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Conspiracy Theory, Vladamir Putin Antichrist 2012 end of time

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Tulsa, OK

#1 Dec 26, 2007
To anyone who cares,

The human race was concieved 30,000 years ago. The alignment of the Sun the Earth and Saturn or Jupiter or whatever is in 2012 the winter solstace. It's been aproximately 30,000 years since this alignment has taken place. The Mayan Calander runs out in 2012 it's supposed to be "The end of the world". The Mayans and the Aztects if you remember had real prophocy's concerning the coming of the Spanish and their lightning staffs (muskets).

It's my prediction that the World Economy will colapse, Except for in Russia & the United States & Japan & England. There will be a great depression all over the old world. Putin who is now a capitalistic pig, and I think secretly gay, I mean he's not a troglodyte actor and he's so thin, I believe the Russians will sucker the rest of Europe and the western world to accept him and China. Thanks to Marylin Manson and the 3-6 mob
everybody boys down to the mark of a man.

I've done everything in my power to put off the rise of the Antichrist and the Tribulation of seven years that will follow. 666 will be mandatory on the forheads and the right hands of all citizens of the world except Americans because according to modern translations of the Book of Daniel in the old Testament and the Revalations in the New testament America will not be invloved in the Apocolypse at all.

I don't know if this is gods will or if Religious Nuts and Athiest around the world are insane enough to actually end the world. Now let's get something straight the Apoclypse, World War Three, The Battle of Armagadeddon does not happen until the end of the Antichrist's seven year reign. The people of the world with the mark of the beast will be damned eternally in a burning ring of fire with Lucifer and The antichrist the devils bitch.

Christ supposedly is supposed to beam down from his space craft and transport all true believers up on a transporter like in star trek.
Atlantis existed 30,000 years ago, Genesis is just a metaphor of mankinds infancy after the last ice age. The problem is that we have evil governments working all over the world that's why theres still poverty in Africa and dead girls floating in chinese soy bean crops.

When Christ returns for the Battle of Armageddon and Judgement day comes to the warpigs, satan will just laugh and spread his wings. You fools this isn't the America I grew up in, I was born in 1975 the year we pulled everyone out of Saigon. We had just learned the lessons of a cold war. The President and his Administration have committed Treason by starting waterbording and all types of torture that they can get away with without getting caught, this goes against the Geneva Convention.

I regret I only have one life to give to my country, founded by the liberally educated founding fathers whom were freemasons not Knights of Columbus the Pope does not rule America, the Pope is a false prophet and will help the Antichrist establish a world religion.

Give me Liberty or Give Me Death

John Hancock

Trent Erik Rager Jim Morrison reincarnated

United States

#2 May 19, 2009
typical liberal b.s. bet you have no problem with partial birth abortions but god forbid a terrorist gets waterboarded.also what bodily orifice did you pull your end time theories from.

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

#3 Jul 26, 2009
Well beside of all the B.S. he have a point. look at the good side.

Tulsa, OK

#4 Jul 27, 2009
This is supposed to be a joke....

Tulsa, OK

#5 Jul 27, 2009
the part about Putin being the AntiChrist Anyways..

Tulsa, OK

#6 Aug 3, 2009
Some of it would make for a good sci fi movie though wouldn't it???

Waterloo, Canada

#7 Sep 16, 2009
Actually the entire world will be under the Anti_Christs boot.
As the states clearly, that he will cause ALL men rich and poor,
Free and bond to receive his mark. And all livestock.
So that no man can function outside of his system. Cannot
Work or use currency without being a member to the new society.
All those who refuse are to be killed or used as slaves.

So that indeed includes the United States.
Or should I say during that time, the former USA.

San Diego, CA

#8 Dec 15, 2009
He gets his theories from the bible. The book of revelation(S.t John the Divine). At least the part about 666 being on the foreheads and right hands of the people of evil.

Crawley, UK

#9 Mar 16, 2010
Look, the Pope won't help the Anti-Christ. The Benedict may be a free mason, he may be evil, but the Holy of Holies will change if God's will. Any Christian or anyone who has read Revelations will recognize The Beast and his works. Infact, as you know, Jesus will fight with his angels and yes he will triumph. But if you believe this, you know you aren't reincarnated. You could be if you are a messenger from God sent to pre warn us. But I doubt it.
Sorry for my gramatical errors - when typing on a computer, I tend to use text as I am only fifteen.

Sydney, Australia

#10 Jan 26, 2011
Thy shall worship the Pope and Him Only!
my golly skip

Cincinnati, OH

#11 Sep 4, 2011
retards and no evidence but bibles wohoo.... ever think theyre not rellay gods? since theres about 50 different relgions pointing of higher intelgentce called gods? whats the old term for aleins, none..... Oh wait could it be gods, star people, sun gods, jesus maybe even god.. a term for alein? Nooo, cause they all come from space on things with wings, looks like stars, shiny, sometime disks, or bright lights hmm unlikely...... They would callem spaceships after all they had nasa back then they knew the terms, nope totally gods. Theres only about 100s of refrences of highly educated civualivations that built massive structures with math precision of todays knoweldge there. Idiots they were uncivialized did human sacrifice and slaughtered each other ever resource... yea us humans now days never kill over relgion or resources were intelegent.(humans only know species to kill for personal items or gains)

Dacono, CO

#13 Oct 19, 2011
mike wrote:
typical liberal b.s. bet you have no problem with partial birth abortions but god forbid a terrorist gets waterboarded.also what bodily orifice did you pull your end time theories from.
so are you saying torture can be justified? If so, then you, my friend are no christian.:(

Since: Feb 08

Kagoshima, Japan

#14 Jul 31, 2013
Putin Is Japanese Traitor

But he is just the tip of the iceberg in Russian traitors.

Since: Feb 08


#15 Dec 1, 2013

Since: Apr 08

Kagoshima, Japan

#16 Apr 1, 2014
Stalin Was Obviously Japanese Traitor

And Putin is almost the same as Stalin in this way.

( )

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