hey Niall were you talking to a fan over there" Harry asks 
"oh idk if she was a fan she didn't seem to know who I was even after Louis screamed my name" 
"did you get her number" Zayn asked "umm no" I answered "what why not" Liam said he knows I'm shy all of them do why even ask "bcuz I was nervous ok that's why" then Paul calls us over
there is no way I will be able to find beautiful Erin 

Millington, TN

#9 Sep 16, 2012
It's really good (:

Tijeras, NM

#11 Sep 16, 2012
Please read my fanfic it's called I will never leave you

Tijeras, NM

#12 Sep 16, 2012
But this is really good so far!

Newmarket, Canada

#13 Sep 16, 2012
Its really good
Shelbylovesonedi rection

Neepawa, Canada

#14 Sep 16, 2012
That's really good! Keep writing more!!!!

“We Are Infinite.....”

Since: Aug 12

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#15 Sep 16, 2012
keep it rollin!
Erica loves Louis

Glen Allen, VA

#16 Sep 16, 2012
Can I be Louis's gf please? If not its okay. I really like this fanfic it's good!
Brittany P

Detroit, MI

#17 Sep 16, 2012

New Brunswick, NJ

#18 Sep 16, 2012
More please
Geralynne-WMYB-T MH

San Antonio, TX

#19 Sep 16, 2012

Montréal, Canada

#21 Sep 16, 2012
Its nice.Keep writing!

Levittown, NY

#22 Sep 16, 2012
We get the Louis house and Lottie sees I'm sad she ask why and I told her "I met a beautiful girl today named Erin" she asked me what she looked like "well she has long wavy brown hair her clothing looked comfy and causal, no makeup so her beauty is natural her eyes are green" Lottie says "ok anything else?" why does she want to know so much "well I don't think she knows who I am or who the lads are, her bag is heavy also she was humming In Real Life so she must like Demi Lovato" she looks at me and says "we will start looking for her tomorrow" wow I'm getting help from a 14yr old to find a girl "Thanks I'm going to get something to eat" 
Erin's pov
"dad" I run to give him a hug "I missed you" "who are you and what have you done to my child?" he asks with a serious face "oh shut it dad" 
"ok Erin I put some of your things in your room" I run to my room and start to unpack my dad already put my bed, desk, and, wardrobe, well I like to call it Narnia, in the room I unpacked a bit but I kept thinking about Niall I needed to tell someone so I texted Jess
E: I met a boy 
J: wat!!? I'm calling u 
My phone rings 
J: what's his name is he cute omg are you in love 
E: his name is Niall he's very cute and no I'm not in love I didn't even get his number
J: wait did you say Niall
E: yes why
J: does he have blonde hair and an Irish accent 
E: ummm yes wait how do you know
J: I think you met Niall Horan 
E: who
J: why am I friends with you, Niall Horan from one direction 
E: really He didn't tell me that 
J: wait what color eyes did he have 
E: I don't know he had sunglasses on and is there someone named Lou in 1D
J: yes well Louis but Lou for short 
E: ok I think I met Niall Horan from one direction... I'm gonna go finnish unpacking bye
J: bye 
I hang up why didn't he just tell me the truth did he think I would fangirl whatever it's not like I was ever going  to see him again

“I love Liam<3”

Since: Jul 12

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#23 Sep 16, 2012
this is really good!!! plz write more;)

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