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#82 Sep 16, 2012
Bck from my game!!! We won 5-2!!!!!

Hmmmm Lexie!!!!! That's it!!! I texted her;
k hey! Ssooooo u free?
L uh ya y?
K u no Liam?
L Liam Payne!?
K ya
L well duh!
K cool so u wanna come over?
L ya where r u?
I texted her the address. About 20 minutes later there was a knock at the door. I jumped up to get it. "Hey!!!!" I said pulling her into a hug. "Hey girl!!" she says back. Liam walks over to us and says, "well who is this?" lexie blushed. I left them alone and walked back to Niall. "who is that?" he whispers. "oh that's lexie. She moved here in like 6th grade." "oh cool" he says. Then he kissed me. "Get a room!" Louis yells "oh it's on!!" Niall yells back. Then Niall starts chasing Louis around the house.

Liam's POV
When I saw lexie, I almost died. She is so beautiful. I started talking to her. We were talking when Louis and Niall ran in the middle of us. God they can be so rude.

More in a while I have to eat dinner!!

Vernon Rockville, CT

#83 Sep 16, 2012
Srry guys more 2marow. I'm tired

Vernon Rockville, CT

#84 Sep 18, 2012
A few hours later, everyone exept Zayn were cuddled up together. We watched The Last Song. I was so busy thinking about who would be perfect for Zayn, I almost forgot to watch the movie. I wanted to watch it so I shook the thought out of my head and watched the movie. I rested my head on nialls shoulder. We had only been dating for about 1 week, and Harry told me how happy Niall was when I said I would go out with him. I liked him too.
Niall's POV
I'm so happy with Kate. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me besides the boys. I feel like we have been together forever. She loves me for me, not niall from 1D.
More in a sec

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#85 Sep 21, 2012
I is back!!!!!!! lol k gonna write more!!!!!!

Vernon Rockville, CT

#86 Sep 22, 2012
Write more!!!

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#87 Sep 22, 2012
Graces POV
Harry and I were laughing really hard. His eyes got watery and mine did too. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wait what are we laughing at??!!!??!!!" Louis screamed. That just made us laugh even harder. Once we stopped laughing, we started talking. Then Niall comes running into the room with Kate right behind him. "FOOD!!!!!!!!!!" Niall screams. "NO MORE FOOD!!!!!! THAT'S YOUR 9th BAG OF CHIPS!!!!!!!!!" Kate screams at him still running. Although she was screaming I could tell she wasn't that serious. Niall ran to Louis. "LOUIS HELP!!!!!!!!!!" he ran behind Louis. Kate tried to get Niall but Louis caught her arm. "Go Niall Go!!!!!!!!" Louis yelled. The whole time Harry and I were laughing. Liam,Lexie,Jordyn, and Zayn joined in too.

Vernon Rockville, CT

#89 Sep 24, 2012
Around 10:30pm

Kates POV
It was getting a little late, and the boys had a signing the next day so we went to our rooms. I changed into sweats and one of Niall's teeshirts. We layed down and he wrapef his arms around me.
1 hour later....
Buzzz buzzzz. My phone vibrated. I checked it. I got a tweet. I decided to read it. Bad mistake. The tweet read
; 'hi Kate! I heared ur dating Niall! Break up with him or I wil track you down and kill you. Thanks!'
Then I got another tweet.
'I will help. I will be ur partner!'
My hands trembled. I put down my phone, and cried myself to sleep.

Niall's POV
It was about 2:30 in the morning, when I heard crying. I open my eyes and look at Kate. Her eyes are blotchy and red, her hair a mess. Every now and then, she would Shen a few tears. I wonder what's wrong. I'll ask her in the morning.

Kate's POV
I got very simalar tweets the following days. Every time I read one, I would cry. One day, I thought I just couldn't handle it anymore. "Niall I'm going for a walk." I said putting on my running shoes. "do you want me to come?" he asked. "uh no thanks."
I answered. I grab my phone,earbuds,and my sweatshirt. I step outside. The cool autum air hits my face. I walk until I reach a small cliff. People use it to go cliff diving when the weather is nice. But today, the waves were way oversized. I thought about all of the tweets I get everyday. I was about to jump, when a huge flashback came to my head. Everything Niall and I did together. Everything we went through together. Him asking me out. Me agreeing. Meeting the boys. Meeting my friends. Everything. But still......... I thought.

Vernon Rockville, CT

#90 Sep 25, 2012
Keep going. :)

Vernon Rockville, CT

#91 Sep 25, 2012
One half of my brain kept saying, "DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!" but the other half said "don't do it! Think about how sad they will be!" I stepped closer to the edge. I looked at the time. 12:11. I picture a grave stone.
'Kate. Love of Niall,Louis,harry,Liam,Zayn,gr ace,jordyn,and her parents. She will be deeply missed.'
I stepped forward again. I leaned forwards, and braced myself. I was 2inches from falling, when someone pulled me back. I turned around. It was Niall. His face was red and his cheeks cold. "What the hell are you doing!!???!!!" he said. I could tell he was worried. "uh-uh......" I didnt know what to say. All of a sudden I burst into tears. He quickly pulled me into a hug. When I stopped crying he pulled away and held my face in his hands. "I love you." he said. "I-I love y-you t-too" i stuttered, still sniffling. Then he kissed me. I suddenly felt much better. He pulled away right as the boys,grace,jordyn,and lexie came running. They were all huffing and puffing. We talked it over, and went home.

