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#2644 Jul 31, 2012
Jaime wrote:
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'' shot me outta the sky,
Your my kryptonite,
You keep making me weak,
Yah frozen and can't breathe''

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Hey should I make a fanfic?? JuJu's was ssoo gd tht I thnk I want 2 make 1.. Should I??

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#2646 Jul 31, 2012
Always use protection wrote:
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Sure love what's the name though it's eazyer that way I'm in England so it might be a while but I promise love
It dosnt have a name. But you can find it under help about fanfic.
Always use protection

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#2647 Jul 31, 2012
1Dluver4eva wrote:
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It dosnt have a name. But you can find it under help about fanfic.

I did almost done little more emotion though

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#2648 Jul 31, 2012
Always use protection wrote:
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I did almost done little more emotion though
It will hopfly later. They just met so I didnt really add that much.
I Love Niall

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#2649 Jul 31, 2012

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#2650 Jul 31, 2012
hey guys check out my fanfic summer with the boys tell me if u like it!:)

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#2651 Jul 31, 2012
Hey can u please read my fan fic its called real love

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#2652 Jul 31, 2012
JuJu Styles wrote:
Sorry. Ok I am logging onto the computer.....now! Kk hang on!
Yay!!! Are u going to write more?
Lexie Tomlinson

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#2653 Jul 31, 2012
Ate you almost done.

Since: Jul 12

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#2654 Jul 31, 2012
Lexie Tomlinson wrote:
Ate you almost done.

yes hang onnnnnn

Since: Jul 12

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#2655 Jul 31, 2012
OMG I can't stp reding this I have been reading for 11 hours

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#2656 Jul 31, 2012
JuJu Styles wrote:
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yes hang onnnnnn
Yay!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!
Niall Be Mine

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#2657 Jul 31, 2012
Samantha Styles wrote:
OMG I can't stp reding this I have been reading for 11 hours
For the past two nights I have been reading and waiting until 3:30am!! It's too good to go to sleep!!!!!!!
Samantha payne

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#2658 Jul 31, 2012
When are you posting more!!! Lol i need to know what happens next
Charis V

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#2659 Jul 31, 2012
Omg I love love LOVE your story!!! Please write more soon!!! If this was a book I would so buy it!!!!

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#2660 Jul 31, 2012
I'm seriously dying here

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#2661 Jul 31, 2012
Part Eighteen……

I usually go straight to sleep when Harry is lying next to me. But I cant tonight. It’s about 6 in the morning and I’m almost positive I’m the only one awake. Louis is still snoring down the hallway. Harry keeps tossing and turning. I could hear clattering downstairs, it was coming from the kitchen. Should I go down? I knew that it was Niall, but maybe he wanted to be alone. There was a bang and a shatter. Then some cussing. I carefully wiggled my way out of Harry’s arms without waking him. My legs were stiff from not walking for a few hours. I was pretty sure that I looked like a mess, my hair was at least. After nearly snapping my neck while I tripped on someone’s shoes on the stairs, I walked into the kitchen.

Niall was sitting up against the kitchen cabinets on the ground. He had his elbows on his knees and his hands were in his hair. There was a pile of shattered glass next to him, he didn’t even look up at me or acknowledge that I was there. I went and sat down next to him farthest away from the glass. I rested my head on his shoulder.

“ Sorry about the glass” He said after a while.
“ Its cool, I hated that one anyways.”
Niall didn’t smile like he usually would.
“ Come on Niall, you cant be bummed about her. She’s no good for you”
Niall finally turned and looked at me. His blue eyes weren’t holding my stare. It was like he was looking past me.
“ Its not that.”
“ Then what is it?” I didn’t have to ask him. I knew what it was. I knew every word that was about to come out of his mouth.
“ The way she acted in the woods when I found her, I felt that way when I was with you. She didn’t act like you, but just the stuff she did. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I wanted to help her, I didn’t think about it. I didn’t realize she was the girl that caused all this.”
“ Niall, its fine. You have to understand the reason why I didn’t want you with her. You had to know that somewhere that she was just going to chuck you.”
“ Wanna hear something stupid?”
“ Sure”
“ I thought you were jealous.” He didn’t hesitate when he said it. He spoke it strongly, like he really did believe it. Was that true? The reason why I didn’t want her there was because of my feelings for him? No. That wasn’t it. Maybe a little of it was, but not a lot.
I didn’t answer him for a few minutes. I was thinking over what to say. Niall didn’t look like he was waiting for my response, but I could feel him tense up.
“ A little.”
Niall’s eyes met mine.“ Really.”
“ I knew that if you guys actually did…get together, you wouldn’t be the same.”
“ Why wouldn’t I be the same?”
“ Because you’d be with her. Niall I’m sticking to what I said before.” I said a bit to firm. His eyes dropped to the floor again.
“ I mean that, I love you. But not that way. I was angry at her because she hurt you. I know how it feels to be used like that, but on top of that, all you want is a girl who loves you for you not for anything else.”
“ Yeah, you do understand. I look at Eleanor and Louis and I want what they have. I look and you and Harry and I want what you guys have. I look at all of you guys and I want what you guys have.”

I stood up and got a broom and a dust pan to clean up the glass. Niall watched me with his hands still in his hair. I put the glass in the trash and helped Niall stand up.
“ You’re going to get it. You will, I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.”
I kissed his cheek.“ You okay now?”
“ Better.”
“ Good. I’m going to go back to bed, see that bottle of soap over there?”
“ Yeah what about it?”
“ I hear you cuss like that again and I’m putting some in your mouth, got it?”
“ Yes mom.”
“ That’s my boy.” I smoothed down his hair and kissed his cheek again.
“ Love you” I told him.
“ Love you to”

To be continued! 5 comments please! Sorry it took so long! Writers block!

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#2662 Jul 31, 2012
Wow that was great!! Absolutely amazing!:) lolz u get better as u go along! Great work!:)
Niall Be Mine

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#2664 Jul 31, 2012
Comment 2. I love ur writing!!!!!!!!

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