Around 1:30
I was in Niall's room laying on the bed. Then Niall came in and started looking through my bathing suit drawer. "whats up?" I asked sitting up. He grabbed a bikini. It was blue with white poka dots on the top, and white with blue poka dots on the bottom. "here put this on." he said tossing it to me. "okayyy" I say grabbing the suit. I walk into the bathroom and change. I throw my hair into a messy bun. When I come out, Niall was in black and white stripped swim trunks. And no shirt. "ready?!" he asked clearly exited. "yup!" I say. I grab one of Niall's white teeshirts and throw it on over my suit. I grab my phone a slide on my flip flops. Then we leave, hand-in-hand.

More later! Mabey.....

Vernon Rockville, CT

#92 Sep 26, 2012
We get in the car and after a while he says "close your eyes!" I cover my eyes. 10 minutes later he stops the car. I open my door. "can I open my eyes now!!??" I ask. "nope." he carries me on his back.
10 minutes later.......
Niall stops walking. He puts me down. "!!!" he says. I open my eyes to find a beautiful spring with a waterfall not too far away. "oh my god Niall! How did you find this?!" I say shocked. He tells me that he and the boys found it. I take off the white shirt, and put it on the blanket. We raced to the water like little kids. I go under water. When I pop up, Niall's in front of me. I splashed him, and he splashes back. This went on for like 5 minutes until he says "okay okay I give up!what do I have to do?" I pretended to think. "hhhmmmmm…........…you could do this." I say. I pull him close, and kiss him. He kisses back. I pull away. "Im perfectly fine with that!" he says he pulls me close, like really close. His nose is pressed against mine. Then he kisses me. We kiss for a long time. The force increased. I pulled away and swam to the waterfall. "Where are you going?!" he calls. I don't respond. He swims after me. he finnaly reaches me. "I'm not going anywhere pretty boy." I tease. Then we kiss. We could have stood there kissing all day.
A while later, brings me back to the blanket. He wraps a towl around me.

More later!!!

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#93 Sep 27, 2012
We sit on the beach talking and laughing. After a while, we go home. On our way home, my phone buzzes. I unlock it and see grace sent me a text.
G:where r u
M:on our way home
G:kk cum quick, Harry got Nandos
M:kk I will tell Niall!!! Lol

I tell Niall,and he says,"OH MY GOD NANDOS!!!!!!! I freakin love that place!!!!!!!!!" I laugh. He was so funny. And cute. And hot. And nice. And caring. And so Irish.

We get home and Niall runs out of the car. I walk in the door, and go upstairs to change. I take a shower and throw on a teeshirt and shorts. I quickly do a French side braid, and go downstairs. Of corse,Niall is stuffing is face with food. I sit down next to him. I reach for a French fry. Harry and Liam wince. "what?" I say grabbing the frie. "Niall doesn't share food. With anyone. Not even me." Zayn says and makes a pouty face. "what do you mean?!! He doesn't share at all with anyone. What makes you so special?" harry asked Zayn. "face it he likes me more than he likes you." Zayn answers. "ya well he likes ME more than any of you." I say teasingly. We finish our meals, and separate. Niall and I go to "our" room.

More in a sec!!! Comments plz??!!

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#94 Sep 28, 2012
nice!! gotta love Niall <3

Adelaide, Australia

#95 Sep 28, 2012
Hey I love 1D so much did you the footy show when the footy players dressed up as one direction

Vernon Rockville, CT

#96 Sep 28, 2012
Keep going!!

Milton Keynes, UK

#97 Sep 28, 2012
Love u Louis best boy ever got your album u should see my room everything Louis zany your cool love u all
1d babe

Milton Keynes, UK

#98 Sep 28, 2012
Love u keep going

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#99 Sep 29, 2012
"niall, we gotta do something about Zayn." I say laying on the bed. "like what?" he asks. "I don't know,something." I look through my contacts. I got to the As. Hmmmm.......… "I got it!" I yell jumping up. "what?" he says. I ignore his question and quickly send a message. I almost imeditly get a response.
K:were r u?
A:at my house
K:kk cum over

I send her the address. "can you tell me why your so happy?" Niall asks. I tell him the story and he says "that's brilliant!" 10 minutes later the doorbell rings. I race downstairs, almost tripping. Zayn goes to open the door. He slowly opens it. I hold my breath. God he better like her. I think.

Zayns POV
"ding dong!" I get up and open the door slowly. Just in case it's a fan. I open it all the way. A girl, probably around 17 or 18, stands in front of me. She has wavy/curly blond hair with a few darker natural highlights and blue/gray eyes. She is wearing jean shorts and a off-the-shoulder teeshirt. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. "well hello" I say. She blushes. "hi" she says looking down at the ground. "what's your name?" I ask. "Alexa" she says shyly. "well come on in" I say getting out of her way.

Alexa and Zayn are getting along great,just as I hoped. Zayn is flirting with her and she is blushing like crazy.
That night, we watched a movie (again!) exept this time, everyone was cuddled up together.

More in a sec!

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#100 Sep 29, 2012
Yea!!! Zayn and alexa!!! ;) Alexa is awesome an so is zayn do they are perfect together!!

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#101 Sep 29, 2012
1D LOVER wrote:
! Zayn and alexa!!! ;) Alexa is awesome an so is zayn do they are perfect together!!
Ikr! I was going to use Elizabeth but she is too goody goody! Lol

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#102 Sep 29, 2012
Alexa's POV
Zayn is so sweet caring and cute. We watched a movie. I lay my head on his shoulder, and by the end of the movie, I was cuddles up with him and my head was on his chest. It was a great night.
After the movie, Kate and Niall go to the kitchen, grace and harry stay where they are,and lexie and Liam are laughing about something. Grace tells "let's play hide and seek!!" we all aggree. Since it was graces idea,she made up the rules. The rules are; have to have a partner
2.if you peek, you get a strike
Harry and grace seeked first.

Grace yells "READY SET GOO!!!!!!" we all run off with our partners. Niall leads me upstairs. We go into our room and hide in the closet.

More later mabey. I'm kinda tired.

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